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Why Persona 4 is the Best for any Newbie in the JRPG Scene.

Updated on January 3, 2018

Persona 4 is really an iconic game by many standards. The cast was great, the soundtrack was amazing, the game's movement was based on the player's preferred difficulty while still being somehow balanced, and the art style is next to perfect. Still, some people still seem to doubt Persona 4's greatest point of charisma: the very fact that it remains loyal to a series full of dark backgrounds while still appealing to the genuine eyes of new JRPG players. I think its mainly particularly childish of them to doubt P4. Here's why they're wrong:

Persona 4 had an awe-inspiring story while still keeping it simple

In every Persona game, the plot points to a simple cause through complex mechanisms. Persona 3 had the player beating Shadows in Tartarus (and occasionally the city) during the Midnight Hour and his sacrifice points to a story similar to that in the Bible. Persona 5 stole the hearts of those cursed with dark roots, as they aimed to change what force those people would become which points to the political destruction occurring around the world. Persona 4 shares a similar stance: one must accept oneself to fully realize their strength which is expressed through different characters unlocking their Personas, a form of creature that originates from the hearts of those who have accepted themselves.

The thing that remains consistent with the writing of the modern Persona era (Persona 3 to Persona 5) is the fact that they don't overexert their plots that make them lose some sort of drift that they captured with the player at first glance. They always find a way to keep the game interesting even by the end of the story, as the story remains lovingly clear through out.

Persona 4's greatest aspect in the storytelling genre is the fact that it still clung to some sort of consistency with its writing even with major plot twists. The flow of the story still clung to the original chain of it, making the player feel great in every phase of the game.

It's true that the thing about accepting yourself has been an edgy part of video game storytelling but the way that Persona 4 presented it is what makes it an excellent part of attracting newcomers to the series. The characters presented in the game also develop some sort of background that allows the player to relate to them in a way. Each character has a different sort of problem that's somehow related to real world values and still connect to the main plot of Persona 4. Even those who bear a small connection to the plot is justified in a lot of areas by the game, making it a vast game in terms of story line that fits so well with those wanting the first taste of a JRPG.

A variety of ways to complete the game

With a great number of Personas in the game, the player really has no point to argue when it comes to playstyle. Each Persona type has different kind of stats that make it a more challenging affair. Although unlike the challenge that Persona 3 brought to the table, P4 replaced some of P3's charms and added its own to attract the newer audience.

The colorful variety doesn't end there, as the game also allows you to control your teammates' Persona or have them follow a specific command from you in order to maximize your way of winning the game. The characters you can control also have different ways they'll affect the battlefield (Rise is a full Support, Chie leans more towards heavy Physical and light Ice attacks, Yukiko is worked around efficient healing and damage dealing, etc.) which you can strengthen by interacting with them or by having another character do special attacks with them.

Although the battle system of this game is not as complex (and arguably a little overpowered) in Persona 3, this game focuses on a more universal audience so it's no particular surprise that the game decided to keep it more simple to the eye.


Persona 4's content is just legendary and you could probably credit that to the way that Atlus makes their games. If you want to 100% the game, you have to replay it at least 2 times to actually get the complete picture. This adds to about at least 50-70 hours of gameplay.

What's more to it is the fact that Persona 4: Golden, the Vita remaster of the game adds more to the story with additional social links, more cutscenes, more Personas, and a brand new character and dungeon. The game actually takes about at least 60-100 hours of play in one playthrough if you reach a specific part of the game and could reach around depths of 102-150 hours if you're starting NG+ (New Game +) when you beat the game once and load your next playthrough in it.

The game's content also readjusts to the player in many ways. the game's major aspect is the fact that you'll hardly get bored replaying the same game over and over again because of the charisma the game portrays. This makes it the standard JRPG but with a better source of quality in every way.

All in all, Persona 4 is a great JRPG for beginners and old-timers alike. So whether you're starting up on your next JRPG or you just want to play for fun: check this one out!

Persona 4's cover


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