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Remember Me Escape Captain Trace to Get Into Memorize Head Office

Updated on June 17, 2013

In Remember Me, the heroine Nilin must get to and enter the Memorize Organization Head Office and find the CEO. To do this, she has to transverse the streets and alleyways of Saint Michel District. When Nilin is about to enter the Head Office, she is attacked by S.A.B.R.E force Commander in Chief Captain Trace. She must escape Captain Trace and his airship, and then get into the Memorize Head Office by using Captain Trace’s remembrance and code. This will guide Nilin on achieving the above objectives.

Remember Me Get to Memorize Head Office

Remember Me solve the shutter and drone puzzle to get inside Memorize HQ
Remember Me solve the shutter and drone puzzle to get inside Memorize HQ

Remember Me Get to Memorize Head Office

Thus, Episode 5 Headshot begins. Nilin will start at Saint-Michel District. Her mission is to get to the memorize headquarters. Her first task is to get over the electrified water. She must move the billboard upwards with her spammer. This will deelectrify the water. Then jump across to the other side, landing on the board.

Once over, continue along the streets and then defeat some leapers and skinner. Move the shutter upwards and proceed. Climb some ledges and then reach a point where Nilin must break open a padlock and then lift the gate. Proceed into the arcade and use the ledges of the elevator to get up to the top. Jump across to the central ceiling and proceed carefully across the ledges. Then make a jump to the other platform.

At this point, Nilin will encounter some drones. Avoid their detection fields and proceed to just before the third drone. Here, use the spammer to lift up the grating, so that the third drone will move through. Then turn right to continue.

Nilin will reach a flooded area. Climb some pipes and ledges until Nilin reaches some closed solar panels. Project the spammer to lower the panels and defeat some leapers there. Contiune on until Nilin reaches a large rooftop. Here some invisible stranglers move into attack Nilin. Finish them and move on until Nilin reaches a door. Open it and meet the first Elite Enforcer.

The Elite Enforcer will cause Nilin to take damage as he is hit. A tough foe indeed. Use regen combos exclusively on the elite enforcer and move on.

Then Nilin will face a shutter and drone puzzle. Here Nilin must move into the first shutter room and close the first shutter. Then she must head to the second shutter room and open the second shutter. Go back to the room before the shutters and open the first shutter. Wait for the first drone to enter and then shut it in the room by closing the first shutter. Then, go back to the corridor, and wait for the second drone to enter the room. Dash past the corridor and turn left before the drone comes out.

When Nilin is just outside the head office, she will see a crane. She must get to the rooftop. Activate the crane and move the crate left until the crane reaches the leftmost position. Then climb onto the ledge on the crate and move towards the ladder on the crane. Climb to the rooftop.

Remember Me Escape From Trace and Steal His Memory

Captain Trace has found Nilin at the rooftop. He starts firing at her using his airship. This will provide an escape route for Nilin.

  • When the shooting begins, run and jump down the ledge, and then over to a pipe. On jumping to the second pipe, it will drop Nilin to a lower level.
  • Climb the ledges and get onto another rooftop. Captain Trace returns with his airship. Keep running, but as Nilin approaches a glass rooftop, run to the right and then jump to the other side.
  • Once on the other side, Nilin will keep running, but the shooting crashes the platform and Nilin falls to the lower levels. Nilin will continue running and reach a series of ledges. Follow the yellow markers and then keep jumping until Nilin reverse jumps onto a platform.
  • Climb up and use the spammer on the drone access. Climb along more ledges and then keep running until Nilin has to open a door with her spammer. At this point, Captain Trace will catch up with Nilin. She has to run past a series of easily collapsible platforms as Trace keeps shooting from the back.

Remember Me Escape from Trace

At the rooftop, hide behind the barrier and make sure the airship's light does not lit up Nilin. Then use the spammer on the turbine and climb onto the airship.
At the rooftop, hide behind the barrier and make sure the airship's light does not lit up Nilin. Then use the spammer on the turbine and climb onto the airship.
  • Jump onto the other side and then turn right to face some enforcers. Defeat them and open the door. Then climb over the ledge and move along other ledges until Nilin falls. Reach for a pipe and then the ledge on the left. Eventually, Nilin will crash into an apartment.
  • Within the apartment building, there will be some fights with enforcers. Defeat them and move on in the apartment. When one of the corridors is sealed off, use the spammer to open another door and proceed. Keep doing this until Nilin reaches the roof.
  • At the rooftop, the chase and escape is almost over. The key here is to move from one barrier to the next, avoiding the light from the airship. At the third barrier, turn around and use the spammer on the turbine.
  • Finally, climb to the top of the roof and then jump across to the ledge of the airship. Steal Captain Trace’s memory and proceed to get into the Memorize Head Office.

Remember Me Code To Get Into Memorize Head Office

First, Nilin will have fight off some enforcers and their leapers. Then use Captain Trace’s remembrance to synchronize and activate the code sequence.

Then enter the code 2058 and get into the Memorize Head Office.


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