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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review 2014

Updated on January 15, 2014

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 returns with a Cache of Explosive Secrets

Although much has been written about the Cold War, few games have taken advantage of this particular conflict, which saw political and military tension between the US and its NATO allies, and the communist world led by the Soviet Union from 1947-1991. When Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in 2010, the game stood out for not only putting players in the frontlines of the Cold War but also injecting a shot of conspiracy and espionage into its story.

Black Ops was a huge success for Activision, earning the publisher over US$360 million after selling over 5.6 million units overseas within 24 hours. Within 5 days, game sales worldwide reached US$650 million, cementing the developer's name in the franchise and gaming community. This allowed Treyarch more creative freedom to explore the shadowy world and characters established in Black Ops. With this, they could rethink the toys and history of the game's main campaign.

Despite the lack of direct military action, the Cold War was rife with espionage, proxy wars, and subversion. To this day, its legacy continues to be referred to in popular culture. So it was only natural for Treyarch to return to the Cold War setting in its sequel Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, immersing players in the Cold War of 1980s and 2025, where simmering tensions have build between the US and China. If Black Ops is any indicator, the Cold War is once again set to boil over in Black Ops 2.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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The Cold War ended in 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Black Ops II's timeline, a second Cold War occurs between China and the US in the year 2025 due to the scarcity if rare earth elements real life. At the end of the first game, Alex's friend Viktor Reznov manages to reverse the brainwashing and reprogram him to instead kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner.

There will be two major timeline in Black Ops II: the first one is set in the 1980's, where players will play Black Ops protagonist Alex Mason; the other is set in 2025, with David Mason (Alex's son). Alex is sill dutifully carrying out Black Ops missions in the 1980s for the government. Most of the action in the 80s will take place during the proxy wars in Central America. David, on the other hand, is a member of SEAL Team Six and is in charge with protecting the president when Los Angeles falls under siege by hacked unmanned drones controlled by Raul Menendez, a Nicaraguan narco-terrorist.

Black Ops II's story borrows several elements from today's current affairs, such as China's rising military might and economic dominance as well as the United States government's increased reliance on using unmanned drones to attack insurgents in the Middle East. Furthermore, China currently produces 95% of the world's rare earth elements supply, which is used to make high tech devices.

With part of Black Ops II set in the future, this has allowed developer Treyarch to come up with some elements that was not featured in past Call of Duty games, such as cyberwarfare, robotics, unmanned vehicles, and other futuristic technology such as x-ray sniper scopes, Quad drones and CLAW tanks. Black Ops II's story was written from the ground up by David Samuel Goyer, the co-writer of Hollywood blockbusters Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, so we should see some solid storytelling in Black Ops II this time around.

If you thought Black Ops II's story will be straightforward - think again. Black Ops II will feature something new to not only the game but also the Call of Duty Franchise: branching storylines. Known as 'Strike Force Mission', your choice and actions during these missions will affect the current mission as well as the overall course of the story. Strike Force Missions take place in 2025 storyline, and features permanent death - if your character dies during one of these missions, you won;t be able to replay this mission the game will record that loss.

Success or failure of these missions will affect the wider campaign storyline. Furthermore, choosing one of the missions will lock out others. Strike Force Missions offer many alternative ways to complete them, and it feels very different from your typical first-person shooter action game, offering a more tactical outlook of the battlefield. It's a bold move that encourages players to replay the single-player campaign.

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty's brand of quick, close quarters shooter multiplayer combat constantly draws hundreds and thousands of players to its multiplayer modes. With Black Ops II, Treyarch has outdone itself by not only packing in more online multiplayer features but also making it more accessible and customizable. The core multiplayer game modes such as Team Deatchmatch, Domination, and Seach and Destory will make a return, along with the new mode Kill Confirmed from Modern Warfare 3.

A new multiplayer mode called Hardpoint will be present in Black Ops II. Based on traditional king of the hill gameplay, the game will call out various hotspots for players to capture and defend. Wager Matches from the original Black Ops will be back, but they will be integrated within the new Party Modes, which includes Sharpshooter, Sticks and Stones, Gun Game, and One in the Chamber. All of these Party Mo matches are meant for quick, casual play through players can still accumulate experience points and ranks that count towards a player's regular progression.

The one major change to Call of Duty's multiplayer system is its Create-A-Class system. Previously, players had to choose defined custom classes which only had one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, grenades, equipment, and three perks. In Black Ops II, Treyarch has thrown out the rulebook for it's Create-A-Class system. Instead, custom classes now consist of a 'Pick 10' system. The pick 10 system unlocks at level 4, and you will have 10 allocation points to use on whatever you want.

Every perk, weapon, and attachment cost 1 out of 10 available points. You don't have to even choose a secondary weapon if you rarely use one, so you can use the point for an extra attachment for your primary weapon or even additional grenades. You can even equip more than 3 perks. Black Ops II also includes something called 'Wildcard', which take up a slot but allow you to go crazy in terms of customization. As the Black Ops II debut multiplayer trailer showed, one could equip a combat knife, revolver, and six perks.

