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Remember Me Find the Entrance to La Bastille with Johnny Greenteeth's Memory

Updated on June 13, 2013

In Remember Me, the heroine will need to find Johnny Greenteeth so that she can steal his memories and find the entrance to La Bastille to retrieve her confiscated memories. Say goodbye to Tommy and descend into the tunnels. From here, Nilin will have to transverse some dark subterranean areas and eventually reach a train. This will guide Nilin as she tries to find Johnny Greenteeth inside the train, and then guide Nilin how to use Johnny Greenteeth’s remembrance to find the entrance to La Bastille.

Remember Me Steal Johnny Greenteeth's Memory

The idea behind finding Johnny Greenteeth is to steal his memories so that Nilin can use his remembrance to avoid the minefields.
The idea behind finding Johnny Greenteeth is to steal his memories so that Nilin can use his remembrance to avoid the minefields.

Remember Me Find Johnny Greenteeth

Destroy the structural weakness at the gate and then go into the tunnel. The way through the tunnel is linear, but remember to explore certain areas to find items of interest. Then hurry on through this dark menacing place until Nilin reaches an underground river of filth. Defeat some leapers here and move on along the planks floating on top of the river. Identify the yellow markings and then jump around the planks until Nilin reaches the exit.

Move on through the tunnels until Nilin reaches the train. Move on in the train and Nilin will spot Johnny working on something. As Nilin approaches, she realizes that Johnny’s memories have been fed on by a mutant leaper. She must steal the memories from Johnny.

Remember Me Get to the Cabin

There will be more leapers blocking the way into the cabin. At this stage, Nilin will have enough experience to launch a five step or seven step combo. Once in the cabin, Johnny Greenteeth will be attempting to get into the cabin too. Nilin must prevent this from happening. Once in the cabin, use the Junk Bolt to collapse the door leading into the cabin (by aiming at the structural weakness on the two sides of the door). At first, the door will close, preventing Johnny from getting into the cabin. Then as Nilin is dealing with the leapers in the cabin, Johnny will try to get into the cabin again. Shut him out the final time and then steal his memories whilst he is jammed between the two doors.

The train will then crash. Climb out of the debris and head further down into the metro. Then get out of the subway and encounter a skinner with his minion leapers. Finish them off.

Remember Me Use Johnny Greenteeth’s Remembrance to Find the Entrance to La Bastille

Nilin needs Johnny’s remembrance to avoid the mines and get to Las= Bastille. In this section, at each remembrance point, activate the remembrance and then follow Johnny’s footsteps to avoid the minefields. The first minefield is easy. Climb past more ledges and then come to the real minefield.

The minefield before the start of the La Bastille entrance is difficult. At the first remembrance, note that Johnny went straight and then right and then slightly left. At the second remembrance, note that the path is straight and then left. If Nilin steps on a minefield, she will suffer damage but can still move on. At the third remembrance, Nilin must synchronize with the machine at the crate to deactivate all the mines and open up the manhole.

However, before Nilin can get into the manhole, the robot attacks!


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