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Rise of the Guardians, Toys, Dolls and Figures

Updated on November 22, 2014

Rise of the Guardians, Toys, Dolls and Figures

I'm a sucker for all animation, especially anything by Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks! I love them all! Needless to say, I got a quiver of excitement when I saw the trailer for Rise of the Guardians.

What makes Rise of the Guardians even better, is that Santa Claus AND the Easter Bunny is in it! Awesomeness for sure!

It seems that day by day more Rise of the Guardians toys are being released! On this page, you will find a selection of Rise of the Guardians items, including toys and books. As well as why I LOVE this film, and think it's a movie that should, and will be cherished for years to come.

I'll keep this page updated, so be sure to bookmark this Rise of the Guardians keep checking back!

See all the "Rise of the Guardians" items currently available on now

I went to see Rise of the Guardians at the movies again today, and still blown away. Such an amazing film, with such a beautiful message of belief and hope. Ahhhhh...on with the toys...

The Art of Rise of the Guardians
The Art of Rise of the Guardians

Full of images and pictures from the film, as well as snapshots of the film being made, and the processes that got it to the masterpiece it is today. Enormous childhood characters collide in all their beautiful glory. This book is a must for any animated movie fan.


Rise of the Guardians (2012) DVD

Actors: Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher, Chris Pine, Jude Law

Directors: Peter Ramsey

Number of discs: 1

Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Studio: DreamWorks Animation

Run Time: 97 minutes

This is such a beautiful animation. Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. This film has a sole beyond any other animated movie I've seen in a long time.

It might make you cry, unless you have a heart of stone. But either way, the all encompassing message will tug at your heartstrings like nothing else you've seen in a long while.

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians

What is Rise of the Guardians about?

Rise of the Guardians, is based on a series of books by William Joyce. It tells the story of what happens when an evil force attempts to plunge the world into darkness. Not just a literal darkness, but an inherent and terrifying state of dark, cold fear.

Championed and orchestrated by St.Nick, the great Santa Claus himself, a call out is made to all the Guardians to save the world. These are the children's special Guardians who look after them throughout the year, across the world. We're talking about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman.

But, why is Jack Frost involved? Ah ha! Can the man in the moon shed any light on the situation? Can Santa's elves help or hinder? Set at Easter time, we follow the story of Jack well as some children, who play more of a role in the battle between good and evil, than anyone might expect. Who believes in the tooth fairy?

Rise of the Guardians - which Guardians?

Who is your favourite Guardian, from Rise of the Guardians

See results

Mezco Toyz Rise of The Guardians Plush - Pitch

Looking for more Rise of The Guardians Dolls

I look after a website that showcases some of the best Animated Movie Dolls. I've added links where you can find all of these dolls and more. Visit: dedicated page to RISE OF THE GUARDIANS here.

(Mezco Toyz) Rise of The Guardians Plush - Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization

Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization
Rise of the Guardians Movie Novelization

If your children love to read, then they can enjoy the novelization of the movie with this book.

The story include tales about the principle guardians, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Told beautifully, the story is magical, and encourages a sense of hope and belief in the good of the world. Truly beautiful.

A scaled down version of the plot, with a simpler narrative, this little book will captivate young audiences as they journey through the adventure with the Guardians. Recommended.


What I love about North, is the traditional style and take given to his overall look. The Santa look is definitely inspired from St.Nicholas, rather than the traditional Coca-Cola inspired Santa - so this toy would make a wonderful gift, for anyone looking to give a more traditional styled type of present.

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians

So, why is this film so special?

Have you ever watched something that really spoke to you? I don't mean, you heard words and you understood what they were, I mean something that kinda knocks at your very core. It agrees with your thoughts and beliefs, and it triggered some sort of spark inside you? It inspired you, made you think about things in a greater detail, made you examine your opinions and your take on the world...well, that's what watching Rise of the Guardians did for me.

I must admit I was taken aback, because I guess you don't really expect to receive such a profound effect from an animated movie. This film, is so much more than an animated movie! There are many, many, many themes explored in the movie, but the one thing that stuck with me, and made me leave the movie theatre thinking; "wow", was the idea of hope, and what hope is.

Without the risk of sounding like a pretentious idiot, this movie reaffirmed a sense in me of; if there is nothing else in this world, you always have hope - and absolutely no one can take that away from you. No one. Not even the meanest bully in the playground. But most importantly, with hope, comes belief. If you have hope in something, you believe something will happen. It gives you an inner strength, and an inner confidence.

I'm not foolish, I know Santa isn't real, but I believe in him. I don't believe in a man, in a red suit; I believe in the spirit of Santa. I have hope that people can feel at peace, can feel joy, and can feel the warmth of sharing time together, with family and loved ones - and that is really what I mean by Santa. I have hope that other people believe too. I have hope that there are good people in the world, doing good things, and that no matter evil there is lurking around the corner, there will always be good people. I believe it. It gives me hope. Rise of the Guardians reminded me of this. It truly is a wonderful film.

