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Risen 2 Fight Against Crow

Updated on May 14, 2012

Risen 2 Fight Against Crow

Risen 2 Fight Against Crow - the key is to relentlessly attack Crow as he retreats
Risen 2 Fight Against Crow - the key is to relentlessly attack Crow as he retreats

Risen 2 Fight Against Crow

In Risen 2, the nameless hero enlists the help of Chani in the fight against Crow. Finally the hero is ready to face Crow. Talk to Chani and tell her it is time to face Crow. This will guide the hero with tactics to get past the warriors outside the earth temple gates. It will also provide the hero with tactics to defeat Crow and how to get the treasures within the earth temple.

Risen 2 Tactics to Defeat Crow

As Chani and the hero stride into the earth temple compound, Bakir and Crow will be there to confront the pair of heroes. Chani will use Bakir's voodoo doll to control Bakir. Bakir then commands his warriors to guard the hero and Chani instead. With the switch in loyalty, Crow unleashes the titan harpoon and summons the earth titan through the power of Mara. Crow then issues a challenge to the hero as he dashes to engage the hero.

To defeat Crow, first make sure he is one on one with the hero. Do this by running away from the main fight between the natives and the pirates. Engage Crow in one corner of the temple compound. When facing Crow, allow him to attack first. He will then keep retreating after the initial attack. Seize this opportunity to go forward and keep striking him with the sabre. Use rum or grog to heal up as Crow regroups and attacks. Then when Crow retreats again, keep striking him with the sabre. Eventually, Crow will be defeated. As Crow falls, he uses one last gasp of his breath to summon the power of Mara through the earth titan. The hero has to face the wrath of the earth titan. Before the earth titan can attack, search Crow for the sword Prizetaker and the crystal head.

Risen 2 Use the Crystal Head to Unlock the Earth Temple Sanctuary

After the fight with Crow and the earth elemental, the hero is free to talk to Bakir and Chani. Then head into the Earth Temple and use the crystal head to unlock the earth temple sanctuary. Head deeper into the earth temple sanctuary. There are some sarcophagus within the earth temple sanctuary. Search them thoroughly for the following items – an idol to open the inner chambers of the earth temple, a sapphire for the scepter of power and a skull for the scepter of fear. Use the idols to open the inner chambers. Go inside and pick up some items which can be sold for gold.

Once Crow and the earth titan are defeated, and the earth temple sanctuary has been pillaged, go outside the temple and rendezvous with Steelbeard and Patty. Then watch the cut scene as Steelbeard meets his nemesis........

Risen 2 End of Steelbeard

Risen 2 End of Steelbeard - Watch as the real villain of Risen 2 rises from the sea and ends Steelbeard
Risen 2 End of Steelbeard - Watch as the real villain of Risen 2 rises from the sea and ends Steelbeard

It's time to take the fight to Mara as Patty and the hero must take the Black Betty to avenge Steelbeard.


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