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Remember Me Find Doctor Quaid

Updated on June 18, 2013

In Remember Me, Nilin must now find Doctor Quaid and prevent him from taking control of the reconversion project and creating monsters. Nilin will use Bad Request’s remembrance and follow Dr Quaid’s path to find Dr Quaid. This will guide Nilin on how to find Doctor Quaid and then eliminate him once and for all.

Remember Me Find Dr Quaid

Remember Me the final step in finding Dr Quaid is to synchronize with the controls from the other side of the remembrance (where the robot is cleaning the room).
Remember Me the final step in finding Dr Quaid is to synchronize with the controls from the other side of the remembrance (where the robot is cleaning the room).

Remember Me Follow Bad Request's Remembrance and Dr Quaid’s Path

Finish speaking to Edge and then move on to the first remembrance. Throughout the journey, Nilin will sense fleeting memory shadows of something in the corridor. She is too absorbed in Bad Request’s fate to notice that. At the first remembrance point, Nilin will see that Bad Request was put in a medical chair and carted to the biopsy room. Go to the power control panel outside the biopsy room and activate it.

  • Follow the medical chair and the door beyond will open. The medical chair will go to the trauma room.
  • Go up the stairs to the Neuro Ward and Memory Deletion area and be confronted by an elite enforcer and his leaper slaves. Defeat them. Then go to the remembrance point, and continue the memory of Dr Quaid’s torture of Bad Request.
  • Through the window, get the power from the memory extractor in the memory deletion area (through the window).
  • Return to the neuro ward and activate the medical chair from outside the neuro ward. Follow the medical chair downwards, and it will bypass the next area, and continue downwards. At this point, an elite enforcer and his leapers will attack Nilin. Defeat them.
  • One the fight has finished, Nilin will be at the IC unit area. Activate the next remembrance point and note the remembrance medical chair will go through a control panel. Nilin cannot follow through. Instead, she should go around in a U-turn and face the remembrance of Dr Quaid from behind a glass window. Synchronize with the control panel and activate the panel.
  • Now go back to the medical chair in the IC unit area and activate it. This time, the medical chair will go through to the room. At the same time, Nilin will finally sense the ghostly flicker of memory following her.

With the remembrance puzzle done, proceed through to the next area. Nilin has finally found Dr Quaid ………. and Johnny Greenteeth. Dr Quaid escapes.

Nilin will be slowed down by the enforcers and Seraphilm. Defeat them all and then move on.

Remember Me Track Quaid Down

In the next area, navigate through all obstacles and then reach an arena-like area. Dr Quaid is watching from the VIP seat above. Defeat all the leapers and enforcers that Quaid unleashes on Nilin.

The most difficult fight will be against two elite enforcers and two skinners. The key here is to use Sensen Cameo on one of the elite enforcers from the start, and then use Junk Bolt on the skinner. Now, wait for focus and the spammer to regenerate by jumping around the room. Then, resume attacking the remaining elite enforcer and the skinner. Use the same tactics again, or use a regen combo on the elite enforcer until he is defeated.

Just when Nilin thinks she is victorious, Dr Quaid opens up the pit door beneath her and she falls through. Dr Quaid thinks he is victorious, but the flickering memory manifests itself as Johnny Greenteeth. He smacks Dr Quaid to the bottom of the pit. Nilin falls through to the bottom as well and finds Bad Request down there. Bad Request is almost dead.

Say your goodbyes to Bad Request and then go defeat Johnny Greenteeth.

Remember Me Defeat Johnny Greenteeth

The key to defeating Johnny Greenteeth is to activate Sensen DOS and then hit Johnny Greenteeth as hard as possible with the most damaging combo possible. Johnny will not go down in a single attack. So, in between waiting for Sensen DOS to regenerate, dodge around the room and dodge Greenteeth's invisible attacks (cause a lot of damage). Use regen combos and cooldown combos on the leapers around the room, and wait for the Sensen DOS to activate again. When the Sensen DOS can be powered up again, activate it and then hit at Johnny Greenteeth as much as possible until he is down.


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