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Risen 2 Level Up Guide

Updated on May 13, 2012

Risen 2 Level Up Guide

Risen 2 Attributes to increase when leveling up
Risen 2 Attributes to increase when leveling up

Risen 2 Level Up Guide

In Risen 2, the nameless hero rises from the lowly ranks of the lieutenant within the inquisition to the heroic adventurer of the world of Risen. As the nameless adventurer becomes an expert hero, so he will level up. Points must be attributed correctly and within the comfort zone and fighting style of the nameless adventurer. This will display the various attributes, talents and skills that the nameless hero can invest in during level up to suit his playing style.

Risen 2 Attributes Guide

The nameless hero has the following attributes which in turn affect his talents.

  • If the hero wants to be a swashbuckling pirate hero, then the blade attribute is the one to invest in. As the blade attribute increases, so will the hero's ability to use slashing weapons, thrusting weapons and dagger talents.
  • If the hero instead favors ranged weapons over melee swashbuckling weapons, then the firearm attribute is the one to level up. Get better and better with the musket, shotgun and pistol ability.
  • For the hero who wants to be invulnerable and tough, then the toughness attribute is the one to level up. As this attribute increases, so will the hero become bladeproof and bulletproof. With the ability to withstand blades and bullets comes the ability to intimidate. If you cannot put a hero down with blades or bullets, then be very very afraid of him.
  • If the hero wants to be a true sneaky hero in the world of risen 2, then the cunning attribute is one not to be neglected. This attribute when leveled up allows for increased ability in thievery, dirty tricks and silver tongue.
  • Finally the voodoo attribute can be leveled up for those who yearn for magic in the world of Risen 2. Magic in risen 2 has been renamed as voodoo, and involves such things as death cult, black magic and ritual.

Risen 2 Talents Guide

Talents include the following abilities-

  • Slashing Weapons
  • Piercing Weapons (can be increased by the officer's sword which is picked up at the beginning of the game).
  • Throwing Weapons
  • Muskets
  • Shotguns
  • Pistols
  • Bladeproof – this allows for protection against all kinds of blade weapons.
  • Bulletproof – this allows for protection against all kinds of firearm weapons.
  • Intimidate
  • Dirty Tricks – increases accuracy and effects of dirty tricks.
  • Thievery – required for picking locks and pickpocketing dialogue options.
  • Black Magic – determines success when using voodoo scepters and increases effects of curse.
  • Death Cult – determines strength of summoned ghost.
  • Ritual Talent – increases effect of magic potions.

Talents start at 5 points each. As the hero levels up through the conversion of glory points to attribute points, these talent points will be increased. 1000 glory points will be converted to 1 attribute point from 1 to 2. 2000 glory points will be needed to increase an attribute score of 2 to 3. Alternatively, talent points can be increased by equipping certain items, for example, the piercing sword.

Risen 2 Skills Guide

Finally there are the risen 2 skills, where each type of skill allows the hero to gain some more abilities and increases his combat prowess. These skills have to be learnt from teachers who are scattered throughout the world of Risen 2. Of course, as the game progresses and gets harder, these teachers are harder to access, and the hero has to level up properly to find these teachers. These skills include skills in the categories of blade, firearms, toughness, cunning and voodoo.

Blade skills include parry, powerful attack, riposte (allows a riposte after parry), forging (forge and repair blade weapons in the smithy), powerful riposte, swordmaster (melee attacks inflict more damage), slashing weapons (ranks 1 to 3 – increase talent by 5, 10 and 15 points respectively), piercing weapons (rank 1 to 3) and throwing weapons.

Firearms skills include critical hits (gives a chance to land critical hits and do exceptional damage), nuff said (allows one to end some dialogues with a shot to the head), left handed (cooldown time for pistols greatly reduced), gunsmith (allows one to build and repair firearms at workbench), marksman (doubles chance of achieving critical hits with muskets and shotguns), blazing barrels (cooldown time for shotguns and guns greatly reduced), muskets (rank 1 to 3), shotguns (ranks 1 to 3) and pistols (ranks 1 to 3).

Toughness skills include liquid courage (prolongs effects of painkiller), quack (increases blood by 20 points), distiller (allows the nameless hero to distill liquor on pot-still), doctor (increase blood by 30 points), indestructible (blood regenerates over time), bladeproof (ranks 1 to 3), bulletproof (ranks 1 to 3) and intimidate (ranks 1 to 3).

Cunning skills include pickpocketing, lockpicking, monkey training (allows the hero's monkey to steal for him), parrot trainer (allows set trained parrots on the hero's opponents to distract them), old trickster (cooldown time for dirty tricks greatly reduced), dirty tricks (ranks 1 to 3), thievery (ranks 1 to 3) and silver tongue (ranks 1 to 3).

Voodoo skills include create doll (allows one to make voodoo dolls at altar), create scepters (allows one to create voodoo sceptres at altar), brew potion (allows one to brew magic potions with a voodoo cauldron), create talisman (allows one to make magic rings and amulets at voodoo altar), voodoo master (cooldown time for voodoo scepters is greatly reduced), black magic (ranks 1 to 3), death cult (ranks 1 to 3) and ritual (ranks 1 to 3).


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