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rare gold silver and platinum coins

Updated on November 2, 2010

 For centuries, the world has traded in gold and precious metals.Using coins for these transactions in eons gone, was an acceptable and everyday practice.

It seems ironic that these days we find ourselves as a collector of the rare gold, silver and platinum coins that we once used as payment for everyday items.Coin colector folk often scour the planet and plunder antique and collectibles stores for that rare coin that has eluded their coin collections for years.

Collectors of rare coins may seem like wealthy individuals, but it often occurs that coin collecting has been a childhood hobby by many and is not a rare occurance at all. 

Some folks choose to start coin collecting rare coins at a late part of their life and will also even consider rare gold and silver coins as an investment. Others find that the rarity of silver coins has more intrigue and a little more history as silver coins were the bulk of european currency in the 17th and 18 th centuries.Gold coins were often chosen by government as a means to transport large amounts of currency in the old west and across the oceans to other parts of the world.

So, who decides if a coin is rare or not?

Well, if you think like a reserve bank, you can determine that often coins are removed form circulation and replaced by a new design every 20 years or so. Rare coins indeed become more rare more from a case of scarcity than from the actual demand. Coin collectors are usually seen as two groups. There are coin collectors who complete sets and are obseessed with their coin collection and there is the coin collector who chooses to do so more out of an investment need than anything else. 

There is definitely some certainty in trading or investing in rare or even new gold coins, silver coins and even nowadays platinum coins. We can say this because compared to stocks and bond markets, which shall included commodities trading for arguments sake, precious metals often maintain stability and outperform all other methods of investment due to their liquidity (easily sold, bought and traded) as well as their tangibilty. People like to see theri investment in real life and not on paper.

These are just some of the benefits and interests behind coin investing and coin collecting of rare coins and precious metals.


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