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Remember Me Remix Memory of Olga Sedova

Updated on June 11, 2013

In Remember Me, Nilin finally arrives at the Leaking Brain. Here, she is reacquainted with Tommy Headache, the bar proprietor. Obviously, at this stage, the amnesic Nilin has no idea who Tommy Headache is, other than being a helpful bartender who helps her out of the Memorize facility uniform and gives her the Nilin Errorist costume back. Then the two of them are assailed by Olga Sedova. This will provide Nilin with a guide of how to remix the memory of Olga Sedova and change the outcome of the assault and attempted kidnapping.

Remember Me Original Memory of Olga Sedova

Olga Sedova remembers being in a medical facility run by Dr Quaid three hours ago. Here, she is involved in “the memory transfusion”, where her memories are being transferred from herself to her husband David Sedova. The aim is to restore enough memories and trigger the memories of David Sedova so that he can remember and not stay in the leaper state that he was in. The memory transfusion appears to be working, but Olga Sedova needs to find some money to cover the costs of this “very expensive” treatment. The solution – capture Nilin; the reward is $300,000.

Fast forward 3 hours and Olga is holding Nilin at knifepoint.

Remember Me Remix Olga Sedova's Memories

Remember Me remix the memory of Olga Sedova - need the following on the bottom left of the picture to be present.
Remember Me remix the memory of Olga Sedova - need the following on the bottom left of the picture to be present.

Remember Me Remix Olga Sedova’s Memory

Nilin is a memory hunter, but she is renown for being able to alter people’s memories, starting with Olga Sedova. The keys in remixing Olga Sedova’s memories is to find memory glitches within her memories and then make Dr Quaid put down David Sedova (or at least, make Olga think that has happened three hours ago).

So rewind Olga’s memories to the point of unlocking the strap. This is actually one of the last steps to remixing Olga’s memories. Now undo the removing of the straps for now and rewind.

Rewind to the very beginning and note these other steps –

  • Find the capsule memory glitch and add a different capsule into the memory.
  • Find the trolley memory glitch and move the trolley near to David Sedova.
  • Find the Ping Machine memory glitch and activate it.
  • Find the anaesthetic mask memory glitch and activate it, removing the mask from David Sedova in Olga’s memories.

Then finally, unstrap David’s right wrist strap and allow him to struggle successfully against the doctor.

Doctor Quaid has no choice but to put down David Sedova. Olga Sedova’s memories have been remixed!

Note – Nilin can reverse the flux of the memory transfusion machine, but that will turn Olga memory brain dead. This will create a memory bug and cannot be done, because a dead Olga cannot remember her “new” memories.

Remember Me Three Hours Later At The Leaking Brain

By changing the memories of Olga three hours ago, the future is now changed. Olga takes away the knife and joins the Errorists. She provides Nilin with transport to the next section of the game.


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