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Ring-Shaped 2 ounce Silver Coins from Tokelau

Updated on April 7, 2014

Highly Unique Lunar Release

As you may know from my different lenses I am a coin gatherer/collector and revel in imparting my enthusiasm for the diversion. The lens is dedicated to a standout amongst the myriad of lunar coins in the market.

Starting in 2013 the Island country of Tokelau requisitioned the BH Mayer's Kunstprageanstalt Gmbh mint in Germany to generate an exceptional arrangement of Doughnut formed specimens offering the Chinese lunar schedule of creatures. They were to be two troy ounces of .999 Ag and ring-molded with a gap in the focal point. The proposition was to have an amazing bullion collectible showcase currency and characteristic an alternate colorized lunar creature every year of the cycle. The charming shape on top of the constrained mintage of 2500 has seen the arrangement shoot to immediate notoriety and furnish introductory speculators in them with good looking returns.

For the 2013 inaugural issue the offered creature was a serpent with the front-side of the coin bearing the National Seal of Tokelau. Initially collectors did not know so much about the new series so the ultimate mintage did not even reach the miniscule 2500 limit set. The items and photographs in the lens are from my individual gathering. I trust you will revel in the review!

2014 - Mintage 2,500

Carousel of Horse Silver 2 Ounce Coin
Carousel of Horse Silver 2 Ounce Coin

Discharged in March the crushing new Carousel of Horse looks to be an extraordinary expansion to the line of coins. In the outline of aged Chinese money, this issue emphasizes four bright merry go round steeds. Each one stallion is designed in stylized clothing beautifying the seat, bridle, and stirrups. Stately steeds like this are an image of flourishing and exceptionally regular in artistic creations, carvings and figures.

Each example will feature an obverse image incorporating the IRB effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the words 'Elizabeth II', 'Tokelau', the date, 2014, the national flag and the monetary denomination, Ten Dollars.

2014 Tokelau Carousel of Horse Obvers
2014 Tokelau Carousel of Horse Obvers

And the Obverse

For the 2014 release a hallmark was added to the Obverse stating the purity and Two Troy ounce size of the issue.


Year - 2014

Face value - $10

Metal - Ag 999/1000

Weight (g) - 62.2 (2 oz.)

Size (mm) - 70 mm

Quality - Proof with Color

Maximum Mintage (pcs) - 2,500

Certificate COA

Outer Sleeve and Presentation Case

2013 - Final Declared Mintage - 500

2013 Infintity Snake Silver Coin Tokelau
2013 Infintity Snake Silver Coin Tokelau

As per the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2013 is the Year of the Snake, which starts on February 10, 2013 and finishes on January 30, 2014. The Snake is the sixth indication of the Chinese Zodiac, which comprises of 12 Animal Signs. The psyche of individual born in this year is accepted to hold complex power and impact. Keen to the finer feel in life, he or she owns a sharp demeanor of tranquility in circumstances of clash.

The animals capacity to restore itself exemplifies the quality for resurrection and recuperation. A strong and solid self control empowers one to accomplish targets never floundering far from its actual centering. The Chinese think it fortunate to have an image of the animal for those conceived under the separate year.

Numerous say that it improves the emotional makeup and solid aspects of the individual to have a typical live serpent around. Old Chinese intelligence says a Slithery friend in the house is a hint of something to look forward to in light of the fact that it implies that your family won't starve.

This discharge offers the standard vastness serpent with its tail in its mouth. The brilliant snake wraps around the focused gap with the 4 components earth, wind, fire, and water adding to the imagery of the unbroken unending chain. The colorized Two ounce Ag verification completion coin had a maximum approved mintage of 2500 however just 500 were actually produced and struck. This constrained mintage makes this one exceptionally challenging and expensive to obtain. It would be highly recommended to collectors to act immediately to obtain one of these before they enter the strong hands of series aficionados.

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