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Bonk! Getting The Most Out Of The Scout in Team Fortress 2

Updated on April 2, 2015
The Scout wants to be your friend
The Scout wants to be your friend

An introduction to The Scout

The Scout is one of Team Fortress 2's offensive classes.

Hailing from Boston, his play style is based on great speed and agility, with the power to double (and sometimes triple) jump. Because he moves so quickly, he can easily outrun and out maneuver most other classes, leaving them standing (and dying) in his dust!

In mid and close-range combat, his scattergun and baseball bat are a lethal combination, letting him quickly take down enemies, whilst his pistol gives him some limited long-range capabilities.

He also captures points twice as quickly as any other class, which can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Scout weapon types

The Scout's main (default) weapons are:

  • The Scattergun - A very powerful, short range weapon that fires ten pellets at a time and can take out most classes in one or two hits at close range; it has a limited clip size
  • The Pistol - A fairly weak, medium to long range weapon; has a good clip size but does not do very much damage per hit
  • The Baseball Bat - Up close and personal, the Scout's melee weapon. Can kill most classes in four or five hits

Scout strengths

The Scout excels as an independent, fast-moving, close-range ambushing class. In particular, their strengths are:

  • Ambushing and surprise - Because they can take unusual routes to get through maps, Scouts often turn up when they are not expected. This element of surprise can be used to blindside opponents very effectively, killing them quickly before they know what hit them
  • Speed - Scouts can cover ground very quickly, allowing them to get out of, and into trouble in the blink of an eye! They are also very good at chasing down and finishing off vulnerable members of the opposing team
  • Independent - Because no other class can keep up with them, the Scout learns very quickly to be independent. Their speed means that they can often pick up health and ammo drops before other players are able to get close. They often operate behind enemy lines
  • One on one combat - Because of their speed and maneuverability, it can be very hard to hit a Scout. This makes them one of the most effective classes when facing just one opponents as their scattergun makes short work of most others at close range
  • Open environments - Scouts work very well out in the open, where they have plenty of room to run and jump, using the landscape of the map to their advantage

Scout weaknesses

Although fast and very mobile, the Scout does have some weaknesses that you'll need to master to get the most out of this smart-talking Bostonian.

  • Low health - The Scout's low health means that it doesn't take too much to kill him. Skilled Scout players can work around this by using his mobility and speed to their advantage, but be aware of your health at all times and replenish it at every opportunity
  • Away from the team - Because the Scout is often away from the main team, working independently, this means that he often doesn't have their support, such as suppressing fire, dispensers or a medic to heal him
  • Enclosed spaces - Not having room to move is lethal to a Scout. Wherever possible, they should stick to open spaces and large rooms where they have plenty of room to jump, dodge and strafe
  • Weak long-range weapons - The only long range weapon the Scout has is the Pistol and its hybrids. As one of the weakest long range weapons, players that can stay out of range of the Scattergun can be a real problem
  • Slowing weapons and sentry guns - Any weapons that track players, such as an Engineer's sentry gun, will make very short work of the Scout. They must also beware of any weapons that slow when hit, such as the Heavy's Natascha

Scout playstyle

The best playstyles for the Scout focus on mobility, hit-and-run tactics, speed and ambushing.

  • Take unusual routes - Learn the maps that you're going to be playing on. Try to find alternative routes that only you can reach with your speed and agility. Use these routes to get behind, flank and surprise the hapless enemy team, then take them out quickly with a few well-placed shots before disappearing with a snarky insult!
  • Hit and run - Don't stand toe-to-toe in a fight; use hit and run tactics, cover and speed to your advantage. You should always have an escape route planned. Hit quickly, decisively and effectively
  • Weakening enemy infrastructure - Destroy enemy teleporters and dispensers; grab health and ammo packs before the enemy team has the chance to
  • Mobility - You can jump in mid-air to change direction and get out of the way of incoming shots; use your speed to quickly close the difference and jump around your enemies to keep them dizzy so that they can't take s hot or get a bead on you
  • Capture - Because you capture control points and push the cart in Payload maps twice as fast as other classes, use this to get your team a swift victory

People that might enjoy playing the Scout

You might enjoy playing the Scout if:

  • You enjoy exploring maps - Playing the Scout well means knowing all of the alternate routes, which means that you'll want to explore and memorize the best ways to get places on each of the maps
  • You have fast reflexes - Although having good reflexes is important for any TF2 class, it's especially vital for the Scout. The speed that they move at, and the impact this has on your view and ability to aim can make it difficult to get to grips with controlling him effectively. Expect to spend plenty of time practicing jumping and strafing, whilst keeping the enemy in your sights
  • You like acting independently - You'll often be away from the team, by yourself. This means that you'll need to know where the various health and ammo drops are, and means that you may be a way away from help when you need it
  • You have a plan - A good Scout always has a plan to get into, and out of, various situations. This means having an escape route!
  • You're always moving - The Scout, more than any other class, relies on speed and agility to survive. As a Scout, you have to have excellent attention to detail and always be moving

Alternative Scout weapons and impact on playstyle

The Scout has a few alternate loadouts that can have a significant impact on his playstyle:

Primary weapons (replaces the Scattergun)

  • Force-A-Nature - Knock back both the Scout and his target on a successful hit; this lets the Scout prolong his jumping
  • Short Stop - Fires faster and does more damage than the stock Scattergun, but this is offset by having a smaller clip size and shooting fewer pellets
  • Soda popper - Adds a 'Hype' meter which, when full, gives the Scout additional ability to jump
  • Baby-Face's Blaster - Increases the Scout's speed as he does more damage

Secondary weapons (replaces the Pistol)

  • Bonk! Atomic Punch - Provides an 8 second effect which makes the Scout immune to all damage, but he can't inflict damage either
  • Crit-a-Cola - Allows the Scout to inflict mini-crit damage with every hit for 8 seconds but increases the damage they take by 10%
  • Mad Milk - Restores health to the Scout when he damages a target that's been hit by Mad Milk
  • Winger - Deals 15% more damage and increases jump height but has a smaller clip size
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol - Nullifies falling damage and increases health but makes the Scout more vulnerable to fire
  • Flying Guillotine - Can be used at long-range to cause players to bleed and inflicts mini-crits at long range

Melee Weapons (replaces the Baseball Bat)

  • Sandman - Launches a baseball that stuns opponents on hitting them but lowers the Scout's health
  • Candy cane - Drops a health pack on an enemy kill but makes the Scout more vulnerable to explosions
  • Boston Basher - Causes the enemy to bleed; if you miss, you hit yourself
  • Sun on a stick - Criticals burning targets
  • Fan O' War - Marks a target for death but does much less damage
  • Atomizer - Lets the Scout triple jump
  • Wrap assassin - Launches a bauble that causes bleeding


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