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Realistic Prank Spiders - Fake but Real Looking

Updated on January 18, 2018

Lifelike Fake Spiders For Pranks

Playing pranks with a fake spider is a lot of fun because most people fear them. Here, you'll find the best realistic creepy crawlies available online. Choose from lifelike tarantulas, real looking black widows and the coolest cobweb gags for pranksters.

You can also use them as educational toys for kids in the classroom or at home. I remember owning a few as a child but that's because I was barred from befriending the real ones. Welcome to my world of eight-legged monsters! I am glad you found the time to swing by.

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Life-Like Fake Spiders

Mini Creepy Spiders (24)
Mini Creepy Spiders (24)

Fun ways to Use These Scary Little Guys -

1 - Throw some into a bowl of salad and serve fresh! Make sure no one eats them unknowingly.

2 - Sprinkle them onto the laundry and hear the shrieks.

3 - Scatter them on the bed before your partner settles in...

Can you think of ways to use these prank spiders?


Pack of Creepy Plastic Spiders - A 72 Toy Spiders For Your Biggest Prank Yet!

1 1/2" Plastic Spiders, 72 Pack
1 1/2" Plastic Spiders, 72 Pack

If you are going to pull a spider prank on your family members or friends, why not plan a big one? With 72 of them at your beck and call, you could turn up the fear-factor like never before.

There are so many ways to create your invasion. Strategically place them in the car, around the office or at home.


Realistic Fake Spiders - Tarantula - A Specimen of the Scary Mexican Redknee Tarantula

CollectA Insects Mexican Redknee Tarantula Toy Figure - Authentic Hand Painted Arachnid Model
CollectA Insects Mexican Redknee Tarantula Toy Figure - Authentic Hand Painted Arachnid Model

Are you looking for a scary fake spider that looks real. Try this popular tarantula toy. Fill the room with shrieks in an instant because this thing looks so real!

They also make great educational gifts for kids and teens.


Real Looking Black Widow Toy Spider - All Hail the Creepy Queen of Prank Spiders - Victims Beware!

Safari Ltd Hidden Kingdom – Black Widow Spider – Realistic Hand Painted Toy Figurine for Ages 3 and Up – Large
Safari Ltd Hidden Kingdom – Black Widow Spider – Realistic Hand Painted Toy Figurine for Ages 3 and Up – Large

Looking for a prank spider that sends chills down a person's spine? Try a realistic fake spider called the 'Black Widow'. This cruel creature is the ultimate weapon in your collection of pranks and will never let you down.

The best way to use these life-like fake spiders is to hang them from invisible thread. The effect is a lot more startling than leaving them around.


As Educational Toys For Kids

A lot of the toys featured on this page serve the dual purpose of educating kids about nature's most interesting creatures. Toys like these can be used in the schools as well as homes. It's a great way to introduce kids to the beauty of nature and make learning a whole lot of fun. If you're a class teacher keep some of these in storage for your next lesson about them! They make awesome teaching aids. I think I would have been a better science student had my teachers devised more interesting ways of teaching their subject. Children learn by using their senses and visual discrimination is of critical importance. For younger kids especially, showing them the 'actual' is important when teaching them the word.

Realistic Spider Toys For Kids - Ever Wanted to Remote Control Your Own Tarantula?

National Geographic Kids RC Tarantula
National Geographic Kids RC Tarantula

This is a specialty for kids who love their spiders. I also like the idea of giving these away as gifts for pranksters.

With this RC toy, you get a tarantula with fur and eyes that light-up. You'll need to by the batteries separately though.

Fake tarantulas that look real don't get any more exciting than this guy.


Pranks For the Office

What you'll need to keep handy - transparent wire or clear fishing line and a real-looking fake spider. The size will depend on the prank. Here are some ideas for office pranks!

1. Using transparent thread, dangle it from a light fixture over your boss or colleague's desk. You'll need to set it up before time and ensure it isn't near a fan or air vent. That could swing it all over the place.

2. Startle your colleagues by navigating one through the office aisle. But make sure it's big enough to be seen. Don't worry about the domino effect. One shriek is bound to have a ripple effect.

3.Use furniture to the fullest. Don't hesitate to leave them on chairs, in drawers, on desks, sofas and coffee tables. Time the prank in such a way, so that your victim is the first to see it.

Large Prank Spiders

Fake Spider - Large
Fake Spider - Large

Here's one that got my attention. It's not very realistic but definitely very ugly. You can hang him on a thread in wait for prey.

In order yo have success with this, you'll have to take your target by surprise. Waste time, and they might see through its alien-like look only to realize it's unreal.

You could also use them as props for haunted house decorations.


Yikes, They're Creepy....

Are they really or do you just love them?

Funny Spider Pranks Videos

Spideys in Culture

Love them or hate 'em, these eight-legged creatures occupy a prominent place in popular culture. As frightening as they may be, our eight-footed friends symbolize patience and persistence. Even the World Wide Web gets its name from their webs. You'll find that they are popular in fiction and comic series too - Shelob from Lord of the Rings and the web-spinning superhero, Spider-Man. In ancient cultures, the Egyptians associated these creatures with the goddess Neith (the spinner and weaver of destiny), the Babylonians associated them with Ishtar and the Greeks, with Athena. They have also been depicted in African and North American cultures. The Hopi creation myth of the Spider-Grandmother is especially interesting.

Spiders in Nursery Rhymes

You could use these toys in order to teach children popular nursery rhymes about spiders. Children will be twice as enthusiastic to recite the rhymes with you if they actually see the creature in your hand (preferably tried to the end of a string). Popular nursery rhymes about spiders are "incy Wincy" and "Little Miss Muppet". In fact, when you want the child to repeat it, give him the toy so that he will have an incentive to recall the words from his memory. Teachers must make their lessons interesting and visually stimulating lessons are of fundamental importance to induce effective learning.

Weren't These Creepy Crawlies, Scary?

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    • Babu Mohan profile image

      Mohan Babu 

      5 years ago from Chennai, India

      It is always a great way to play pranks.

    • tophatpro profile image


      5 years ago

      Yeah these would freak me out!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice article, people love playing pranks with these sorts of creepy things, but I don't mind spiders, it's my husband that is afraid of spiders, I usually have to remove them in the house for him.What would terrify me is rats, I can't stand them.

    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 

      5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      My daughter hates spiders and she is scared of the tiny ones that occasionally appear in our hose, and she call me to kill them for her. A fake huge spider would be a funny prank.

    • audrey07 profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes, they look creepy. Would I be scared by them? Maybe, maybe not. But I think it will definitely kids out of their wits.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      You are quite the prankster!


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