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Rio Toys

Updated on March 7, 2014

Rio Toys and Movie Merchandise

These are Rio toys are available in conjunction with the release of the blockbuster 2011 movie. Rio is a 3D animated movie from the guys who brought us the well-loved Ice Age movies. Rio is a story of a rare macaw bird named Blu and his fish-out-of-water adventure to Rio de Janeiro that ultimately leads to his journey towards self-discovery.

Blu is a domesticated bird who lives a pampered life in captivity. He is believed to be the only one his kind. Due to his life as a protected species he never learn what a bird does- which is to fly. Everything's changed on that fateful day when a news came that another of his species have been discovered. They arrange Blu to meet the new bird and so the journey of his lifetime begins in vibrant setting of Brazil.

Below are some of available collectibles from the movie such as as plush toys and figures. The movie was released in theaters April 8, 2011 and a sequel is about to fly off this 2014.

Plush Toys of Rio Movie Characters

There's no shortage of colorful character in this movie that kids of all ages will love and some will love to hate. First and foremost there is Blu, a one of a kind blue macaw that lives in comfy life with his doting caretaker Linda. Then there is his love interest, Jewel, a feisty and headstrong blue macaw. There are also friends they meet along the way like Nico, Pedro and Luis. And not to forget Nigel, the villainous bird that makes the life of our flightless hero difficult.

Here's plush toy version of some of the character that kids who have seen and love the movie will surely appreciate these memorabilias.

Rio Movie Plush Blu Jewel Chained Together
Rio Movie Plush Blu Jewel Chained Together

This is a plush toy replica of the scene from the movie where Blu and Jewel are awkwardly chained together .

Rio Nico 8" Plush Canary
Rio Nico 8" Plush Canary

This is the yellow canary Nico who wears a funny bottlecap as headgear.

Rio Talking Luiz Large
Rio Talking Luiz Large

Hot diggety! Luiz looks like a dog with a mean streak. Except he is actually a friendly bulldog.

Rio Pedro 8 Plush Bird
Rio Pedro 8 Plush Bird

Pedro is a plump red-crested cardinal. He is the best buddy of Nico.

Whitehouse Leisure Angry Birds Rio Nigel 5" Plush Soft Toy
Whitehouse Leisure Angry Birds Rio Nigel 5" Plush Soft Toy

Nigel, the a white Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is the main villain in the movie.


A Rio Movie Toy Featuring Blu- Spreading His Wings

This Blu stuff toy in his symbolic "spread your wings and learn to fly" pose. In the movie, he remain a grounded bird mostly at the duration of the film as flying was never his strong suit.

Rio Figure Toys

For those who love collecting items based on the movie for play or display, then figures are a way to go. Aside from adding this merchandise to your collection, this can aso be used as a topper for Rio themed birthday cake where the celebrant can also play with the decoration.

Sneek Peek of Rio Movie

In this clip which is the opening scene, the main character Blu is enthralled by singing and dancing of the different kinds of birds as though they are doing an aerial ballet. The nestling was so captivated with what he saw, he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Similar Plush Toys on Amazon

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Rio Videogame

Rio - Nintendo Wii
Rio - Nintendo Wii

Rio, the Videogame for Wii

Rio - Xbox 360
Rio - Xbox 360

Rio, the Videogame for Xbox 360



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      anonymous 5 years ago

      first time seeing rio toys.

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      Cool lens. My boys love this movie!!