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Risen 2 Ship's Equipment Quest

Updated on May 19, 2012

Risen 2 Ship's Equipment Quest

In Risen 2, the nameless hero must travel to Antigua to continue on his quest to locate the other captains and assemble the weapons to use to defeat Mara and the titans. Captain Slayne is located at Antigua. He has been stranded on the pirate island of Antigua due to the Admiral Alcarev's trade embargo. The hero must find Captain Slayne and then help him get his ship's equipment in order to leave Antigua and find the Sacrificial Knife. This is the Cunning Captain's quest. Captain's Slayne's ship equipment includes the following -

  • the cannons (the hero gets the cannon from Wilson the blacksmith)
  • the powder kegs (the hero gets the powder kegs from Rick)
  • the helmsman (the hero must recruit the helmsman Morgan)
  • the fish barrels and fresh fish (the hero must get fresh fish from the fisherman Eddie)
  • the barrels of water (the hero must get barrels of water by controlling Butch)

This will guide the hero in getting the ship's equipment.

Risen 2 Find Captain Slayne on Antigua

The hero will land on Antigua and attempt to find Captain Slayne. Captain Slayne is found at the Captain's House. This is a house that looks posh for pirate standards, and stands atop a small platform with a guard posted at the doors. Grace the lady is positioned just outside this house. Head up the stairs and inside to find Captain Slayne and the Admiral Alcarev engaged in an argument. Once the argument finishes, speak to Slayne to start the ship's equipment quest.

Risen 2 Captain's House

Risen 2 Captain's House
Risen 2 Captain's House

Note that the Captain's House contains a map of Antigua for fast travel. The treasure map described below below will also unlock fast travel on Antigua.

Risen 2 Powder Kegs Quest

To get the powder kegs for Captain Slayne's ship, speak to Rick when the hero first arrives at Antigua. Rick wants a treasure map to explore for treasure and start his legacy. He is quite tired of his day job. To get this treasure map from the Captain's House, the hero will need a thievery skill of at least 30 and the pick lock skill. So invest in the cunning attribute and then sneak into the Admiral's room whilst he is sleeping. Turn right and find the chest that contains the treasure map. Pick the lock and unlock the chest to get the treasure map. Now head back to Rick and tell him about the treasure map. He will then happily get the powder kegs onto Slayne's ship.

Risen 2 the Cannons Quest

To get the cannons for Captain Slayne's ship, speak to Wilson the blacksmith and note that he has some cannons in his storehouse. Unfortunately, due to the admiral's trade embargo, he cannot openly give away the cannons. There are a few ways to get the cannons.

One of the ways is to speak to Grace the lady outside the Captain's House when the hero was there. Then speak to Wilson and learn he has a thing for Grace. Speak to Grace and use either silver tongue or some gold (1000 gold needed) to encourage her to accept Wilson. Speak to Wilson to finish the quest and get the cannons.

Risen 2 the Helmsman Quest

The helmsman Morgan is available at the inn the Witches Cauldron. Speak to him and challenge him to a “pirate triathlon” to “persuade” him to accept the position of helmsman on Slayne's ship. To win this challenge, the hero must win two out of three contests. These contests include a duel with Morgan, a drinking contest with Morgan and a shooting contest with Morgan. The hero should win the duel with Morgan easily. The drinking contest can be won with practice and perseverance. The shooting contest is the hardest but is not essential if the hero has already won the previous two contests.

Risen 2 Get Fresh Fish and Fish Barrels

With the map of Antigua from above, identify the location of the fisherman Eddie's hut. Head there and talk to him and learn of the hobgoblin that has crept out of the seas to inhabit the grotto. Go to the grotto and defeat the hobgoblin. Return to speak to Eddie and he will supply Slayne's ship with the fish barrels containing fresh fish.

Risen 2 Map of Antigua

Risen 2 Map of Antigua
Risen 2 Map of Antigua

Risen 2 Get the Water Barrels for Captain Slayne's Ship

Finally, head to the pond just outside Antigua town and meet Miles and Butch. Miles will give a brief description of Butch and identify his role in enforcing the trade embargo. Speak to Butch and get a locket of hair from him. Head back to town and go to Emma's shop (on the far right when facing the Witches Cauldron). Assemble the items (Butch's hair, voodoo doll, jade, eye and teeth; all available for sale from Emma) to create Butch's doll. Return to Butch and control him using the voodoo doll. Take over his body and command Miles to start carrying the water barrels to Slayne's ship.

With all of the ship's equipment assembled, speak to Slayne and he will tick off each item in the conversation. Then he will offer the hero the chance to leave Antigua and look for the Sacrificial Knife.


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