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"Remember The 90's" Nostalgia

Updated on January 2, 2013

Fun Stuff from the 90's

A testimony to the many children and teens who grew up in this marvelous time in history!

What can you expect from this time-traveling trip into the 90's? A pleasant stroll done memory lane?

More like a plague of corny products, groundbreaking games, and pointless hobbies that made us who we are today!

Get ready to reminisce!

Lisa Frank

The overwhelming queen of rainbows has returned to cast her spell upon the 3rd graders of America, spreading her hallucinogenic imagery across stationary, stickers, pencils, and trapper-keepers.

What ever happened to Lisa Frank? In 2001, Lisa Frank Inc. was fined $30,000 by the FTC for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Apparently their website's registration form asked young girls for one address too many.

It's not like she was charged with child molestation, but come on Lisa Frank! Happy people who paint with rainbows shouldn't violate the law!

You can still purchase Lisa Frank products here, I won't tell anyone, but I will secretly judge you.

Fruit Stripe Gum

Okay, so until recently, I thought this stuff was called "Zebra Gum," apparently I was wrong.

This gum tasted great for about 10 seconds, and then would lose all it's flavor until it was like chewing an eraser! But strangely enough, for some reason, I just had to have it.

Tattoos Inside? No way! That just put Fruit Stripe gum in the lead for "Coolest Gum Ever!" in front of stupid old Bubblicious.

And look! You can now buy 12 packs of Fruit Stripe at a time! Hello, next year's stocking stuffers!

Read more about Fruit Stripe Gum here, at!

SNES Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country was absolutely my favorite game for Super Nintendo. Helping Donkey and Diddy Kong retrieve their stolen bananas from the crazed tribe of reptilian Kremlings was destiny!

And for those of you who were brave enough to make it to the end and fight against K Rool, King of the Kremlings, my sincerest congratulations on wasting at least 2 months of your life!

Did anyone else feet that "Chariot Carnage", the level where you're in a mining car underground, hopping over missing track and dodging flyaway cars, was way too hard!

Check out the video for this level here, just watching it makes my jump in my seat!

Pogs and Slammers

The 90's had it's share of lame fads that quickly died out. The game of pogs is just one of those fads.

To play, you and your opponent would equal amounts of pogs upside down and then take turns throwing their slammers down on the top of the stack. Any pogs that you flip over, you take. When no pogs remain in the stacks, the player with the most pogs wins!

Too bad so many school districts considered this game a form of gambling. Pogs were banned because it was considered a distraction for students and the game lowered their performance in school...

That's probably why most of the kids who played with pogs can't remember long division!

The Clapper

"Clap on, Clap off, Clap on Clap off!" Wow, who doesn't remember that 'clever' jingle!

Although it was released in the 1985, this "As Seen On TV" product became the "Snuggie" of the 90's! Every birthday or holiday, at least on these convenient clappers found their way into our homes.

In case you were out of it in the 90's, the Clapper was the ultimate sound-activated outlet switch! Hook up a lamp, a fan, a tv, anything to it, and with two simple claps, it was on, another two claps, off again.

In theory, the Clapper was the perfect household helper, but in reality, it couldn't differentiate between a clap, someone yelling, the dog barking, or the microwave dinging... Yay...


What girl in the 90's didn't have a Tomagotchi? I still remember Fufu, my alien-like virtual pet who ended up dying every 3 days or so. Got to love that reset button!

The Tomagotchi was a virtual pet keychain that allowed you to feed, play with, and care for your very own pet.

You would think that because it's a virtual toy, it wouldn't poop all over the place, but you'd be mistaken! Thus, you'd have to clean up after your pet and give it a bath. Where's the fun in that?

You knew you really had a problem when you'd have 5 of these stupid keychains beeping at you to feed them! For now, I think I'll stick to real pets.


For a moment in the early nineties, the electronic pager was the it-electronic communication device. Call it the iPhone of 1991.

Doctors had them. Businessmen had them too. But now, with the advent of sophisticated cellular technology, the pager has been abandoned by most people in favor of cell phones, and now smart-phone.

Who still uses beepers? Middle-aged men who play World of Warcraft all day and are too cheap to buy a cell phone? Nah, and it was just a joke WoW fans.

Actually many medical professionals still use these seemingly useless devices because they can remain 'On' everywhere, unlike cell phones.

The Scrunchie

The glorious scrunchie was absolutely my most important hair accessory of the 90's!

These fabric-wrapped elastic bands made putting your hair up in a ponytail a breeze, plus, completely painless!

They also made fabulous bracelets, you have to appreciate a multi-purpose accessory like that!

I'm not sure why scrunchies became such a fashion faux-pas, I thought I rocked my hair styles!

I even made sure to match them to my outfits! In fact, I had a whole scrunchie wardrobe, every color of the rainbow, Lisa Frank would've been impressed!


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    • mandyf profile image

      mandyf 7 years ago

      scrunchies girl forever here! great hub thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Of all things listed, I fondly remembered having Lisa Frank, Fruit Stripe, and Scrunchies! For the latter, I heard that there's a toy dedicated to making them, but never bought it.