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Remember Me How to Start Combos

Updated on June 11, 2013

Remember Me How to Start Combos

Remember Me how to combine pressens and then start combos
Remember Me how to combine pressens and then start combos

In Remember Me, as Nilin remembers more and more, she will start creating combos that she can use in her fights against the enemies. Once combos are created, Nilin must know how to start combos and then execute them to perfection against the enemies. This will provide a guide on how to create combos and then how to start combos. Eventually, it will illustrate how Nilin can add special skills into her fighting style and use various combo combinations in different situations to win the fights and proceed on in the game.

The first combo that Nilin will receive is the three chain combo. This combo is the most useful, at least initially, whilst Nilin is learning how to start and execute the combos.

  • Each combo consists of a punch (for PC: left mouse button) or kick (for PC: right mouse button).
  • Each punch or kick has a different power, which can be Power pressen, Regen pressen, Cooldown pressen or Chain pressen.
  • By combining the powers into a combo, Nilin will then execute that action in the combo. For example, in a power only three chain combo consisting of punches, Nilin will execute the combo by pressing left mouse button (LMB), LMB and then LMB again. This will deliver three punches that cause damage only.

Later on, Nilin gets the regen pressen and the five chain combo. This combo is harder to execute, but can be done. As an example, Nilin may want to add in the following into this combo –

  • Kick (first button, cannot be changed), damage punch, damage kick, damage punch and regen kick.
  • The way to execute this combo is to go – RMB, LMB, RMB, LMB, RMB, without getting hit by the monsters.

If Nilin is rusty from amnesia and cannot execute the five chain combo properly, one way to defeat tougher monsters is to use the regen pressen in the three chain combo. As an example, to defeat one of the boss monsters, Nilin may want to add the following into the three chain combo –

  • Punch (first button, cannot be changed), Regen punch and then damage punch.
  • The way to execute this combo is to go – LMB, LMB, LMB.
  • Just use this combo repeatedly on the boss to regenerate health, and when the special move Fury Sensen recharges, launch the special move to create damage.

Later on, Nilin must use special moves to allow monsters to show up. Nilin must now incorporate the cooldown pressen into the three chain combos (simply because this is the easiest combo to execute when there are lots and lots of monsters). The cooldown pressen will allow Nilin to hasten the cooldown of the visualize special move (Sensen DOS), so that Nilin can see the ghost leapers. And then use the other combos to damage the leapers.

Once Nilin masters the art of starting and executing combos, she will be able to show off her skills in style.


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