One of the major criticisms that gamers had from Call of Duty 4 onwards was its introduction of 'Killstreaks' - the longer your strings of kills, the more rewards you can get. This encouraged gamers to camp for kills just to get access to powerful rewards such as drone strikes and helicopter assists. To address this complaint and galvanize more players to cooperate towards a common goal, Black Ops II has replaced Killstreaks with Scorestreaks. You still get points for killing people, but you also obtain points by grabbing or capturing an enemy flag in Capture the Flag mode. There are over 20 Scorestreaks rewards, ranging from the standard remote-controlled car bomb (325 points) and UAV (375 points) to attack dogs (1275 points) and a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones (1400 points).

Beginner players to the Call of Duty series need not feel intimidated by Black Ops II's multiplayer offerings. To get them more used t the game and multiplayer matches, Black Ops II will once again include Combat Training, an offline mode that lets you fight against bots. Another mode to help newbie teams is Bootcamp mode, where 6-on-6 battles are conducted. Each team has three humans and three AI-controlled bots.Newly fledged multiplayer teams can use Bootcamp to hine their skills. Likewise, there's Bot Stomp mode - a six humans versus six bots mode that allows team to practice team tactics.

Modern Warfare 1 and 2 games have been pretty popular among professional gaming circuits, but Black Ops II aims to take the next step in promoting the title among professional gaming circuits, but Black Ops 2 aims to take the next step in promoting the title among the eSports community. To address the issue of players being mismatched against more experienced player, Treyarch is introducing skill-based matchmaking to Black Ops II. Treyarch proposes seven seasonal brackets in which players will be placed based on their performance. After a few games, they will be placed in their appropriate ranking, where they will compete against a small pool of players of similar skill level.

In addition to its skill-based matchmaking, Treyarch aims to make shoutcasting as easy as possible for its multiplayer matches. To do this, Black Ops II will feature in-game livestreaming features and color commentary tools branded CODcasting is a special spectator mode that allows player take on the role of a game commentator. To start CODcasting, all the player (i.e. the CODcaster) needs to do is join a multiplayer game as a spectator and they can immediately see all of the action in the game and switch between different views.

There's even a picture-in-picture mode that allows the player to toggle between the game camera and map top-down view, allowing the CODcaster to better highlight the in-game action to spectators. The score panel is visible at the top of the screen, player name plates are shown at the lower left of the screen, and even listen into the mic feeds of players. The only caveat is CODcasting is not allowed in public matches. Furtermore, to prevent cheating, players cannot hear the CODcaster. Besides that, live streams of multiplayer are delayed a few seconds.

Zombies? In my Call of Duty? That's right, the highly popular Zombie mode from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops is once again making a return in Black Ops II...and this time, it comes with its own campaign! It is not connected to the main campaign, which takes place in futuristic world. Instead, Black Ops II's Zombies mode will be set somewhere in post-apocalyptic mid-West America.

According to Activision, Black Ops II's Zombie mode will have three new game modes. The first one is standard Survival, where you try to last as long as possible against zombies by killing them and buying fortifications. This is the classic survival mode that was first seen in World at War and Black Ops.

The next mode is called Tranzit, which is spread across a massive open world. In Tranzit mode, players travel from zone to zone in a fortified bus (DayZ Party Bus anyone?) or by foot, if they're feeling brave. The final mode is called Grief, a competitive multiplayer which pits 4 players vs players vs zombies. In other words, players will not only have to worry abut zombies but also the rival team.

Since the new Zombies will implement Black Ops II's multiplayer engine, this means there will be stat tracking, leaderboards, and skill-based matchmaking in Call of Duty: Elite, the series multiplayer service. Zombies mode will also allow players to build items, such as forging a shield to push back against the undead. The amount of content in Zombies mode almost constitues a whole new game.

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*Call of Duty®: World at War Download Token - A bonus digital copy of a Treyarch classic, which traverses WWII storylines from the Pacific and European theaters of war.


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*Nuketown Zombies Bonus In-Game Content

*Nuketown 2025 Bonus Multiplayer Map

*Exclusive Weapon Camo

*Exclusive Multiplayer Player Card Background

*Exclusive Zombies Player Card Background

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package

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*Limited Edition 2-Sided SteelBook®

*(2) Collectible Challenge Coins

*Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall with Theme by Trent Reznor

*Exclusive Xbox LIVE® CLAW Avatar Props

*Exclusive Xbox LIVE® Zombies Avatar Props

In-Game Content:

*Nuketown Zombies Bonus In-Game Content

*Nuketown 2025 Bonus Multiplayer Map

*Exclusive Weapon Camo

*Exclusive Multiplayer Player Card Background

*Exclusive Zombies Player Card Background


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      5 years ago

      It's an awesome game. I really like the new maps. I'm having trouble with Die rise though because there's so many doors and walkways and jumps. My favorte weapon is RPD and the Ray Gun I found to be the best for killing zombies. Great lens and thanks for the great tips.

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      6 years ago

      I gave you a like, please visit my lens and like mine back...

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      6 years ago

      Amazing review and very pretty graphics! Squid Angel blessings for your lens. :)


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