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Rock Band 3 - Release Date Is Here!

Updated on September 15, 2014

Rock Band 3 is Coming With a Brand New Instrument - The Keyboard

If you liked the original Rock Band, you will love the upcoming Rock Band 3. As usual it is coming out for the three main consoles out there as a standalone game, completely usable with your old controllers.

Or you can order it with the new Rock Band 3 keyboard as part of the bundle, here is a link to go check it out or to simply order it now, Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard and Software bundle. There are some great new additions and great new changes that not only enhance the game play but improve it. If you are like me, the keyboard is one of the aspects that most intrigues me, so I have started a whole section just to talk about it below.

Scroll down for more insights into the changes, the new features and of course, the keyboard!

What's New in Rock Band 3?

My short list of the top new features!

I've already talked about the additional of a new instrument in Rock Band 3, the keyboard, so let's talk about some of the other changes, additions and of course the tracks! If I missed your favorite new feature, leave me a comment in the comment section at the bottom and maybe, just maybe, I will add that to this section as well and perhaps write a little nod to you as well for bringing it up.

The Rock Band 3 Tracks

Right out of the box, Rock Band 3 will be coming with an 83 song setlist and for those of you who were worried, it will be able to work with any of the tracks that have already been released in previous versions. I'm sure this will be similar to being able to use Rockband 1's tracks in Rockband 2, but will also let you do this with the Beatles Rockband or any of the other varieties as well.

As of yet, I have seen no announcement of how the new keyboard will work with old tracks and there is a distinct possibility all the old tracks will have to be recompiled to work correctly with the new instrument.. More on this as I uncover tidbits.

Some of the songs I am particularly excited about are Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train", The Doors "Break on Through" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". I am sure though I will also find some great songs included that I never heard before much as it occurred with RB2. I may work on creating a new lense in the near future listing the full track list, so keep coming back to check the status of this.

Rock Band 3's Party Mode

This particular feature came out in the last Guitar Hero and was sorely needed for Rock Band. In Party Mode you can have players jump into the game or drop out of the game at any time. So now if you have a group of friends over, you can rotate people in and out at will without having to stop, take a break or even restarting. Better yet, if the new player finds the difficulty level too hard or too easy, they can change difficulties on the fly as well and it can be done mid-song.

If you have younger kids who like to play this can be an ideal way to get them jumping into the game with you as well or to allow anyone to step out for a bathroom break without disrupting everyone else's game play.

The New Rock Band 3 Career Mode

I'm still trying to find all the information on this improvement as well, but so far here are some highlights. Rather than having the one extended tour as set up in Rock band 2, you can go on mini tours or Road Challenges. Some of the tours are short and take a couple hours to complete and others can take days, so if you have friends over for the evening you can set up a shorter tour, if you want to go on the Road by yourself, jump into a longer tour, it's no longer one road for all!

In total there are ten different Road challenges you can complete which will add plenty of new gameplay to the all of us addicts and casual players out there. Another thought that occurred to me while writing this, and not verified by anyone at Harmonix, is that it may make for a some future expansion pack capabilities. Perhaps you may be able to add new Tours for only $5 or $10 in the future? Remember, just going out on a limb here with this one!

The Rock Band 3 Pro Key Mode

The Pro Key Mode relates to the new peripheral, the keyboard, the drums and the new Fender six string guitar (yes a real six string, you can see it on the side bar to the right!) and the ability to play these like real instruments. Rather than simply having to mash the green, red, yellow, blue and orange sectioned keys, you play actual keys, cords drums and strings as they are depicted spread across the screen. This sounds incredibly confusing as I write this, so I recommend you check out the video at the bottom of this page where they show you how it works. I love video!

Anyway, that's a wrap of the new features that stand out in my mind. I do have more on the keyboard below, so go check it out and take a look at the picture so you can clearly see how it looks. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, why not take a minute an order it off my site? I get a tiny little commission for each order and because I end up getting money coming in, I can afford to spend all my time writing what I hope are informative sources of information for folks like you who want to know if they need this game (Trust me, you need this!)

Here is a handy link for you to go order it right now! Rock Band 3 bundle

and thanks!

Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard
Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard

The Rock Band 3 Keyboard

OK, people have been asking for a new peripheral for Rock Band for a while now and it's finally here. I know many people were hoping for a clarinet, but fortunately Harmonix overlooked all those request sand went with a keyboard!!

While it's not a full sized keyboard it is still a full, two octave MIDI keyboard. You can actually plug it into any MIDI-compliant device and you it will operate perfectly (although without several octaves!). Two extra buttons on the keyboard provide a method to deploy Overdrive and to allow a filter modulation feature when you are in overdrive. You can just make them out in the left "handle" area of the keyboard.

The other unique feature about the keyboard is that it can be used either sitting or standing with the use of a strap. If you are used to standing and playing the guitar, or space is limited, standing is definitely going to be of interest to you.

The Pro Keys mode I talked about in the feature section above is where things really heat up. As I tried to explain above you get to use all the keys in Pro Mode, which includes the black keys. This will make for a much more realistic feeling when it comes to playing the keyboard, although I am sure we will still get legions of detractors out there shouting at the top of their lungs "Learn to play a real instrument!".

Of course, it's not the same as playing a real keyboard, but it seems the developer is well on track to getting it closer and closer with each new update.

Also mentioned earlier, I'm not sure how this will work with older versions of the game, or older tracks purchased before the release of RB3, will it work in only the basic mode? Will it support the full Pro Key mode? Just not sure yet, but I am sure it will come up before release date, so watch here for updates.

Order Your Copy of Rock Band 3 Here!

Rock Band 3
Rock Band 3

This is the Wii version of the game only

Rock Band 3 - Xbox 360 (Game)
Rock Band 3 - Xbox 360 (Game)

Or get the Xbox 360 version

Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard Bundle with Rock Band 3 Software -Xbox 360
Mad Catz Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard Bundle with Rock Band 3 Software -Xbox 360

Purchase the software and keyboard to use with your old peripherals! Xbox 360 Version

Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard and Software Bundle for PlayStation 3
Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard and Software Bundle for PlayStation 3

Here is the PS3 version of the keyboard and software

Mad Catz RB3 Wireless Keyboard & Software Bundle for Wii and Wii U
Mad Catz RB3 Wireless Keyboard & Software Bundle for Wii and Wii U

And of course the Wii keyboard and software bundle.


Rock Band 3 See the Gameplay!

This video tells you everything you want to know about Rock Band 3

Are you excited about Rock Band 3? If so tell us why, if not, do you play Guitar Hero then?

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