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Best Ride Toys for 2015

Updated on January 1, 2015

Great Ride Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Can you remember back to your early days and the fun you used to have on the ride toys your parents got for you? Perhaps not! But you only have to look at the smiling faces of kids when they are on their ride on toys to see how much fun they have!

There's nothing a kid likes more than a toy they can actually ride without it toppling over or breaking.

Ride toys are plentiful and offer babies and toddlers a fun and mobile way to get around. They come in so many variations that you may not be able to choose just one.

So even if you can't quite recall the fun you had as a toddler on your own ride toys make sure that your kids don't miss out on the great opportunities they offer.

Incredibly popular ride toy Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler image courtesy of

Our Favorite Baby Ride Toy - This Is Just So Cute!

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

It’s probably the only kind of bug you’ll willingly let in to your house, not to mention play with your child.

The Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug comes in 6 different bright and colorful designs that include a ladybug, a bumblebee, a cow, a mouse, a pig and a tiger. It’s made from a padded layer of sponge that’s covered by polyurethane leatheroid which could be easily wiped clean and maintained. The soft and comfy seat lets baby enjoy hours of rolling around in the house.

Other features include a base made from renewable plantation timber, a smooth padded handle, and multi-directional wheels. All parts of this ride are made from non-toxic materials and are completely PVC free.

More Great Baby Ride Toy Options

Below are some wonderful baby ride toy examples that you could pick up for your little one. They’re bright and colorful, with versatile functions and so many features for baby to enjoy, plus they’re built durably with safety in mind.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike
Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike

It’s the ultimate tricycle and every little child’s dream. This 4 in 1 trike from Radio flyer can turn from a stroller to a steering trike, then a learn-to-ride trike, and eventually a classic trike.

It has so many great features including a removable wrap around safety tray for snacks on the go, a 3 point harness to keep babies in securely, an adjustable grow-with-me seat, pedals that can double as foot rests, a comfy headrest for neck support, stroller style canopy with UV protection, and a covered bin to store your child’s toys and other small belongings. Children ages 9 months to 5 years old will love it.

Step2 Push Around Buggy Toddler Pushing Car - Durable and Safe Outdoor Wagon Cart for Kids - Red
Step2 Push Around Buggy Toddler Pushing Car - Durable and Safe Outdoor Wagon Cart for Kids - Red

There’s nothing like being pushed around from place to place and the Around Buggy lets you do just that. It features a steering wheel with built in honking horn, storage space under the hood that can be used for toys and snacks, a durable snap together seat belt, and an extra long handle that makes pushing baby around comfortable and effortless. The Buggy comes in fun primary colors that are perfect for both boys and girls.


Really Popular Ride On Toy

If you’re looking for a one of a kind ride for your baby then look no further than Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels from V-Tech. It has three playing options that include a removable activity dashboard with light up buttons and keys, a rocker that activates musical sounds and lights and features a removable base, and when you turn that base into a push handle for parents the Smart Wheels becomes a ride-on.

This toy helps your baby develop motor skills, number recognition and so much more. It’s perfect for babies ages 6 months all the way to 36 months.

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino
Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino

This fun baby ride toy helps your baby take their first steps by offering sturdy easy grasp handles and support when transformed into a walker. It also features a large wheel base and a separating seat that locks together securely when in ride mode. The 3 singing songs, 2 musical tunes, 3 lights and 5 sound effects will delight and entertain baby when they’re riding, or walking, Stride-to-Ride Dino.


Toddlers Love Their Ride Toys Too! - Look At The Great Toddler Ride Toys Below

The following are awesome examples of different types of ride toys that you can get for your toddlers. Some feature famous cartoon characters that your children love to watch and others have whimsical colorful designs that make playing with them that much more fun.

If you're wondering what to get your little tot at their next birthday or as a holiday gift then consider toddler ride toys.

Power Wheels Dora Lil Quad
Power Wheels Dora Lil Quad

Now exploring with Dora can be even more exciting when you have a Dora the Explorer Lil’ Quad from Power Wheels. It features a colorful design with cute graphics that include Dora and her pals. It also has a large push-button for stop and go operation, a 2 mile per hour maximum speed on hard surfaces, built in root rests, cargo rack located at the back, and a rechargeable 6V battery for countless riding adventures.

Step2 Motorcycle
Step2 Motorcycle

Become the ultimate speed racer with this cool ride on motorcycle. It’ll go as fast as your little feet can scoot and features a wide wheel design for easy balance and stability. It also includes realistic taillights, headlights, and air intake decals, easy to grip handles with steering capacity, and a racer like style that’ll make your toddlers feel like speed racers as they zoom down the hallway and sidewalks.


Ride On Pony

Do you have a cowboy or cowgirl who’s just itching to ride off into the sunset? If so, then this Rockin’ Rider Legacy pony will take them there. The grow-with-me pony has a convertible design that takes it from rocker to junior spring horse.

It also features a moving mouth that talks, sings and neighs in addition to other fun sound effects that activate when you squeeze the pony’s ears. The plush body and intricate details like the sewn in saddle really give this pony a life like look that’ll make any cowboy or cowgirl feel as if they’re actually riding a real horse.

A removable safety seat makes this pony safe and secure enough for riders as young as nine months old.

Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas the Tank Engine
Power Wheels Thomas the Train Thomas the Tank Engine

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! Children absolutely love Thomas. He’s blue, he’s friendly and he can get you anywhere you want to go. This is especially true when you’re referring to Thomas the Tank Engine by Power Wheels.

