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Runescape Magic Guide: 0-99 Magic in 5 weeks

Updated on February 2, 2011

Why Magic?

In runescape magic is a very versatile skill. It allows all sorts of things from easy transport to 'KO'ing meleers in pvp worlds. And the most important thin is that it is easiest to train of all combat skills!!!! Actually you can max magic from 1 in only about 210 hrs. 10 hrs a day, its about 3 weeks. Now 10 hrs a day may seem absurd, but believe be you would only need a spare computer for this and something else to do at hand at hand.

What do you require?

You would need 500k-2m starting coins for runes and all. Conversely you can train magic for free, using the wind rush which gives 2.7 exp per cast. But it would take at least about 5 mill casts to get to level 99. You would need the staff of air and the staff of fire. Buy them from Varrock. Buy mind runes, fires and air runes ( Around 10k each). Also buy around 3k chaos runes.


Stage 2: levels 13-39

  • Now you can cast fire strike. They are extremely cheap and hit a maximum of 80LP. It should be used way up to level 39, where crumble 'undead' can be done.
  • You may even do bones to banana or low alch at level 21, but they are quite more expensive.

Good monsters to train on:

cow, knights(white in falador ), barbarians, minotaurs in Security strongholds, hill giants.

Stage 1: levels 1-13

  • Do wind rush. It is free with an air staff. Do it until level 13 or switch to wind strike.Nothing much to say here.
  • It takes only about an hour max to get to this level and its somewhat fun. For players with low means, cows are recommended, especially cows south of Falador and they are closest to bank.

Good monsters are Cows, chicken, man, goblins.

Stage 3: levels 39-55

Here things becomes a little expensive. you need about 200k for chaos and air runes. Buy 2 air runes for every chaos runes. 3k chaos should be enough. Crumble undead is one of the best exp earners in the low level stage. They hit 150s and work only on undeads(skeletons, zombies and shades).

Training Locations:

security of stronghold-2, varrok sewer(recommended), edgeville (near the wilderness wall).

Stage 4: Levels 55-80/99

  • This is gonna be real expensive. You would need from 15-200k nature runes, and stuff for alching.
  •  It is suggested that you now train magic with other skill, particularity fletching, to minimize cost or even get some profit. Maple unstrung longbows for high alching.
  • If not you can get rune arrows. Having a fletching level of 50 also helps as you can make your own maple bows. you would need a capital of about 5m. And by the time you get to 80 magic, the loss would be around 1 mill.
  • For f2p it is recommended that you alch maple longbows or buy yoursef gold bars and smith them to amulets and alch them.

Maging King Black Dragon at 80 Magic


  • It recommended that you should become a member if not already.
  • When you reach level 80, you can cast very high hitting spells. Banking dragons is a very good options especially metal dragons. They have a small chance to drop the coveted draconian visage .
  • Conversely you can still do with alchemy, or even go for astral spells which will generate 150-200k exp per hour with sacred cay equipment on.

Training costs and Time taken

Stage 1:  Around 1 hr, and about 2k.

Stage 2: Around 2 hrs and about 10k.

Stage 3: Around 7 hours nd about 200k

Stage 4: Around 100-200 hours depending upon aim for 80 or 99 and about 5 to 60m depending upon the process. Astral runes are rather costly

FoG guide

Alternatives and tricks.

Mouse Buttons: Enable mouse buttons in your PC. They help alchemy significantly

Auto clicker: Get an auto clicker. Place the alch stuff such that it lies in the same spot as the alch icon. Also do alching in the soul wars event to avoid random events

Max magic bonus gear: Always go for gear with maximum magic bonusyou can afford for your level. they increase the chance of you hitting high damage.

Battle Mge And Combat Armour: Rewards from FoG event, they help you conserve runesbuy 7.5% and 12.5% respectively. When fully charged, they last 10 hours of solid combat.

FoG is also a reasonable place to get free runes to rain on. Besides you can get yourself some rune conserving armor.

AWesome Magic Hts!!!!!!


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      you have a typo in the stage 2 its fire strike not bolt at lv 13