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Remember Me Meet Bad Request At St-Michel Rotunda

Updated on June 13, 2013

In Remember Me, Nilin must now meet with Bad Request and proceed with remembering her next set of memory skills that used to define her as the world-renown memory hunter. This will guide Nilin as she tries to get to where Bad Request and Edge want her to go.

Remember Me Get to St-Michel Rotunda

Run into the square and then turn left into an alley. The heroine knows she is on the right track when she bumps into a robot humanoid servant. Head down the one way alley until the heroine meets some Enforcers. Here a fight takes place. Use power pressen combos to knock out the Enforcers and use overload moves to increase experience points gain (PMP).

Once the enemies are defeated, look for more ledge yellow markers and climb the ledges and pipes until Nilin reaches her next destination. Remember to use SAT hatches to heal up before reaching the next fighting point. At this junction, Nilin remembers her first special move – Sensen Fury. Also the first cooldown pressen becomes available.

Remember Me Follow Bad Request's Remembrance

Remember Me wait for the flips in the graphical display to turn over before moving along the ledge
Remember Me wait for the flips in the graphical display to turn over before moving along the ledge

After the fight, it’s ledge climbing time again. This time, Nilin must climb the ledge and the large flip painting in front of her. Allow the graphical display to flip to the right before jumping onto the ledge and then use the left mouse button to speed up and get to the next ledge before the display flips Nilin downwards.

Continue climbing and moving past ledges, and those ledges with electricity running through it. After the ledge of electricity, Nilin must climb downwards a pipe. On ground level, move around until Nilin reaches a shopping arcade area.

Bad Request is somewhere around here. Talk to him and then extract his memories.

Remember Me Follow Bad Request's Path

Bad Request's path will involve jumping onto areas not obviously visible, like this "ledge" on a drone
Bad Request's path will involve jumping onto areas not obviously visible, like this "ledge" on a drone

Remember Me Follow Bad Request’s Remembrance

Next, Nilin will enter a corridor and start following Bad Request’s Remembrance. When confronted with a door, use synchronize and tap to open the door. Through the door, meet some more enforcers and defeat them. The follow the yellow markers and start climbing. At one point, Nilin must lean backwards and jump onto a ledge on the drone before carrying on.

Continue following Bad Request’s Remembrance to the next fight, and then carry on. There are some sequences where Nilin must remember Bad Request’s footsteps and avoid deadly areas on the ground. Within an apartment, lower the shutter and prevent detection by the drone. Then follow Bad Request outside the apartment and engage in the final fight against minion enforcers. The next stage is to steal Kaori Sheridan’s memories.

Remember Me Steal Kaori Sheridan’s Memories

This part is surprisingly easy. Climb to just outside her apartment and then extract her memories whilst her back is facing Nilin. Then Nilin must get to the roof. There is another flip graphical display obstacle here which can be quite infuriating. The key here is to wait for the first flips to be over and move along to the center of the display. Then wait for a while and allow the flips to reach the end, and then move along before the display flips again. Move rapidly ahead of the flips until Nilin reaches the safe ledge.

Once at the roof, Nilin must confront the first boss of the game - Kid X-mas.


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