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Runescape Halloween Event 2012

Updated on October 24, 2012

New Runescape Halloween Costume and Emote 2012

The next Runescape Halloween event is here! What does 2012 event bring? More cool items and an emote! A full set of hallowed or unhallowed robes and a blaster. Traditionally, every holiday there is a short event for all players and some free untradeable rewards given such as a costume and an emote.

Keep on reading for more information.

Runescape Halloween 2012
Runescape Halloween 2012

Halloween Event

Holiday events are a key factor in bringing in both old and new Runescape players. I mean, who doesn't like to party and get free stuff? Generally, Jagex (the makers of Runescape) take pains to offer everyone some good rewards, mostly cool costumes and an animated emote. It's good fun and, of course, it's all free.

Years ago, all items used to be available for everyone but these days RS tends to give members more. So I expect that the Runescape Halloween event in 2012 will give members at least one item that is exclusively for them. I suspect that many players are tempted to buy a membership during the holidays exactly for this reason.

That's clever of Jagex, isn't it?

Haunted Houses

So the 2012 Event is here!

How to start: Pick a side either Brother Heinous, who needs your help to get more ectoplasm to curse Varrock and Falador or Brother Righteous, who also needs ectoplasm to magically protect the same two town. Speak to either one of those NPCs in Varrock Square or Falador Park.

How it works: Every two hours there will be a global announcement and ghosts will spawn in houses all over Geilinor. Just click them to get ectoplasm.

Rewards: Turn in the collected ectos to the monks and receive rewards such as a full set of robes (cosmetic only, no equip bonuses) and an ectoplasmator that gives you extra prayer exp for each ghost that you kill during the event.

Diango's Stall
Diango's Stall

Runescape Holiday Fun

So what do we know about the even so far.

1.) It's definitely going to happen. It's been a tradition and people would be very disappointed if there wasn't one. Also, the most recent love stream from Jagex said they are developing it.

2.) Content is being created or maybe has already been finished by this time by Mod Tony W.

3.) Pirates might be involved. This is not really Halloween-themed but this is a rumor going around. Unconfirmed.

4.) The Squeal of Fortune might be involved. Again, speculation and not confirmed yet.

5.) The events page on the official Runescape website lists October 22 2012 to November 4 2012 as the date for the Halloween event. Cool!

2012 Halloween Event: Haunted Houses

Previously Released Halloween Items

The very first holiday item that was dropped was way back in 2001. That was the pumpkin. This item is edible and tradeable. Today, because of its rarity, it costs around around 165,935,075 gold pieces at the Grand Exchange.

The next year (2002), Halloween masks were dropped. These are tradable and wearable items The red one is the most expensive and costs 145,988,864 gp.

After these two memorable events, Jagex decided to discontinue dropping items that can be traded because they did not want people to hoard and profit off fun holiday items. So all holiday giveaways are now untradeable. The oldest untradable item is the Scythe which was released in Runescape Classic in 2003.

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    • ladyyummy profile image

      ladyyummy 5 years ago

      Awesome!! But unfortunately I've stopped play rs :( I used to collect the emotes. Fun times, especially around the holidays :DD

    • Oneshotvariety LM profile image

      Oneshotvariety LM 5 years ago

      Cool Halloween lens!

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 5 years ago

      Sounds cool!