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Rare, Strange and Expensive Batman Collectibles

Updated on July 5, 2012

Rare Batman Movie Memorabilia Listing ( 2012 )

A list of rare, strange, valuable (and sometimes ridiculously priced) Batman collectors items!

Batman has been a favorite of comic book fans and movie-goers all over the globe for a long time since it`s conception. There are a lot of self-proclaimed `serious` Batman memorabilia collectors out there who have access to various treasure-troves of Batman toys, figures, games, props and models. Batman Lego products are all the rave nowadays. However, if you`ve ever considered yourself to be a die-hard fan or follower of the series but don`t currently own any of the items on this list; you might want to re-evaluate your status.

Ownership of any of the following items listed below will prove once and for all who`s a real cape-and-cowl fan, and who`s just a wanna be.

This list is still being generated and you can find a full listing of items here; but if you know of anything that falls under the categories of; Batman, rare, valuable, expensive, strange and limited edition that isn`t on this list - feel free to contact me for a lens update.

The Year of the Bat?

With the release of last years highly successful Batman: Arkham City video game for PS3 and Xbox; as well as the much anticipated "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" release coming up in the next few weeks; it looks like our boy Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale as well) has had quite a few chances to sit back on his yacht while sipping martinis and watching his bank account get fatter.

And it looks like this is just the beginning. The Year of the Bat is about to hit full swing; so now might be the perfect time to dust off your old 1983 Batman movie collectors cards and post them up on eBay!

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Trailer - Ft. Batman Arkham City and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PS3 & Xbox)

So you thought you were a hardcore Batman fan? Think again...

Collecting Batman goods and movie memorabilia has been a hobby for many over over the past 72 years since the first comic book was printed. We`ve seen The Bat and Boy Wonder in many sticky situations, both onscreen and in print. A lot of people have been satisfied to take home some of the standard keepsakes of Bruce Wayne`s adventures to add to their "wall of trophies".

But in my opinion; anybody can collect comics, action figures and Lego blocks! Not too much of a challenge there since those items are highly accessible and can be picked up at your local Toys `R` Us for under 10 dollars a pop.

No, no and NO! If you want to consider yourself a real Batman fan and memorabilia connoisseur; you`ve got to go for the best stuff! If you`re going to go, either Go Hard or don`t go at all!

There`s a huge difference in having a ferocious stuffed squirrel mounted above the fireplace or having the head of a mighty grizzly bear staring down at your friends, colleagues and acquaintances during a high-class social gathering. Which item is more worthy of praise and glory? The bear of course! That`s what we`re looking at here.

So unless you happen to find yourself in possession of any of the following Batman collector`s items; which are properly displayed on your wall or on the desk in your study room; consider yourself officially demoted to Amateur Squirrel Hunter in the arena of Batman goods collecting.

Rare, Valuable & Limited Edition Batman Collector`s Items List

Welcome to Bruce`s Wayne`s Safety Box ( courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Here is a list of some of the rarest, most expensive and top ranked limited edition Batman Collector`s Items out there. Click HERE for a complete listing. Will update regularly as new items appear.

Batman 1989 Batwing Limited Edition Replica This sleekly designed Limited Edition ( 500 pieces only ) fiberglass scaled replica is derived from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie. It includes various LED lights and a Bat-symbol display base. How much does this bad boy cost?

Price = USD$1,499.99

Prop this baby up on your study desk next to a bottle crystalline bottle of scotch whiskey for some serious attention and genuine 007-style awe from your friends!

Batman The Dark Knight 1:1 Scale Cowl Replica This life-size replica of Batman's cowl from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. 18-inches tall, it includes a display stand! This superb life-size reproduction measures 18-inches tall!

Price = USD$394.99

Bring home a piece of the Caped Crusader's history today. Women dig guys with cowls! Need to add some mystery to your love life? This is just what you need. Any wonder why Batman gets all the action?

Batman Returns Speargun Replica From Tim Burton's amazing Batman Returns movie its features include a folding handle and a light-up base. This is a limited edition of only 500 pieces worldwide, so you must act quickly to add this to your Batcave! Exact replica of the speargun used in the film.

