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sci-fi gadgets and gifts for sci fi geeks

Updated on August 9, 2013

great gifts for sci-fi lovers and alien geeks

Ok, I admit it. I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek. hard cool cyber stuff sci-fi. And if I had to choose between Star Wars and Startrek. It's definitely Startrek.

Not that my room is full of ufo shaped lamps and space ship formed sofas. But I do have a soft spot for books with aliens in it. Science books that consider alien life forms and where the life of aliens is discussed.

Together with my love for science and computer stuff I would say that the sci-fi geek in me is absolutely at the brink of being born.

I always found it a fascinating thought that we live in an incredible BIG universe. And it would be strange if extraterrestrial life forms would not exist. Human imagination came up with thousands of possibilities of how aliens look like. Many sci-fi books with aliens in them are written.

And I love those. But I love the cool hard edge sci-fi books as well. The cyber culture and the gadgets that are used in sci-fi films.

From the machine that turned a human into a fly up to the space craft from a fantastic voyage.

The picture above is a Think Geek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, absolutely sci-fi geek stuff. Love it.

geek gifts - sci-fi and hi-tec gifts

The PEREGRINE Wearable Interface - Small Glove
The PEREGRINE Wearable Interface - Small Glove

Peregrine gaming glove made for a better computer gaming experience.

Jules Verne - amazing sci-fi stories
Jules Verne - amazing sci-fi stories

The birth of the geek

my first computer and sci-fi love

My first sci-fi books where probably the famous blue books by Jules Verne. 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas and From the Earth to the Moon started my imagination. Soon I fell in love with Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Great masters in the art of space opera sci-fi.

The books by Asimov, Heinlein and Vence gave the sci-fi genre a big boost, but science fiction developed and in the 80's William Gibson and Bruce Sterling started to write hi-teck sci-fi. And for me, now the world of science, art and fiction really became interesting. During the 80's I got my first computer and started programming in BBC BASIC on my BBC ACORN (The master Compact series) computer. Creating weird drawings with a RANDOM factor in it. experimenting with music. Again RANDOM was my favorite command.

Yes it was the eighties and computers, cyberspace and the human beatbox where the coolest stuff around. I sat for hours with my best mate around the computer creating musical rhythms and beats on a simple but great beat box computer program.

Music Maker 17

Finale SongWriter

Now the Geek in me still longs to the DIY computer programming, but you can't beat the music software like Garage Band and Finale Songwriter 2010. Both are completely different music programs but great in there own right. Finale is great if you want to use scores and do some real composing or need to print some sheet music. Garage Band is a go with the flow creative WYSIWYG music software package.

Sorry that I'm running a bit out of topic but that's what happens if you go through memory lane... But as I said, the eighties with it's first home computers, cyberculture and hip hop was the birth of the geek in me.

But the hip-hop music very soon changed into the love for the FUNK music and Jazz. As you can read in a page I wrote about the 10 best funk bass players.

It started when I bumped into a record of Bootsy Collins the most funky geeky bass player ever. Sometimes his music is a bit to cheesy for me, but his personality and love for the funk is super geek. Bootsy and James Brown did it for me. When I heard Bootsy, suddenly a lot of musical doors opened for me. the disco funk, the soul funk, the jazz funk.

From Chic to Isaac Hayes to Herbie Hancock. I started to explore the whole black music scene. And oh boy did (and do) love that funky grooves.

So there you have it. My Geek Funk Sci-fi love. From Cyber-punk to Cyber-funk.

Cyber sci-fi funk boots

cyber boots as sci-fi geek gift.

Bootsy baby. These boots are definately a great mixture of my two loves. Cyberpunk and Bootsy Collins Funk. Oh, man Bootsy does wear great boots. And these Cyber Wedge Boots are some beasts. Do not mess with me, that's what hte scream at you. Realy great for going out, having a funk party on plastic. Supper elastic rubber funk. Bootsy is the name, and these are some cyberboots you can't ignore....

Bootsy - Zilatron Lord of the Harvest.

Cyber Funk music. Deep Bass

Oh man, this record is BAD. Bootsy playing his space bass as never before. The Record is futuristic and gives an intense atmosphere. On a certain track Bootsy sais "A bass, a sound you can smell..." and that's true. The deep thumbing bass and the other cyber funk sounds makes the music thick. You can almost touch the sounds and smell the music. It's an amazing record, I'm the proud owner of it for more the ten years, but still it sounds fresh and visionary. Deep funk music for sure. music that you could label cyberfunk.

sci-fi gadgets and gifts for geeks

cool geek gifts

So we've got Funk, Cyberspace and sci-fi gadgets. Wow now that's what I call a combination, but that's just me. I love to look around for sci-fi gadgets and gifts. It's fun to poke your nose around in the cyberworld of Amazon and other shops. To see what they have to offer. And I really found some cool sci-fi gifts for the true geek.

Mimoco Star Wars R2-D2 MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive - 4GB

Amazing holographic sheets - by Zebra - geek stuff to the max.

Books about aliens and outer space - latest news about aliens

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

The moon cycles in your room


The moon our friend at night. The Uncle Milton Moon cycles through 12 different phases. It's a wonderful gift for kids and grown-ups alike. For all who love space, the stars, the universe and the magic of it, this is a great present.

Cool science Geek Gifts on Earth
Cool science Geek Gifts on Earth

Science, nature and geeks.

Einstain and Hawking great geeks of science.

Earth, the solar system, the milkyway, the galaxy. The universe is big, and it''s full of surprises. Often I look at the sky at night in amazement and feel the magic of the stars and the bright moon shining like a lamp. I love stories about nature, the bigger universe. How stars are built and how we as human beings try to discover the secrets of nature. We try to imitate nature and to use the natural resources. How many technology and science has not been rooted in the observation of nature.

All the great scientists like Leonardo da vinci. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking take nature as a starting point. Great literature does it to. The great Sci-fi authors of today like Peter F. Hamilton and Alistair Reynolds often have a scientific background.

And how far you go with being a geek, you always apriciate the source where it all came from. The imagination of the human mind.

What is your most bizarre geek gadget - sci-fi or not. - sci-fi gadgets and gifts for geeks

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