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Remember Me Defeat the Zom

Updated on June 12, 2013

Remember Me Defeat the Zom

In Remember Me, the Zom is the robotic construct that stands in the way between Nilin and the inside of La Bastille. Nilim must defeat the Zom to move on in the game. However, the Zom has a series of robotic advantages and tactics which it considers superior to Nilin’s combat skills. The least of this, in the Zom’s own words, is that it “runs on oil, whilst Nilin will bleed”. Quite true. However, most robotic constructs forget the ingenuity of humankind and their ability to adapt. This will guide NIlin with tactics to defeat the Zom.

Remember Me Defeat the Zom

Remember Me dodge the Zom's attacks and then counterattack the Zom with the Spammer.
Remember Me dodge the Zom's attacks and then counterattack the Zom with the Spammer.

Remember Me Tactics the Zom Uses to Defeat Nilin

The Zom has the following tactics which it will employ to put down Nilin. The tactics can be divided into three types, depending on whether it’s arms have been severed or not.

  • The Zom will move around the compound and throw crates at Nilin.
  • The Zom will advance towards Nilin and then charge.
  • The Zom will advance towards Nilin and then use a sweeping scanning attack.
  • One of the most devastating moves that the Zom possesses will be its ability to jump and smash into Nilin.
  • The Zom’s health is defined by the structural integrity of its two arms. If Nilin cannot damage the arms sufficiently, then it will regenerate the health or structural integrity on its arms. This is a very demoralising move.
  • The Zom can stomp onto the ground with its feet, stunning Nilin.
  • Towards the end, the Zom will be able to use a circular wave of laser attacks, which will spread out in a circle around the compound.

Remember Me Tactics to Defeat the Zom

To defeat the Zom, Nilin must reduce the structural integrity of its two arms to zero. Unfortunately, Nilin’s combo moves cannot damage the Zom. The only way to damage the Zom initially is to use the Spammer. So jump away from the Zom and make sure there is quite a bit of space between Nilin and the Zom. Now aim and fire the Spammer at the Zom’s arms. The Zom will advance towards Nilin and use various attacks above. One of the more infuriating attacks will be the Zom’s crate throw. Nilin must time her dodge properly and jump out of the way at the right moment. Then resume attacking the Zom.

Another of the Zom’s attacks will be the jump attack. This is actually the prelude to the Zom’s most vulnerable moment. When the Zom jumps, Nilin must jump out of the way. And then pick herself up and fire the Spammer repeatedly at the Zom’s arm. At this point, the Zom’s arm is caught in the ground. Keep firing until the arm comes off. If Nilin does not reduce the structural integrity of the arm to zero, or is injured by the jump, the arm’s health regenerates and Nilin must start all over again.

After several tries, the Zom's two arms will be severed by Nilin. It will then throw in the kitchen sink and use its central armor piece to create a wave like laser attack. Nilin must dodge the laser attack and then move in to use the spammer on the central armor piece. This will disable the Zom temporarily. Move in and use the following moves to defeat the Zom - kick, punch and kick.

Now, it's time to enter the fortress through the manhole.


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