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RC Excavators The Definitive Guide

Updated on October 23, 2014

All about RC Excavators, Toy Excavators and other RC construction vehicles for kids

This site is all about remote control excavators and other rc construction vehicles for kids. Our kids love them, because they look like small version of the real machine and it's a lot of fun to play. Dads also like these toys, because you can simulate a real construction site and see how everything works together on a small scale.

We like digging
We like digging

RC Excavators - Why kids love it and dads buy it?

Just about every father recalls their own years as a child in the sandbox with all sorts of construction vehicles. Quite possibly one of them was toy excavator. As a consequence of those memories many of us purchase toys for our kids that most of us played then we have been young. It is really like a legacy. However in these modern times toys and games are more advanced, more technical and in some cases could cost a small fortune. Not all of us can afford to buy expensive toys for our kids, but don't worry; there are good toys in all price ranges. Now for a small price you can buy not only a simple toy excavator, but much more appealing remote controlled excavator.

RC excavator is very enjoyable to operate from a distance. It moves as well as rotates with a touch of a button. It is possible to spin the cabin all around, lift and lower the scoop arm for excavating. You can actually load up a toy construction truck with sand, much like a real one does. The shovel arm may very well be raised, dropped, and pivoted similar to the real thing simply by just pressing the right buttons on the transmitter. The vast majority of rc excavators are loaded with rechargeable batteries, low power usage means longer running times. An RC excavator is offered, usually, as Ready to Run (RTR) products. Despite of the scale as well as other physical characteristics, fact is that this kind of RC excavator toy are able easily function simply like the actual thing, is considered the most incredible aspect of this model.

Kids adore them, mainly because they control what it does without touching it. They really like simulation of the real construction jobs. The reasons why every father wants to buy rc excavator to their sons is their desire to remember their childhood and they wish to play a bit themselves and spend more quality time with their kids. | Source

Ultimate RC Excavator - Wedico CAT 345 D LME Hydraulic Excavator Kit - When money is no object!

When you have loads of money and you want best RC excavator on the market, I suggest you buy Wedico CAT 345 D LME Hydraulic Excavator. It will cost you more then $10,000! Your son would be happy, but your wallet and your wife not so much.

Here are some of the features:

  • Massive 31.5" L x 9.45" H x 8.66" W - 30.9lbs
  • Chain and sprocket wheel drive, toothed belts and 2 electric gear motors
  • Electronic system 12 Volts, battery pack, speed controller, loudspeaker, engine sound, horn and LED lights
  • Hydraulic pump with motor, tank and filter, 203 psi (14 bar)
  • Drive system: forward/backwards, right/left, turning on the place right/left Upper vehicle section: endlessly turning right and left 3 way control valve block Hydraulic cylinders for boom, stick and bucket

Video of Wedico RC 345 Excavator in action

Hydraulic RC Excavator Komatsu Pc1250-8

If you don't have 7000$ for ultimate rc excavator you can choose cheaper version. Komatsu Hydraulic RC Excavator comes with 6-channel multi-function controls and fully factory assembled. Just add batteries and you are good to go. Her are some of the features:

  • Finished product
  • With radio control equipment
  • This item is about the same 6ch full control as a real vehicle
  • High-grade type
  • Can raise to 30g

Video of Hydraulic RC Excavator Komatsu Pc1250-8

Ultimate RC Dumper Truck - Wedico RC Caterpillar 740 - Articulated Dumper Truck - Again when money is no object!

Well, if you bought rc excavator for $7000, you will need a dumper truck for your collection. It will cost you nearly $7000 also. Like one expensive gift wasn't enough!

Here are some features of the dumper truck:

  • Massive 29.53" L x 9.93" W x 10.16" H - 23.6lbs
  • Finish: Epoxy powder coating -Soft rubber tires "Goodyear" with reproduction of original tread pattern
  • 3-speed gearbox from metal, reduction ratio 12:1 / 6:1 / 3:1 - Front and rear driving axle are made from metal, including partially lockable differentials. Reduction ratio 15:1
  • Hydraulic pump with motor, tank and filter, 174 psi (12 bar)
  • Hydraulics-Cylinder 2 for dumping and lifting of the dump-body 2 for steering to the right and left-hand side

Wedico RC Caterpillar 740 - Articulated Dumper Truck in action

Lego Technic RC Excavator Review

Lego Technic RC Excavator
Lego Technic RC Excavator

Here is something incredible for all Lego fans. Lego Technic RC Excavator is one of my favourite Lego toys. It's a complicated build, but it is really fun to do it. It's an absolutely wonderful machine. You can build two models from this set. One of them is excavator and the other is tracked loader. Both of them are with power functions and can be controlled by dual remote control. With a touch of a button you can drive it forward or backward, spin cabin 360 degree, or to raise and lower the articulated arm and operate the shovel for digging.

Features include:

- Fully remote controlled excavator

- Double remote controls tracks to run back and forth, arm to raise and lower and shovel to dig

- Rebuilds into a Tracked Loader

- Cabin spins 360 degrees

- Power Functions set

- 1,123 LEGO pieces

It should totally please kids within the 12-16 age. It's a bit pricey, but defenitely worth the money. Your kids will have a lot of fun building and operating it. A must have for all Lego Technic fans.

Buy it here:

Lego Technic RC Excavator Video

Arctic Hobby Land Rider 507 RC Excavator is one impressive toy machine

Best RC Excavator
Best RC Excavator | Source

If you looking for a perfect gift for your son then you just found it. This rc excavator is really piece of art. With this toy your little construction worker in the family will for sure enjoy outdoor digging adventures. It's ready to run out of the box. No assembling needed. A 1:12 scale excavator with realistic design and it's very flexible with many control options. Watch video below to see it in action.

Arctic Hobby Land Rider 507 RC Excavator action video

RC Construction vehicle Mining Truck

Buy RC Mining Truck
Buy RC Mining Truck

Take this rc construction vehicle to the sandbox and start on your own small construction mission. The Land Rider 505 is a 1:24 scale dump truck which carries cargo from site A to site B. Combine this loading machine with rc excavator to accomplish your engineering Projects.

Built with realistic tires, this mining truck is capable to operate on any dirty terrains, including rocky or muddy roads. Play it in a sandbox, backyard and even by the beach! Move and dump light materials much like an actual construction site mining vehicle. The authentic design within the driver's cab increase realistic look for kids to move the rc vehicle as if they're actual construction personnel. This truck gives the construction dreams for your kids and yourself.

The Land Rider 505 fully assembled and can be played right out of the box. This rc construction vehicle is fantastic for occupying kid's play time as well as rewarding their creativeness pleasure.

RC Construction Vehicles Video

See what you can do with rc excavator and rc mining truck

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Which is best remote controlled gift?
Which is best remote controlled gift?

Which is best remote controlled gift?

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Please leave your feedback, RC Construction Vehicles, what do you think of it.

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      @julieannbrady: With bigger models you can :)

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      @suzy-t: Kids love it and I like to play with them myself. Thanks.

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      If I were a male, I believe that I could have a blast with that. Great job!

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      Great info about the excavators, that too in your first lens. Nice to see..

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      What a really cool gift for kids...(and my husband !)...Great first lens... Congrats !.

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      Wow, this looks like more than an educational toy ... it looks like you can use it for excavating small places, like gardens and ponds.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 6 years ago

      I've never heard of these, but like the idea more than a remote controlled plane or helicopter.