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Robotic Pets for Kids

Updated on October 19, 2011

Robotic Pets for Kids

Be it a slave unit, a companion unit, or a robotic pet friend, our fascination with robots has been on going for many years. At one time or another, nearly everyone has dreamed of owning a robot type appliance, application, or actual unit, which could do what ever we wanted it to do. Unlike a genie, robots are real, available, and possible to own. You do not have to be afraid to admit it...IT'S NORMAL!

In keeping with this insatiable desire, a trend which started in Japan and is now sweeping the world makes robot ownership possible for all of us. Interactive robotic cyber pets, which are much easier to cuddle, train, and maintain, then their flesh and bone counterparts, are becoming the rage.

Scientific studies have confirmed, robot pets have the potential to enhance our lives and be useful in many ways. Robo pets are being used to remind the elderly to take their medication, in Japan, robotic animals are being used as companions, and Probo, a specifically developed robot animal, serves as a robotic friend for hospitalized children, providing them with great comfort and less pre and post surgery stress which promotes speedier recovery.

Robopets are available in a wide variety of categories. The most popular type of robotic pets are robot cats, robot animals, and robot dogs.

Robotic pets are more than just plain and simply robot toy animals. They are intelligent and huggable robot pets, which possess the capability of creating a personality of its own. They uses sensors and internal micro-controllers for vision, audio and touch to interact. Through use of a means of artificial intelligence, robo pets are capable of understanding and expressing emotions, purr and mew or bark and growl when you pet or hold it, blink its eyes, animate its mouth when making noises, obey learned commands, and will fetch an item and return it to you.

Find the best robotic pets for your home and family needs in the category, price range and with the options you want listed below. This selection is perfect for your children and other family member or friend who can benefit from from such unique companionship or are seeking entertainment by a realistic gadgets that respond to human interaction, mimicking the behavior of real pet animals or even people.

Robotic Pet Animals

Popular Robot Pet Animals

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D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

D-Rex is the ultimate robotic pet animal. It combines state of the art robotics, proprietary software and a life-like reptilian skin to create an almost real appearance. And D-Rex's behavior is just as awesome. It responds to voice and touch and will attack and obey on command. A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with an independent personality your child will love.

WoWWEe Robotics Robopanda

Robopanda can interact with your child through his numerous touch and sound sensors. He has touch responsive skin which recognizes the differences between a stroke, touch and pat. Robopanda tells stories and plays games that require your interaction and has three different play modes.

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur

Cruncher is the craziest, hungriest, fastest interactive pet ever created. A loyal robotic dinosaur pet, it comes when called, dances, and will even play catch with your kids. You can send him on the attack, train him to remember up to 30 different actions and sounds, and include his 200 plus sounds, animations, and 8 different ways to play to keep them entertained and involved for hours.

Tekno Newborns Ape in Brown

Tekno Newborn Ape is your child's very own robot monkey and once viewed, they can't wait to play with it. He will be just as eager to play with them. Its artificial intelligence and real time emotions enables Tekno newborn monkey's eyes to light up in different colors to express emotions. He is fully mobile, he walks forward, right and left and contains voice activated technology, causing him to get excited when you call him. He also senses your touch and responds accordingly. An excellent introduction to robotic pets for the younger ones.

WowWee Robotics Roboquad Red

Programmable with up to 40 moves, WowWee Robotics Roboquad interacts with his environment as he moves through it, scanning, avoiding obstacles, and reacting to any changes. Its behavior can be influenced by 3 controllable personality settings: activity level, aggression level, and awareness level. The deep IR scanner vision system with includes multiple scanning ranges is used to assess distances and obstacles and influence behavior. Roboquad also includes advanced movement control: direction, style of walking (i.e., crab walk, stomp walk, rotation walking), and head movements.

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

Animatronic, life-size baby dinosaur stands over 3 feet tall and comes to "life" with realistic sounds and motion!

Responds to your voice and touch with roaring and laughing sounds, and expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements.

Plays 4 different adventure-themed tunes for immersed, make-believe fun!

Convenient volume control switch. Maximum weight is 60 lbs.

Dinosaur figure comes with leafy snack and instructions

Robotic Cats

Popular Robot Cat Pets

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WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub Plush Robotic Toy in White/Black

This is the Alive White Tiger Cub plush robotic pet with realistic looking fur, a 1speed motor, audio speakers, tilt sensor, and touch sensors built into its head and back. It can move its mouth with lips that curl when tiger cub speaks and eyes that blink. Other micro controllers produce recorded tiger cub sounds. The Alive White Tiger Cub robotic cat pet is recommended for ages 36 months and up.

Fur Real Friends Kitty Cat White

Fur Real Kitty Robo Cat is no ordinary kitty. Give your kitty cat lots of love and affection by petting its soft fur, but be careful when holding its tail, it just may hiss. Fur Real Friends Kitty Cat comes with a comb to keep it looking its best and a special adoption certificate for you to fill in. Play with your animal companion and you'll be best friends. This lovable companion come to life as it opens and closes its eyes, moves its head and ears, swishes its tail and even purrs.

WoWWEe Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy In Tan

Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Pet is a cuddly cub which gives little lion lovers a true-to-life experience. It has super-soft fur and a totally realistic look. He will open and close his eyes and mouth, just like a real cub! Lion Cub has animated mouth and eyes. Leave the Alive Cub for five minutes and he will enter Sleep Mode. He will then snore for five minutes before powering down. It also responds to motion, turn him on his back and see how he responds.