The adorable ride on toy features an authentic Thomas design with conveniently built in sideboard footrests.

It also includes an easy push button operation, a 2 mph speed, comfortable handle bars, a contoured high back seat, and a 6V rechargeable battery. It supports up to 40 pounds and is the perfect toy for any train loving toddler.


Move Up A Gear With Electric Ride Toys!

With the advances in technology, kids today can enjoy some of the coolest toys ever made; these includes electric ride toys that lets you roam around your house and yard. They also let kids practice their driving skills as well as further develop their hand eye coordination.

Check out some of these fun and exciting electric ride toys you might want to bring home to your kids.

Lil' Rider Ride On Toy Quad, Battery Powered Ride On ATV Dinosaur Four Wheeler With Sound Effects by Toys for Boys and Girls 2 - 4 Year Olds (Red)
Lil' Rider Ride On Toy Quad, Battery Powered Ride On ATV Dinosaur Four Wheeler With Sound Effects by Toys for Boys and Girls 2 - 4 Year Olds (Red)

This stylish red 4 wheeler comes with fun sound effects that give your children a more realistic riding experience. It features a comfortable contoured seat and handlebars for stability, forward and reverse movements, a maximum speed of 1.75 miles per hour, a rechargeable battery and 6V motor with 15 watts. The Red Raptor 4 Wheeler was built for 2 to 4 year olds who are ready to spread their wings and take off on an exciting ride.

Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green
Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green

Get into action with the Power Wheels Dune Racer. It’s the monster on wheels that won’t get stuck in anything.

It features oversize, heavy duty tires with chrome accents and durable steel frames, a spacious cockpit that comfortably accommodates two riders, seat belts for added play and safety, convenient storage under the hood, a speed of 2.5 and 5 mph in forward mode and 2.5 mph in reverse mode, and a 12 volt rechargeable battery for endless play.

The Dune Racer is perfect for kids 3 years and older and has a weight capacity of 130 pounds.


Power Wheels Ford Mustang Ride On Toy

Girls just want to have fun and they can do so in this Barbie Ford Mustang convertible.

The pink car features sporty chrome wheels, pretend seat belts, a cup holder, a pretend radio, a dashboard with lights and sound effects, adjustable seats, two speed forward motion, a reverse mode, and a 12 volt rechargeable battery.

What makes this car even more fun is that it seats two so you and your best friend can ride in style and fun.

Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lil' Lightning McQueen (Hudson Hornet Piston Cup)
Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lil' Lightning McQueen (Hudson Hornet Piston Cup)

It’s all about speed with this Lightning McQueen Power Wheels car. This single rider convertible features a single push-button operation for effortless stop and go movement, wide door opening that gives riders easy access to the car, three sound modes which includes racecar sounds and fun phrases, 2 mph speed, and a 6 volt rechargeable battery.


My Favorite Electric Ride Toy for Kids - Lil' Rider Battery-Powered Farm-n-Fun Tractor and Trailer, Red

You’ve never seen a more stylish and cool looking trailer than this Farm-N-Fun Tractor and Trailer from Lil’ Rider. It features a durable body design and heavy duty wheels that you can actually wash.

A special trailer allows you kids to tow around their favorite toys or other lightweight elements they find in their own backyard. The tractor also includes a powerful rechargeable 6V battery that lets you enjoy up to 2 hours of riding fun on a single charge and a speed of up to 2.5 miles per hour as well as forward and reverse functions.

This electric ride toy is great for kids 2 to 5 years old and it can support up to 88 pounds of cargo.

Battery Operated Riding Toys

What child doesn't love battery operated riding toys? They're so cool that if adults didn't surpass the weight limit you might even see a couple of them riding in them.

There are all sorts of riding toys that run on batteries including motorcycles, cars, jeeps, ATVs and so much more. They make play time very exciting and encourage children to use their imaginations. Riding toys even help to develop kid's hand eye coordination and motor skills.

Below are a few awesome battery operated riding toys that your kids are sure to enjoy.

3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle for Kids, Battery Powered Ride On Toy by Lil' Rider  – Ride on Toys for Boys and Girls, Toddler and Up - Black
3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle for Kids, Battery Powered Ride On Toy by Lil' Rider – Ride on Toys for Boys and Girls, Toddler and Up - Black

Whether they’re riding the open roads of Route 66 or just simply riding circles in the driveway, your kid will love this Harley style Wild Child Motorcycle. And don’t worry; it won’t turn your well behaved little sweetheart into an actual wild child, they’ll just look like one.

This motorcycle features a 6V 4AH battery and an 18 watt motor. It goes at a safe yet thrilling speed of 3 miles per hour and is designed to look like a miniature sized Harley “hog’. Other fun features includes buttons that make sound effects, light up head lights and the ability to go in reverse as well as forward motions.

This rider is great for children between the ages of 2 to 4 years old and can support a weight capacity of up t 60 pounds.


My Favorite Battery Operated Riding Toy! - Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This vintage styled scooter will really give your older kids something to get excited about. It features a variable speed engine that can reach speeds of to 15 miles per hour, 12 inch pneumatic tires with rear suspension system, a built in rechargeable battery that can go as far as 10 miles on a single charge, and a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

There’s also a convenient storage compartment under the seat and a retractable center mount kickstand.

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Which Of The Ride Toys Will You Be Buying?

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