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Retro gaming at its best: AtGames Sega Genesis games console

Updated on October 18, 2013

Modern day gaming is awesome isn’t it? I mean, the 3D graphics are stunning, the sound is crisp and loud and the playability is something else. Yep, gaming has come a long way since the introduction of the primitive Nintendo and Sega systems of the late 1980s. Despite the advancements in gaming technology there are many people out there that prefer classic and retro gaming, and I am one of them. I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to complete games that require a lot of thought and attention. I want to play computer games that are simple, fun and can be completed in a couple of hours.

Yep, in my opinion retro gaming is where its at and the ‘old skool’ games of yesteryear are perfect to provide a few hours of light entertainment when I get bored. Retro gaming is all well and good, but how do you get hold of a games console capable of playing retro computer games? Enter the AtGames Sega Genesis console……….

The AtGames Sega Genesis console is a plug n play games console for the retro gamer enthusiast. If, like me, you grew up with the Sega Genesis (arguably the best games console of all time) and want to go back the days when computer gaming was mindless fun that required no thought and killed a few hours the AtGames Genesis console is the product for you. The AtGames Genesis console will also make a great gift for casual gamers that are too young for modern Xbox games and the like.

Being a plug n play console the AtGames Sega Genesis console is very easy to use and set up. It is so easy, that you won’t even need to read the user manual and you will up and playing your favourite retro games in no time at all.

The AtGames Sega Genesis console is sold with 80 inbuilt games, which is a pretty big selection. I need to point out that only 40 of the games are old Genesis games and the other 40 games are homebrew games. In my opinion the homebrew games aren’t very good, although there are a few that are okay (well for five minutes) but this is just me. My nephew really likes some of the homebrew games, so it really is down personal preference.

I didn’t buy the AtGames Genesis console for the homebrew games, oh no, I bought it for the Sega games of which there are 40 top titles. Sonic, Sonic and Knuckles, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Ecco the Dolphin and ESWAT are just a few of the top titles available to play. The list of games available is a retro gamer’s delight and they provide hours and hours of entertainment.

If you end up getting bored of the built in games the Genesis console has a cartridge slot that accepts original Sega Genesis games, and this is another reason I bought this games console. After raiding the attic I found NBA Jam and a few other original Genesis games so I can play these on this games console too, which is really cool.

The build quality of the AtGames Genesis console isn’t the best but then what do you expect for a console that costs so little? That said, the build quality isn’t horrendous either and provided you treat the AtGames Genesis console with a little respect you won’t have any problems with it and you will get years of entertainment.

The AtGames Genesis console is supplied with two wireless controllers, which is not right. During the time when the Genesis was in its heyday wireless technology was not available and all controllers had to be plugged in to the front of the console. If you want to experience the true retro gaming experience I recommend ditching the wireless controllers and buying some replica Genesis controllers, and you can buy these for a few bucks from eBay or Amazon.

If you do stick with the wireless controllers I should point out that they are not that good. Move out of the sweet spot and you will find the controllers stop working until you move the controller back to where they were. I found the wireless controllers unresponsive and stopped using them after about ten minutes, and used a Genesis replica controller instead. Ideally, I would like a genuine Genesis controller, and whilst you can get these from eBay, I think they fetch far too much money, but that is just my opinion.

So, the big question is “Would I recommend the AtGames Sega Genesis console?” The answer to this depends on who is going to use the console. If the console is for a hard core gamer looking for a challenge this games console is not going to be suitable and you will have to look elsewhere. If, however, the user is a bit of a retro gamer that just wants a games console to provide a few hours of light hearted fun, then this games console is ideal and at such a low price it is great value for money.

The only accessory you need for the AtGames Sega Genesis games console is a different controller. As I have previously mentioned the wireless controllers are unresponsive, have poor range and regularly fail, which interrupts game play. Wired controllers are cheap, responsive and work all the time so a wired controller is an essential accessory. What's more the wired controller doesn't need batteries, and there is nothing worse than your batteries dying at a critical moment during game play.

Classic Sega Genesis 6-Button Controller
Classic Sega Genesis 6-Button Controller

This classic Sega Genesis 6 button controller is as close as it gets to the genuine controller. It's cheap, works very well and is better than the wireless controllers supplied with the console.


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If you have any comments, questions or queries regarding the AtGames Sega Genesis games console please feel free to note them here.

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