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Remember Me Find Madame in La Bastille

Updated on June 15, 2013

In Remember Me, the heroine Nilin gets into La Bastille prison. Her next assignment is to find Madame. Madame is the maniacal memory prison warden of La Bastille. To find Madame, Nilin must get past the leapers and avoid the drones in La Bastille. She must then defeat Sergeant Vaughan and steal his memories of the secrets of La Bastille. This will allow Nilin to use the secret passages and elevators in La Bastille and find Madame in the interrogation chamber. This is the start of Episode 4 of the story. This will guide NIlin to accomplish the above objectives.

Remember Me Avoid the Detection Fields of the Drones in La Bastille

The drone's detection field (on the right) approaches Nilin. Move into the dark corner straight ahead and avoid the detection field.
The drone's detection field (on the right) approaches Nilin. Move into the dark corner straight ahead and avoid the detection field.

Remember Me Avoid the Detection Fields of the Drones In La Bastille Penitentiary

The first part of the La Bastille walkthrough is to fight her way past some leapers. The path forward is straightforward enough, until Nilin encounters some ghost leapers or invisible stranglers. There will be a turbine here, which when activated with the spammer, will cause the area to be lit with floodlights. This will help Nilin defeat the leapers. Finish off the leapers and then proceed.

Climb some ledges and pipes in the La Bastille Penitentiary, until Nilin reaches a destroyed drone on the ground. Use the Sensen to pick up the drone detection plug-in module. Now Nilin can detect the detection fields of drones. Move on to the next section, where this plug-in or Sensen app will be put to use immediately. Wait for the drone to come in and then leave. Immediately run after the drone, but when the drone turns a corner, go hide in one area of the corner where the detection circle of the drone cannot reach the heroine. When the drone returns and goes left, run out and into another area of La Bastille.

Here, there will be two drones patrolling the area. When one of them leaves, run closely behind them, but outside their detection fields. Remember to explore this area and pick up some items on the ground. Once beyond this area, climb more ledges to reach a cell docking panel. Activate it and go inside. Then reach the inmate residential area of La Bastille.

The walkthrough here is much the same. Run behind or in front of the drones. Avoid their detection fields and then go inside the cells when the drones get too near. Keep doing this until Nilin reaches the maintenance area. This is a fairly large area where Nilin can explore and find some stuff, if she so chooses.

Eventually, Nilin will reach a scene where Dr Quaid is arguing with Sergeant Vaughan.

Remember Me Steal Vaughan’s Memory

Enter the jail staff locker room and engage in a fight with the enforcers and attempt to defeat Vaughan. Then steal his memory when he is down.

Now use Vaughan’s memories and move on, using the secret ways in La Bastille. There will more fights along the way, but Nilin should be able to deal with them comfortably. During one of the skirmishes where Nilin will be faced with a lot of enemies, the stress will force her to remember her special move – Logic Bomb.

  • Logic Bomb – allows Nilin to use a Sensen virus to destroy Enforcer shields and deal lots of damage to all targets.

Remember Me Find Madame

Use the Spammer to destroy the Seraphim and then take on the enforcers. Dodge around to avoid the attacks of the seraphim and the enforcers.
Use the Spammer to destroy the Seraphim and then take on the enforcers. Dodge around to avoid the attacks of the seraphim and the enforcers.

Remember Me Steal Madame’s Memory

Once the enemies are destroyed, go into the detention area of La Bastille. Nilin looks up and sees that she has found Madame. Madame is being advised of the security breech that NIlin has caused. Madame activates the giant memory probe machine. This machine starts emitting a light around the compound. When the light hits Nilin, she will lose health. So run and hide in the dark corners of the detention area. This way, the light cannot hit Nilin.

The machine’s light will follow Nilin until she reaches the final cell, where she can use Vaughan’s remembrance to activate the secret mechanism that will take her to deeper into La Bastille. Come out and continue. Nilin will have to fight and win two fights involving some flying robots, or seraphims. The first fight is easy. The second fight will have two flying robots. Defeat them first using the spammer and then take on the enforcers.

After this fight, head into the interrogation area and find Madame. Whilst she is busy interrogating a prisoner, go in and steal her memory from behind the interrogation panel.

Now it’s time to head to the Panoptic Icon.


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