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Remember Me Walkthrough

Updated on June 11, 2013

Remember Me Walkthrough

Remember Me Walkthrough begins with Nilin escaping the Memorize facility
Remember Me Walkthrough begins with Nilin escaping the Memorize facility

In Remember Me, the heroine Nilin awakes from a nightmare, and finds that the nightmare has not gone away. Her memory has been wiped by the organisation known as Memorize, and she must try to escape the facility. This remember me walkthrough will guide the heroine Nilin with the first part of the game, as she tries to escape the Memorize facility and get to the Leaking Brain to find the bartender Headache Tommy.

Remember Me Escape from the Memorize Facility

This first part of Episode 1 is to escape from the Memorize facility. Watch the interaction between Nilin and the medic and then follow the droid to the queue to be erased from memory. Luckily, Edge phones in to Nilin using the Sensen device that all humans (and mutants) in 2084 have at the back of the neck. Edge advises Nilin to go left and slip through the (now opened) door on the left. As Nilin walks through, she is awed by a robotic structure on the left. Ignore it for the time being , and follow the red line down the corridor. At this time, the Memorize facility A.I. detects the presence of Nilin in an unauthorized section and sends the robotic automation down the corridor after Nilin.

  • To escape, run in a straight line and then dodge left or right to avoid the crates when they appear.

Then slip out through the hatch on the right and descend into an area where crates are being dumped into the sewers below. Remove the body from one of the crates and get into the crate.

Remember Me Find A Way Out of the Leapers’ Lair in Slum 404, Neo-Paris

The crate is dumped into the sewers and slum below. Here, memories erased zombie mutants (called Leapers) feast on dead bodies and gather those “lucky” to survive into their ranks. Nilin gets out the crate and must fight the leapers.

Use the combo lab to create a three power pressen combo. Then execute the combo and eliminate the leapers.

Move on to the next part of the slum. This part of the walkthrough involves climbing and moving from ledge to ledge. This will become an essential part of moving around in Neo-Paris. This part of moving along the ledge is dead easy. Simply look for the yellow sign and then climb onto the next ledge, and so on until Nilin can walk on level ground again.

There will be several categories of items to pick up from the ground as Nilin travels from point to point. These items are –

  • SAT patches – when enough of these are collected, will increase Nilin health by a chunk.
  • Mnesist – these are journal entries which will give the background story of Remember Me.
  • Focus patches – these will increase focus.
  • Memory Stash Displays – these are graphical displays that Errorists have left behind to allow Nilin to know where to look to get the above items.

Remember Me Get to the Leaking Brain

Move around the slum area of Neo-Paris and then use ledges and edges to move around. Always try to spot the yellow signs to know where to go next. The way forward is very linear. Nilin will find her way to another few fights with the leapers. At this time, the regeneration or Regen Pressen and the five hit combo will become available. Defeat them and climb past more ledges and pipes and eventually reach a place where Nilin will encounter the first Skinner.

Nilin thinks it will be like the last time. However, this time, the leapers are led by a skinner. Nilin must defeat the leapers before the memory shield around the skinner is deactivated (actually described as berserk mode in the game), and she can harm the skinner.

After the fight, activate the crane, do through some catwalks, knock down a metal door, climb past more ledges, fight more leapers and eventually reach the Leaking Brain. Note that there will be a ledge that has lots of electricity voltage running through it. Wait for the electricity to run out temporarily before jumping onto it. Then rush past to the other side.

Go speak to Tommy Headache.


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