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RipStik for Sale: Cheapest Price on RipStik for Christmas

Updated on October 6, 2013

Ripstiks for Sale: Best Christmas Gift for Boys (But, Addicting for Everyone!)

Ripstiks are one of the BEST toys of the year for boys, however, they are addicting for everyone in the family. Ripstiks are an upgrade from a standard skateboard--what makes them different is that they are the absolute best boards for smooth riding and for tricks.

They are amazingly fun and easy to learn: even novices can pick up riding a Ripstik in no time at all. Find out which Ripstik is the best for you, and get the best price--just in time for Christmas.

Are You Familiar with RipStiks?

Have You Heard of a Ripstik Before?

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Ripstick Rider
Ripstick Rider

What is a Ripstik Board?

Why You Need a Ripstik

At first glance, a Ripstik looks like a traditional skateboard, but upon closer inspection you'll quickly see the physical differences. They have two small decks connected by a crossbar, and two inline casterwheels which swivel 360 degrees. These casters allow for some really cool tricks--nothing a regular skateboard could do!

It's easy to propel the Ripstik--all you need to do is shift your weight back and forth, which results in what is called a "carving" or "swivel" action. This weight transfer keeps the board in motion (even uphill). You don't need to push off the ground like with skateboards.

RipStik Caster Board

Trick Casterboard Ripstik for Sale: In Lots of Colors

Ripstik Caster Board

Best-Selling Casterboard

Over 325 people can't be wrong. With so many reviews averaging a 4.5/5, it's clear that everyone loves this classic Ripstik. Click the button below to see all the colors it's available in. The board has spiked traction pads, a kick tail and nose, and a concave deck design, which combine to improve your foot control--a must for tricks. The wheels are polyurethane, which means you'll have a smooth ride.

Was: $99.99NOW 40% OFF

Ride it the traditional way--or use it for tricks

Ride it the traditional way--or use it for tricks
Ride it the traditional way--or use it for tricks

How Old Is Your Ripstik Rider?

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RipStik G Grind Caster Board

This Razor Board Comes in 2 Colors

Ripstik G Grind Caster Board

Great Razor Board for Grinding

This casterboard has all the features of the classic Ripstik Caster Board (spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose, and concave deck design), but with an awesome twist: it has an aluminum center for grinding. The Ripstik G has over 60 reviews:a few of them state that this version is slightly smoother and stronger than the original.

Was: $199.99SAVE OVER 50%

Grind Rails for RipStiks

Want to grind but you're not near a park? Pick up one of these grind rails and you can perfect your RipStik technique from home.

Watch Ripstick G in Action - How to Grind with a Ripstik

Razor RipStik Ripster for Sale

Perfect for Younger Kids

Razor RipStik Ripster

Perfect for Younger Children

Looking for a Ripstik casterboard that's perfect for children? While countless kids have used all the Ripstik models, you might prefer the Ripstik Razor for a few reasons. It runs a bit shorter than the original Ripstik (by over 6", 27.5" versus 34") which makes it more lightweight. The razor also comes with a "How to Ride" DVD, which children (and parents!) might find helpful.

Was: $59.99NOW 20% OFF

Is Your Ripstick User a Boy or Girl?

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RipStik DLX Caster Board for Sale

More Stable Grinding Board

RipStik DLX Caster Board

A Smooth RIde

This razor board is similar to the G Caster with one major difference: the torsion bar is tighter in this model, resulting in a more-controlled ride (who would've though that was possible, since that's what Ripstiks are known for). This one is likely a nice upgrade after you've mastered the more traditional Ripstik, or, if you are an intermediate (or better) athlete.

Was: $149.99ON SALE

Must-Have RipStik Accessories

Razor RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set
Razor RipStik Caster Board Replacement Wheel Set

Need new wheels for Ripstik? Your wheels will inevitably wear down--these Ripstick wheels will fit the original Ripstick Caster Board and the RipStik G"Grind Caster Board.

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet, Gloss Black
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet, Gloss Black

You must wear a helmet when using a castorboard; this helmet for kids is highly-rated.

Razor V-17 Adult Multi-Sport Helmet (Black)
Razor V-17 Adult Multi-Sport Helmet (Black)

This top-rated helmet is a necessity for adults.

TSG 3-Piece Pad Pack
TSG 3-Piece Pad Pack

Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guard, sized from Junior-Adult.


RipStik For Sale

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