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Remote Control Cars for Toddlers

Updated on October 21, 2012

Remote control cars for toddlers

Toddlers love to watch their cars fly through the house and the yard. A toddler remote control car will provide them with hours of fun and they are specially made to maneuver easily for little fingers. The remote control is made for their little hands and the controls are simple buttons that a toddler can easily learn to use.

Kid Galaxy My 1st Rc Gogo Police Car

Little kids are always fascinated by policemen. The Kid Galaxy My 1st radio controlled police car is sure to add fun to your toddler's day.


* steering wheel remote, pushing up will make your car go straight and pushing down will make it spin

* Car is soft and sized perfectly for little hands

* Requires 3 AA and 1 - 9 volt battery, which are not included

* Recommended ages 2 years to 5 years old

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC GoGo Fire Truck

The Kid Galaxy My 1st RC GoGo Fire Truck is sure to be a hit with your toddler. Little boys are intrigued by fire trucks and this cute little RC fire truck is soft, easy to handle for little hands, and the remote control is easy to use.


* Soft, won't ruin your furniture, walls, or floors

* steering wheel remote, with 2 functions for straight, or spin

* requires 2 AA and one 9V battery

* recommended ages 2 years to 5 years of age

My 1st RC GoGo Auto Ford Mustang

The My 1st Radio Controlled GoGo Auto Ford Mustand is built for little hands to easily handle. The radio control features easy to use controls that will make your mustang go straight, or spin in circles. This cute little radio controlled car is designed so it won't damage your walls, or your furniture.


* Soft, won't wreck your walls, or furniture

* steering wheel remote, with 2 simple functions for toddlers

* ages 3 years and up

Chicco Radio Control Johnny Coupe

The Chicco Radio Control Johnny Coupe is an award winning toddler rc car by creative child magazine. This cute little car features all kinds of fun features and it is easy for a toddler to use.


* radio control, featuring buttons for left, right, forward and back

* real working head lights and tail lights

* rubber wheels will help protect your floors

* requires 6 AA batteries, which are not included

* recommended ages 2 years and up

* award winning toy

John Deere Johnny Tractor Radio Control

A great first radio control vehicle for toddlers. The John Deere Johnny Tractor is soft, so it won't damage your floors and walls. It features an easy to use remote and makes a great first radio control toy for a little one.


* Easy to use remote, only featuring two buttons

* soft, so it won't hurt your child, or your furniture

* requires 3 AA and one 9 volt battery

* recommended ages 18 months and up

Thomas & Friends: Preschool Steam 'n Speed R/C Thomas

The Steam 'n Speed R/C Thomas comes with an easy to use radio control and it has some fun noises and phrases to entertain your little Thomas the Tank fan.


* Thomas radio controlled vehicle

* radio control, with 3 functions

* Thomas whistles & makes chugging sounds

* Real steam puffs out of Thomas' engine, which is safe for kids to touch

* Recommended ages of 2 to 6 years of age

* requires 4 AA and 3 AAA batteries

Thomas & Friends Engineer Hat / Cap
Thomas & Friends Engineer Hat / Cap

Don't forget your Thomas the Tank engineer hat!


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