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Seat Pets For Kids

Updated on September 14, 2014

Seat Pets Are The Best Travel Toys For Kids

I had seen the Seat Pets commercial quite a few times but didn't think too much about it as most of these toys are popular with kids for a few weeks and the kids just get tired of them and want the next "new thing" Well I turned out to be completely wrong on the popularity of this toy and am now actually a "cheerleader" for this toy. I did not buy these Seat Pets but received it as a gift for my four year old son.

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Stuffed Seat Belt Pets

He was simply overjoyed to receive his stuffed seat belt pet. Though it was meant to be used in the car, that did not stop him from playing with it in the house. Kids have vivid imaginations when they play with these toys, which is simply out of my grasp. However the next day after my son got his Seat Pets gift, we were planning to go to my brother's house which is almost a two hour drive away. So it was time to put these Seat Belt Pets into action and see its worthiness.

Multifunctional SeatBelt Cover

The plush animal seat belt cover was easy to attach to the seat belt of the car. We buckled up and were on our way. I was amazed by this multifunctional stuffed toy. It had pockets to store kids other smaller toys, like a hand held PSP, candy bar and even other smaller toys. So it was a seat belt pillow plus a storage toy. After about 30 mins my son started to get sleepy as we had gotten out early. As usual I thought now he would get cranky and start whining. But to my surprise, he rested his head on the big pillow head and wrapped his hands around the Seat Pets toy and simply dozed off.

When we reached our destination he was well rested and looking forward to play more with his toy. Now this multifunctional soft toy turned into a backpack which he could wear and take around. I have not seen a kids toy this good in a long time. It provides a comfortable ride for your child in the back seat while keeping the child amused, can be used to play inside the house, and can be taken out and used a a backpack. Simply awesome.

Seat Pets Mercedes The Cat

My Son Is In Love With His Lincoln The Lion

I regret that I did not get this Seat Belt Pets sooner. My son is simply in love with this toy which by the way is called Lincoln the Lion. These Seat Pets are a great new concept making kids enjoy have fun and rest comfortably during those long car trips, which otherwise might involve a lot of impatience, whining and yelling. It makes the whole family holiday more enjoyable including the "going to and getting back part" in the car. These pets are made with very soft plush material that protects the child from the rough edged seat belts. It encourages the child to not only put on the seat belt, but keep it on throughout the long drive.

Mercedes The Cat
Mercedes The Cat

Seat Pets Are great Gifts

With kids, you know any toy after some time is bound to get dirty, but don't worry. Getting them clean is no problem as they are machine washable. I even decided to get my son another animal character seat belt cover. It is reasonably priced at under $30 and useful in so many ways like I mentioned above. I have also decided that it is one of the best toys to gift a child where not only the child is happy, but lets the parents also enjoy the peace and quietness during the extended car trips.

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Will These Animal Seat Belt Pillows Make Your Kids Car Travel More Enjoyable

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