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Ride On Toys For Kids

Updated on June 13, 2014

Fisher Price Power Wheels

What incredible vehicles theseRide On Toys are.!! Fisher Price has always made great toys for kids, but these power wheels are amazing. Fisher Price first bought out power wheels in 1971, and since then they have bought out many more models. I think my favorite is the Harley. Anyway I have been pleased to see that Fisher Price really tried hard to make these toys strong durable and great fun for kids. I also love that they have made specific models for young children starting at one year of age. So they have one group of cars for 1-3 yr olds. They have another group for 2-6 yr olds and then they have another group for any age. I think this makes it much easier to choose whats appropriate for your child. Oh and one more thing, they all have a one year limited warranty

Ride On Toys

This cute little Beetle is suitable for kids from 18 months - 4 years old according to the manufacturer. The drivers door opens and closes and the car drives at a maximum of 2.5 Miles per hour, which is just the right speed for someone to walk along side it. The Beetle drives forward and reverse and has a good brake. It comes with a 6 volt battery and charger so it can be recharged over and over again. Kids just love it.

This fabulous Barbie Jeep Wrangler is suitable for children ages from 36 months - 5 years old according to the manufacturer. This car has opening and closing doors and a rear storage area to hold your child's luggage. The vehicle has two driving speeds, one being 2.5 mile per hour and the other being 5 miles per hour. I like that you can hold the car at 2.5 miles per hour when the child is first using it and later on unlock the faster speed. The jeep comes with a 12 volt battery and charger.

What little girl wouldn't love this Barbie Mustang? According to the manufacturer its suitable for ages 36 months - 6 years. This Mustang drives in two speeds forward and reverse. These are 2.5 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour. I love that this Barbir car has a pretend radio which plays pre-recorded music and also sounds of the engine. When the music plays, the lights on the dashboard flash on and off. It also has cup holders and adjustable seats and comes with a 12 volt batter and charger.

The Power Wheels Harley Rocker would be a big hit with your little boy or girl. Its suitable for ages 18 months - 4 years according to the manufacturer. The Harley has 3 wheels for great stability. I love that it automatically stops when the child's foot comes off the pedal. It comes with a 6 volt battery that is re-chargable.

This amazing Power Wheels is suitable for children aged 36 months - 5 years according to the manufacturer.

It has excellent traction, a twist grip throttle and exciting design. This Kawasaki does just fine in wet grass, mud and on the grass. Once again it has a high speed lockout for beginners and a power brake. It has two speeds, 2.5 miles per opur and 5 miles per hour. The KFX runs on a 12 volt battery which comes with it.

This gorgeous Little Quad is suitable for kids aged 1 - 3 years. It has great foot rests and a large button to push to make it move. It comes with a 6 volt battery and charger and rides at a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour.

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