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Remember Me Defeat Madame

Updated on June 16, 2013

In Remember me, the heroine Nilin has stolen Madame’s memories. She must now get to the La Bastille memory servers to release all the inmates’ memories, including her own. However, the way to the Panoptic Icon Tower is not with its perils. First, Nilin will have to take on some new robots called the Nephilim. Then she must enter the tower and face Madame. This will be a very difficult fight involving multiple stages. Only when Madame is defeated can Nilin enter the memory servers and unleash the memories of the inmates once and for all. This will guide Nilin will the tactics needed to defeat Madame.

Remember Me Defeat Madame

One Madame is hard enough to defeat, let alone six or seven of them.
One Madame is hard enough to defeat, let alone six or seven of them.

Remember Me Get to the La Bastille Memory Server

Before Nilin can get to the La Bastille memory server, she will have to confront the Nephilim. The Nephilim is a frog-like robot that likes to jump onto Nilin, causing area field damage (detonation damage). At this time, the stress of fighting the Nephilim causes Nilin to remember her special move Rust In Pieces.

  • Rust In Pieces allows the Nilin to control the robot, allowing the robot to target and damage the enemies.

Launch rust in pieces and logic bomb and defeat the Nephilim and the enforcers. There will be a series of fights. Finish the enemies off in style and march into the tower to confront Madame.

The way to the memory server can be confusing, since Madame’s remembrance can split into two and lead Nilin the wrong way. The right way is the way to the right-sided corridor. Synchronize with Madame’s memories and then enter the room just before the memory server.

Here, Nilin will have to face remembrance enforcers, Madame’s new creations. Defeat them and enter the lift into the battleground to face Madame.

Remember Me Tactics to Defeat Madame

Madame is standing before the inmate memory backup servers. Here, Madame creates a virtual battleground and makes Nilin run towards her. Nilin will reach her and the battle against Madame will commence.

In Stage 1, Madame hovers above Nilin and the battleground, protected by a shield. Nilin will have to defeat some remembrance enforcers to get near to Madame. Practice your combos on the enforcers, making sure that Nilin has a short good regen pressen combo that she can use repeatedly on the remembrance enforcers with good effect before taking on Madame herself. When Nilin is confident of using the remembrance enforcers to heal up, go near Madame and launch the Spammer on her. Madame will crash onto the ground. Now, attack Madame and reduce her health to the point where Madame is forced to initiate stage 2.

In Stage 2, Madame resumes hovering above Nilin. She then launches a shower of remembrance hail stones, which Nilin must dodge. Continue dodging until the maelstrom is over. Now, the remembrance enforcers will emerge again. If Nilin is damaged, go hit them with the regen combo and heal up.

This time, Nilin will have to launch Sensen DOS to get Madame down onto the ground. Attack Madame and reduce her health. However, she will regain her composure and resume hovering above the battleground again. The second time, Nilin will have to wait for some time for Sensen DOS to cooldown again.

The way to make Sensen DOS cooldown faster is to create a cooldown chain exclusive combo (use the six chain combo). Then launch Sensen DOS again, flooring Madame and then further reduce her health. Finally, Madame will launch the third stage.

In the third stage, Madame will call upon more enforcers. Dodge them and use the Spammer to put down Madame. This time, Madame will create remembrance mirror images of herself. Use the special moves like logic bomb to dispel the illusions and go for the real Madame, or use trial and error. However, after three tries, Madame will go back to her hovering position, so timing is critical. Once the real Madame is identified, keep attacking her until her health drops to the critical level. Then launch a series of pre-meditated moves, and defeat Madame.

With Madame gone, Nilin can now manipulate the memory servers. Move the chunky server to the right place to release the memories. Note that Nilin will have to move a rail down to complete the processing of moving the memory server.

Then watch the cut scene as Nilin regains her memory, or at least part of it……..


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