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Reasons To Get Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

Updated on June 19, 2013

Team Deathmatch At Overflow


As we all know the Call Of Duty franchise is a master at creating great multiplayer, and black ops 2 does not fail to deliver. Multiplayer has now expanded, and to most people it is more important than the story itself. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 delivers a hardcore, intense, and stunning multiplayer that fans will not be disappointed with. One of the best maps on multiplayer is Nuketown 2025, which is now back after being taken down for quite a while. The maps in black ops 2 are bigger and better than the previous black ops game, and has newer scorestreaks. Just like all Call Of Duty games black ops 2 features all the old matches plus some new throw ins. The customizations are better since now you they aren't as strict, and you are in full charge of how you want your weapons to be. You can also prestige up to master prestige which I believe is level 10. Of course Treyarch keeps changing things around so don't be surprised if they raised the master prestige level or took out some maps.


All Call Of Duty games have a intense story, well so does black ops 2. The story is based on the future, were we are fighting a future generation war. You play as Mason just like in the previous black ops game, and his son David. There are 2 storys in the game. The main story is the futuristic story with Alex Masons son David, fighting in a future war between United States and China. The second story takes place during the cold war, with Raul Mendez as the antagonist and Mason as the protagonist. Both storys are fun, and they are both very unique. Story mode is the usual length for a Call Of Duty game, which is approximately 8 to 9 hours. One thing this game has over the Modern Warfare games is that this game is more harder, and requires more effort. Of course if your a hardcore gamer you can always challenge yourself by playing on veteran difficulty.

All Prestige Badges


When it comes to zombies this game falls lower than my expectations. Black ops 1 had great zombie maps, and choices this game not as much. The game starts off with 3 maps, and they are not all that good. Of course there are new options like grief, tranzit, and the normal survival. In tranzit you get in a bus and move around to different areas to fight zombies. In grief you and a team are fighting zombies as well as yourself. Both are pretty good new features, but they can only be played on a specific map. Well, at least they will come up with newer season passes, and hopefully they will have better maps for zombies. Also I can't wait for the new Nuketown 2025 zombie map it will be just like multiplayer, but only it will feature zombies and a eerie atmosphere.


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