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Second Life Avatars Upgrade

Updated on October 14, 2011

Second Life: ShaynaDawn gets an Avatar Upgrade

I helped a girl go from being a noob to a knockout, but I wasn't done. Why stop at a 500 lindens budget? Why not up the stakes and create something more. She agreed to let me work on her a little more and I have to admit she is gorgeous. I will show you what we used for her and you can use it to help you on your journey from Noob to Knockout on a budget.

A side note about the pictures. They were not touched up in any way. What you see is what was taken by the photographer. You can visit his shop at the Icewater sim in Second Life.

second life avatars shape
second life avatars shape

How I changed ShaynaDawn's Avatar to what she has become

Her Second Life Avatar has gone Through many Radical Changes

I wanted to use something other than a full avatar pack so I browsed the marketplace and found an avatar shape I liked. Lucky for me it included a style card that showed me what was used to create that avatar. You can grab the Alana shape for 69L or try the demo out first. This is by far my favorite shape now. The Avatar shape has beautiful pouting lips and is very shapely all over.

Once you have your shape you can use the style card to recreate what was in the pictures. Or you can do like I did and veer off a bit to create your own style. I changed up the hair, eyes and clothing a bit to find what suited ShaynaDawn best. I also added a little bit of jewelry to accent her.

ShaynaDawn SecondLife Avatars Photo
ShaynaDawn SecondLife Avatars Photo

My next stop on upgrading ShaynaDawn's Avatar is the Skin

I used the Style Card for the Avatar Skin because it was just Amazing

The Avatar Skin itself isn't sold on the Second Life Marketplace, but you can get the demo here. The demo pack comes with many to choose from so browse through the demo skins and find the right make up combination. I chose the Pink Tan one because it was on the style card. For ShaynaDawn it was the best choice, but another might suit you. You can find the skin you want in world here. It is near the back of the store and on the side. You'll find it by looking at the demo picture and matching it up at the store. They have a fat pack will all the colors for that skin, but it's cheaper just to buy the pack that you like. It is 800L for the pack, but it isn't just one skin. It has 8 variations to choose from and some includes added cleavage.

The picture shows ShaynaDawn with a different hair plus cleavage enhancer.

Remember this tip choose your shape and skin before getting hair for your Avatar. You'll want hair that fits you best.

Second Life Avatars 2nd life ShaynaDawn
Second Life Avatars 2nd life ShaynaDawn

Once your Second Life Avatar has a Shape and Skin you can move on to Hair

I chose Two Different Hairstyles for this

I had found a hair I liked that was on the style card so I chose that one at first. It was Anise hair by Truth. You can get the hair and Demo in the Second Life world here. They don't have it on the marketplace, but it's a beautiful hair that is pictured above. But we chose to stick with a different hair and I will show you how to get it.

I chose to go with Alli and Alli Designs. They have a huge in world store that you can go shopping in. Or you can browse the marketplace for their hairs. Not all are on the marketplace, but they do keep demo's there for you to try. Remember always go for a demo before buying to be sure it's the right fit.

The picture shows the Meg Hair that ShaynaDawn liked the most. You can get the demo of the Meg hair or try a different one that you like. The Alli and Alli Designs store has specials and you should check them out in world Here.

2nd Life ShaynaDawn Second Avatars Makeover
2nd Life ShaynaDawn Second Avatars Makeover

The Right Clothes for your Second Life Avatar

Choose what fits your Avatar best

I usually go for good quality outfits that are priced well. My limit is usually 99L and I can find some nice designers that keep their pricing at 99L. Why would they do that? Repeat customers and lots of them. So keep an eye out for designers you like and visit their marketplace often to see if they add new clothes.

For ShaynaDawn I chose this outfit. It looked good, was 99L and I liked it. I did however toss the belt. It needed to much adjusting for my taste, but other than that I loved the outfit. You may notice that it comes with a pair of shoes. That is another plus for me when I shop for Second Life clothing. I love shoes on Second Life and I just can't get enough pairs.

ShaynaDawn Avatars Second Life
ShaynaDawn Avatars Second Life

Finish off your Second Life Avatar with some Accessories and Eyes

Necklace and Earrings helped me finish off ShaynaDawn's look

I wanted to find something that looked great for ShaynaDawn and didn't cost a fortune. A lot of Second Life creators have their items for a good price so it shouldn't cost you to much to accessorize. I chose a simple necklace and a pair of elegant earrings to finish her avatar. You can find them on the Second Life Marketplace.

The earrings are here or you can find the whole set that matches here. I could have gotten a matching set for ShaynaDawn, but I did not see it at the time. The earrings themselves cost only 1 linden or you can get the whole set for 10 Lindens.

The necklace I chose because it looked very unique to me. It came with a scripted necklace as a collar or you could put on the unscripted one. Most would only need the unscripted necklace. You can get the pack here on the Second Life Marketplace.

For ShaynaDawn's eyes I used a beautiful pair of Blue Ice eyes. It only cost me 1 Linden and they turned out quite beautiful. You can find them on the Second Life Marketplace

Earn Free Second Life Lindens

You can spend them on upgrading your avatar

Check out my other page about Earning Second Life Lindens Free. This is a free thing you do in your spare time. Check out the link and see if it works for you. It's free to join and earn money.

Has this helped you Upgrade your Second Life Avatar?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      So much basic (and kind) advice. Thank you. I signed you just so I could follow. There are sooooooo many fashion blogs, with what they are half wearing. The "SHAPE" is never told (it's like a big secret), and even if it is added to the list of whats worn..... I never new where to start??? So thank you so very much for the 1st makeover from totally new, then Shape, Skin change NEXT hair and AO. Thats the information that so many newbies need. And then the clothes, that fit with out to much adjustment. Then modifying like above seems so simple. (sorry alot of this refers to your first blog when ShaynaDawn was totally new SL Avatar). I can't wait to read more of your blogs. Thank you xxx SkyyBell Resident


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