(Incase you're wondering, the pic is my photo of the movie poster when I came out from seeing it, I wanted to remember the moment I first saw the wonderful Guardians movie.)

Watch the Rise of the Guardians trailer here...

If you're not sure if you'll this movie, check out the trailers. Or of course, if you've seen the movie, check out the trailers to be reminded how great the film is!

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians

Who stars in Rise of the Guardians?

Rise of the Guardians has some huge names playing the characters! Jack Frost is played by Chris Pine (Star Trek, This Means War). Other famous celebs involved include Alec Baldwin, playing the big man, North (that's Santa Claus to you and me), and Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny.

The Tooth Fairy is one of those voices you know but can't place - it's Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Great Gatsby...or Shannon from Home&Away for all you Aussie and Brits)...and lastly, Jude Law lends his voice well as the evil Pitch!

There is a plethora of other names involved, but those are the main ones. If you want to check out the full cast line up, visit imdb's Rise of the Guardians page.

Above all else, we have Hope.

Rise of the Guardians - the Soundtrack


I loved the music used for Rise of the Guardians.

It was evocative and beautiful - captured the seasons, the drama and the tension

...and of course, the hope, wonderfully.


Rise of the Guardians Deluxe Pop-Up

Rise of the Guardians (DELUXE POP-UP)
Rise of the Guardians (DELUXE POP-UP)

If you like your images to be a bit more interactive, this pop-up book is for you. Gorgeous illustrations, very cleverly and magically brought to life in this fully realised 3D book. The characters, quite literally, spring to life before your eyes, enchanting all readers, young and old.


Looking for more ROTG McDonalds Toys...

Find more Rise of the Guardians McDonalds toys right here at my other website:

Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost Costume - Hooded Sweatshirt!

Ok, I don't know about you - but this is my Halloween costume sorted...and Christmas sweater sorted too!

How freeeeaking cool is this??!! I just love the white, snowy, swirly detail around the edges of the sweater - it looks simply beautiful!

Jack Frost is such an iconic character - everyone should get a piece of him, by owning this hooded sweatshirt...but y'know, that's just my opinion :)

(...hands up who's waiting for the ROTG Elves costumes? I know, I am!!)


Drop me a message about your thoughts on Rise of the Guardians before you go

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    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Edinburgh

      I know, right? I want to know exactly the same thing! Baby Tooth is super cute!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      why are there no "dolls" toys whatever of baby tooth from Rise of the Guardians????

    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Edinburgh

      If you click through to Amazon, then can help you with any payments to make :) Thanks for stopping by :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      @MarcoG is it ok if i pay in cash..i don't have a credit card yet

    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Edinburgh

      @iSophie: Woohoo!! Me too!! I've put Rise of the Guardians up there as one of my all time favourites. Although it's set around Easter, I imagine it's one of those films that I would watch on DVD, every Christmas. Darn it, I want to watch it NOW, just talking about it gives little chills of excitement. Such a great movie!! Thanks for stopping by, iSophie :)

    • iSophie profile image


      5 years ago

      I love Rise of the Guardians!! It was a super great movie and I watch it all the time!!!

    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh

      @anonymous: Awww what a lovely message, thanks for posting. I agree whole heartedly. Rise of the Guardians is a very special's timeless! Glad someone else hearts Rise of the Guardians as much as I do :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I've seen this movie 4 times so far! If I had the money, I'd see it once every weekend. This movie brought back memories of childhood and the simple, little things that made us believe in myth and magic and fairy tales. It made me believe in miracles and wonder again. It inspired me, it gave me a warm feeling and brought me and my friends closer together. It isnât just a simple animated movie. Itâs so much more. And I want everyone to take the time to appreciate it. I've seen people bashing this movie so much, and every time I see a negative rap on why it's doing so bad, it's always, "it's lacking entertainment, the elves are the only thing that is funny". This movie isn't about fart jokes or humor. It has a soul, it has a heart. Children and youth appreciate this movie more than cynical adults who can't seem to see past the grittiness of life and think that every "holiday" movie should follow the same cliché formula. Take your best friends to see it. Your parents, grandparents, or your love interest. I assure you, itâll be different.

    • choosehappy profile image


      6 years ago from US

      I hadn't even seen the trailer for this movie; looks interesting. The toys are sure to be a hit! Blessed ;)

    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh

      @TemporaryTattoo1: Maybe you should meet up with North (Santa) and find out where he got his Rise of the Guardians Tattoos, lol :)

    • TemporaryTattoo1 profile image


      6 years ago

      This movie looks very good, i`m a sucker for animation movies also. I especially love Santa Claus and the Tattoos he has on both arms, "Naughty" and "Nice" a Santa Claus not to be messed with. Great lens I hope you do well with it!

    • MarcoG profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh

      @anonymous: Hi klnOy - there doesn't appear to be a Sandman Plush toy yet, but pretty sure there will be. From Rise of the Guardians, so far the only plush toys are Jack Frost, North (Santa) and Pitch. Hoping they release Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny too! Keep checking back here for updates :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      is there a sandman stuffed toy available?


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