Tekno the Robotic Kitty

Tekno Kitty is the robot kitten that acts just like a real pet kitten. It walks forward, backward, right and left. Her tail, ears and head move as well. Tekno Kitty expresses emotions through her color-changing eyes and kittens sounds, even purring when you pet her. She also comes with a toy robotic mouse and fish which she loves to play with her toys. Tekno Kitty can also perform magic trick, speak, walk and more.

Furreal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat White

Lulu My Cuddlin Robotic Kitty Pet moves and makes realistic cat sounds in response to your touch. When you pet her head she purr and roll back. Scratch her whiskers and she will move her head. Furreal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat comes with a comb and a special adoption certificate.

White-Hasbro i-Cat Robotic Music Loving Feline

This cool kitty puts on quite a performance as she sinks her claws into your favorite music! This feline is fond of rock, punk, rap, hip-hop, dance, techno, and more! Pay this kitten some attention, and she taps into her own cat-alog of riffs, melodies, tunes, and beats. Stroke her head to keep her happy! Watch I-CAT purr, monitor her moods with her musical mewing, and watch her purr-form just for you!

Robotic Dog Pets

Popular Robot Dog Pets

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Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

Sitting, Biscuit My Lovin Pup measures 21" tall.This ultra-realistic FurReal pup is the perfect first pet for any little girl or boy. Biscuit responds to you and obeys six different commands: sit, lie down, sit up, beg and speak. He'll also give you a paw when you ask if he wants a treat. Biscuit's soft, cuddly fur and puppy-dog eyes will instantly win you over. Lovin Pup also comes with a special adoption certificate to register your pet online and ensure that you and this adorable pup will be friends forever.

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog

Wrex the Dawg, the "real" junkyard pooch, is a mischievous robotic pal that will always keep you entertained. Wrex is built from discarded mechanical and electrical parts. He is the ultimate loveable "cross-wired" pooch, despite a few loose nuts and bolts! He can roam around autonomously, but when he "malfunctions" you'll have to reset his circuits. Measurements: 14.5"L x 14"H x 8.8"W. Built from discarded mechanical and electrical parts, Wrex is the ultimate loveable Frankenstein pooch.

WoWWEe Alive Husky Pup

Playing with Alive Husky Pup is as close as you can get to having a real pet puppy to nurture. He is one of the most loveable and huggable robotic dog pets on the market with blinking eyes, an animated mouth and an array of sounds. Watch as he reacts when you pet his back, pat his head or cradle him. When you leave him alone for five minutes and he will snore as he enters sleep mode or responds with sounds and motions if you call him. Also he wipes up well from sticky young fingers. Your child will love it.

Genibo QD Robot Dog - Blue / Violet

The Genibo-QD is the first "Smart Robotic Puppy" released for sale in the US. He recognize its owner with its own eyes, respond to spoken words and touch, play tricks, and cuddle up to the owner as if alive. Genibo is also able to express its feelings through approximately 700 emotional actions.

Scamps My Playful Pup - Black and White

The rope toy, and chew treat which comes with Scamps My Playful Pup enables kids to interact with him and the more they do, the more he learns to do, just like a real pup. Playful, loveable, and ready to please, Scamp responds to verbal commands with a host of tricks like howling, sitting, shaking, and waving. Covered in plush soft fur, this black and white puppy makes a great friend.

Tekno the Robotic Puppy

Tekno Robotic Puppy's artificial intelligence program lets you know how he's feeling and provide feedback on the care you provide. Tekno knows how long it's been since you've fed him and he is quick to remind you when he's in need of some playtime. Responsive to various commands, buttons, and actions lead to an entertaining assortment of walks, barks, yelps, tail-waggings, and even words. Even the skeptical among you will find yourselves shouting out commands, petting Tekno and trying to figure out what will happen next.

Robo Pet TV Commercial - Move over Rover, Robopet is here

Robotic Pet Features

Why Your Family Should Own a Robot Pet

May be it is because not many people have played with them, that most people's opinion about robot pets is along the lines of "oh, what a sad thing, imagine trying to play with a robot dog instead of a real one". But robot pets, are not intended to be substitutes for real pets. They're just cute little perambulating alien-things which are able to invoke the same feelings and reactions as real pets in some people. University studies have confirmed, levels of cortisol dropped among adults who petted robotic pets during periods of high stress. Cortisol is a hormone that indicates stress. Here is what some others have to say about robotic animal pets...

  • My children adore them. They are extremely lifelike. My daughter lavishes kisses on hers constantly. I feel that these toys are worth every penny. They are darling and well made. They are cuddly and adorable.
  • The construction of Tekno is quite sturdy and does not seem to have any problems with loose parts.
  • It did everything I wanted and more. It was a better buy than Poochi.
  • Trust me, please! You MUST get this dog! I've had it for 3 years and STILL love it as much as ever!!! My mom has one and loves it as well!
  • In a Nutshell: This smart, quirky "pet" will inspire tons of imaginative play.
  • An electronic toy built strictly for encouraging our instinct to care for others. Can't beat that.
  • I bought this cat for my 93 year old mother. She had dementia, and so she thought the cat was real. She held it every waking moment talking to it.
  • I actually have no little kids in the house (mine are all grown now). I bought this guy as a goof, and for something my dog would play with. He absolutely goes crazy every time I "fire" up Cruncher.
  • way, way, WAY worth the money
  • He really does what I tell him to do. Well, sometimes he gets confused.

Robotics News

What's Happening in Robotic Pet Development

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