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Realistic Fake Snakes - Real Looking Toys For Pranks

Updated on July 22, 2014

The Joy of Owning a Realistic Fake Snake!

My list of real looking fake snakes includes cobras, rattlesnakes, garden serpents and more. Not only are they great for pranks; they've got educational plus points too!

Students can use them for projects while younger kids can benefit from creative and imaginative play. I, for one, love a good gag! I tuck them in purses, put them in dishes and hide them in closets to startle and surprise.

Did you know that people even use them to scare away birds? That's a brilliant idea and it actually works. For now though, lets take a look at these life like beauties. They're great to look at and reasonably priced.


The Terrifying Diamondback - A True-to-Life Replica of the World's Largest Rattlesnake!

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

They're one of the most venomous kinds in North America too (the real ones of course). But this is a monster that will fool anyone.

Apart from jokes, toy serpents have a lot of educational value and can be used to teach children about nature and wildlife in classrooms. Add one of these to your nature corners and the children will be thrilled.


Real Looking Toy Cobra - ~ He's Hooded, Scary and Ready to Strike ~

Fun Fact - How Many Species of Cobra are There?

Well, you'll be amazed to know this - approximately, 270 different species, wow! Can you guess the species featured above? Perhaps the most identifiable and popular species of cobra is the glorious King Cobra. Its beautiful hood is the thing of myth and legend! Ever seen an Indian snake charmer get them dancing in India? The show they put on is a thrill to watch. Unfortunately, these magnificent creatures are under threat and it would be sad to see them disappear. Do you have any interesting facts about snakes that you would like to share? If you do, feel free to leave them at the end of the page. Here's one more about the curious flickering tongue. The fact is that there tongues are sensory organs and they use it to taste air-borne particles. I used to think it was to threaten or frighten prey or intruders.


My Favorite Real Looking Garden Snake

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Rough Green Snake
Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Rough Green Snake

Replicas like this one are perfect for pranks, especially those that can be played in the garden. Put them on grass where they will be seen but don't choose a place that becomes too obvious. Surprise is important, so plan in advance! Bushes and shrubs are great places too.


As For Me....

A prank a day keeps the boredom at bay. It all started when I was a kid. I had this natural affinity for practical jokes and pulling peoples legs. I remember how my friends and me would knock on doors and run to hide. We'd love to watch the angry expressions on the faces of our neighbors because they always made us laugh. As they say, those were the days! But of course, I never let April Fool's Day pass in vain. It's a red lettered day on my calendar and I generally plan for it in advance. In fact, we'd go berserk with it at school with practical jokes galore. We would even make fools of our teachers!

Serpents in Mythology

Snakes go back a very long way and you'll be surprised to know how many cultures they are associated with. For some, they symbolize good but to others they represent evil. The Hopis in North America, for example, consider these creatures to be symbols of fertility. In the Old Testament, the serpent is a symbol of evil and deception. It is widely believed that Satan took on the guise of a serpent to tempt Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

Toy Snakes For Decoration

~ Recreate Their Habitats in Aquariums ~

Toy serpents make beautiful decorations as well! If you're a lover of serpents but can't keep the real ones, how about a phony one instead. Recreate their habitats in appropriately sized aquariums and marvel at the beauty they add to your home. Scary ones are cool but if you really want a show, the coral variety rule. Their amazing, red, black and yellow bands will look awesome against wood and bright green foliage. You won't have to worry about temperature, humidity, food and all the other hassles of keeping real creatures. They are perfect for your nature-themed rooms and decorations.

Fake Coral Snakes

48" Fake Eastern Coral Snake
48" Fake Eastern Coral Snake

If you like the idea of a snake aquarium, be sure to include a vibrantly colored coral snake or two. Their beautiful coloring will definitely make an impact.


What's Your Favorite Realistic Toy Snake?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love snakes, but mine are real - 4 pythons live with me. :-)


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