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Risen 2 Steal the Black Betty

Updated on May 13, 2012

Risen 2 Steal the Black Betty

In Risen 2, Patty comes up with an ingenious plan – steal the Black Betty. This is a plan born out of desperation, as the Commandant Sebastiano wants to keep the Titan Harpoon under lock and key. The hero and Patty must head out of Puerto Isabella to continue in their quest to defeat the titans and Mara. This will guide the hero in sabotaging the four cannons, loading a few barrels of water onto the Black Betty, finding the third crew member Chani and the fourth crew member, and then stealing and navigating the Black Betty out of town.

Risen 2 Sabotage the Cannons

There are three cannons in front of Benito. The hero should face the ship the Black Betty and sabotage the cannon on the right first. This will aggravate Benito who will attack and chase after the hero. The hero should run down the path on the right and outrun Benito. Just when Benito has given up on chasing the hero, use fast travel to travel back to Puerto Isabella. Now this will bring the hero right at the bottom of the stairs before the first cannon. Run up the stairs and sabotage the first cannon before Benito returns to his post. Benito will not attack the hero because the game has reset with fast travel, and he is too far away anyway. Now sabotage the remaining (center) cannon and run away down the path on the right as described above. The fourth and last cannon is located in the inquisition headquarters tower in Puerto Isabella. When the protector inquisition guard is not around, run in and sabotage the cannon.

Risen 2 Third Crew Member Chani

Risen 2 - the question of where Chani is solved as the hero faces the North Gate at Puerto Isabella and heads out to find Chani and the third crew member
Risen 2 - the question of where Chani is solved as the hero faces the North Gate at Puerto Isabella and heads out to find Chani and the third crew member

Risen 2 Find the Third Crew Member

The captain of the Black Betty is the nameless hero. The second-in-command is Patty. The third crew member is Chani. Recruit her by first going back to the Shaganumbi village using fast travel. However, speak to Bakir and learn that Chani has been expelled from the village for teaching an outsider voodoo magic. The question is where is Chani as the hero tries to enlist her as the third crew member. To find and recruit Chani, simply head out of the north gate at Puerto Isabella and find Chani on the footpath on the left.

Risen 2 A Few Barrels of Water

Ask Chani to join the crew. And then tell her of the problems with trying to steal the Black Betty, including the lack of water on the ship. Chani suggests commanding the commandant to solve this problem using voodoo magic. Now head to the commandant bedroom at the inquisition headquarters and pick up a hairbrush....... full of the commandant Sebastiano's hair. Bring Chani along for this quest, and it will quite easy to talk to her about the hairbrush. She will extract Sebastiano's hair for the hero, and will instruct the hero to head to a cave to the left of the north gate at Puerto Isabella. This cave contains a voodoo altar. Defeat the ghoul that lives in the cave. Reach the voodoo altar and create a doll for Sebastiano.

Now go find Sebastiano and control him using the voodoo doll. The nameless hero can then take over and use Sebastiano for the following -

  • speak to Alcazar to shower the hero with gold and grant Hawkins a full pardon.
  • speak to Manolo – the commander on the ship. Command him to take his men for some punishing physical around town. This will vacate the ship and prepare the ship for being taken over by the hero.
  • speak to Miguel – the storeman. Command him to load the Black Betty with water.

Risen 2 Free Hawkins

Hawkins is the pirate prisoner at the inquisition headquarters in Puerto Isabella. Before taking control of Sebastiano, speak to Hawkins to initiate the free Hawkins quest. The nameless hero cannot free Hawkins until he takes over Sebastiano. Then use Sebastiano to free Hawkins by talking to him. Command Hawkins to wait for the hero near the Black Betty.

The final step to stealing the Black Betty is to speak to Patty at the docks (before the Black Betty) and tell her of the above accomplishments. After the jealous exchange between Patty and Chani, board the ship and speak to Patty on board the ship to bring the ship to the following destinations -

  • Tacarigua

  • Antigua

  • Isle of the Dead

  • Caldera

  • the Sword Coast


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