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Razor iMod Scooter

Updated on June 14, 2013

What's even better than a Razor Pocket Mod? An iMod!

Combine the Razor Pocket Mod scooter and your iPod, and what do you get? The iMod!

The Razor iMod electric scooter is the coolest thing in transportation for the younger set. Just like the Pocket Mod, it's a Euro-retro-look miniature scooter, but it comes in a unique color - white - and it also comes ready to plug in your iPod for tuneful riding.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the iMod is no longer available. But the Pocket Mod itself still is, and is probably safer to ride without tunes in your ears.

Electric Scooters - Get the Kids Outside and Riding

Traditionally, bikes, tricycles, and push scooters have been the vehicles that kids started with. They are still a great choice as they get kids physically active and outdoors in the fresh air, and can be a step on the way to teaching road safety.

They are not the right choice for all kids though, and electric scooters can fill a gap for those kids who wouldn't get outside and travelling without a bit of motorized help, or who prefer the "cool factor" of an electric vehicle.

Razor Pocket Mod Scooter and accessories - Scooters come in different colors, and you always want a helmet to go with it

Imod Scooter Riding Around

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Ines and her iMod scooter

More iMod on video - cute!

What do you think of electric scooters for kids?

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