Price = USD$379.99

You simply cannot consider yourself a serious Batman goods collector if you haven`t got one of these posted on the dresser by your bedroom window for a quick and speedy midnight escape! I won`t allow it.*** Please note that the Speargun is not removable from the base.

Batgirl Tonner Doll If anyone out there just asked me who Barbara Gordon was - slap yourself, sit down and take notes.

The Batgirl Limited edition (150 piece item) stands 22-inches tall! A shiny-red-haired vixen, this American Models body Batgirl Tonner Doll is made of fine-quality vinyl and hard plastic. Barbara Gordon features blue inset eyes, flame-red rooted saran hair, and cameo skin tone. She wears a black stretch faux-leather bodysuit, a black cape lined in gold lame, a faux-patent-leather mask, a gold sparkle belt, gold faux-leather gauntlets, and gold faux-leather boots.

Price = USD$359.99

Every man`s dream girl (mine included)! Strong, smart, flexible, charming, witty, can cook up a storm, looks great in leather and doesn`t take any lip! Who wouldn`t want to take her home?

*** Update: SOLD OUT as of June 20th! ***

See what I mean? Now somebody else has a hot and sexy Batgirl on their shelf and you don`t.

Batman Begins Gliding Batman Bronze Statue Sculpture Batman takes flight! Solid-bronze sculpture of a gliding Dark Knight. Based on designs from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. The solid-bronze sculpture measures 12-inches tall x 6 1/2-inches wide and comes with a hardwood base. It's based on designs from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins movie. Ages 13 and up.

Price = USD$294.99

`Nuff said? You can`t get more hard core than a bronze statue!

Batman Catwoman 1:4 Scale Museum Quality Statue Pounce on this limited edition Catwoman Statue! Intriguing rendition of Gotham City's most purrrfect cat burglar. When the Bat's away, the Cat will play. A curvaceous Catwoman strikes a sultry pose in the center of the Bat-Signal, lighting up the night above the streets of Gotham City, patiently waiting for her chance to pounce. This intriguing rendition of Gotham's most purrrfect cat burglar is the latest addition to DC Direct's exclusive 1:4 Scale Museum Quality statue series. Catwoman's costume is exquisitely tailored and detailed, while various mixed media elements give this sculpture texture and visual interest. Ages 18 and up.

Price = USD$279.99

Ok yeah, so we have the new Anne Hathaway Catwoman version, but it`s this girl that makes the leather and fur combo light up like nobody else. Sultry, cunning, dangerous and downright sexy - She`s steal your heart, car keys and boxer shorts while drinking a bottle of milk right in front of you. And I, like Batman, would let her.

*** Update: SOLD OUT ***

Batman Dark Knight Rises Giant Prepasted Wall Mural Batman in your face! Humongous Batman Wall Mural! The Caped Crusader soars above the city of Gotham. Derived from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Measures 10 1/2-feet wide x 6-feet tall! Batman is comin' right at ya in this humongous wall mural from The Dark Knight Rises! Featuring Mr. Bruce Wayne disguised as the Caped Crusader, soaring on a rope with the city of Gotham in the background, this Batman Dark Knight Rises Giant Wall Mural would be an astonishing addition to the room of any fan of Christopher Nolan's rendition of Batman.

Price = USD$154.99

This thing is for serious collectors only. If you can`t hang it up on the wall in your room and rock it with a purpose, keep your wallet in your pocket and go for the Batman cereal instead.

More to come, but you can check out a complete listing of Batman collectibles here: Batman Limited Edition Collectibles - and remember, Go Hard; otherwise, you`re just another Joker in a cheap squirrel suit. (^_~)

Batman: Arkham City
builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security home for all of Gotham City's thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.

Buy Batman: Arkham City (PS3) at

Buy Batman: Arkham City (Xbox360) at

Batman Video Games for PS3 & Xbox 360

Please leave your comments and batarangs here...

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      5 years ago i have a framed picture of batman hitting the joker that is signed with 2 signatures does anyone know anthing about this.

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      5 years ago

      I have a batcycle by empire anything known about this?


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