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The Secret World Find the Illuminati Vault

Updated on July 22, 2012

The Secret World Find the Illuminati Vault

The Secret World Find the Illuminati Vault and then open it using the correct keystones. Unfortunately, each symbol is guarded by a ghost.
The Secret World Find the Illuminati Vault and then open it using the correct keystones. Unfortunately, each symbol is guarded by a ghost.

The Secret World Find the Illuminati Vault

In the Secret World, the hero must find the Illuminati Vault and then unlock the vault. The Illuminati Vault is found within the old block near the Innsmouth Academy. The hero must find the relevant symbols or keystones in the old block and then place them on the borders of the doors leading into the vault to open them. In addition, with each symbol taken, some ghostbuster type ghosts will spring out and attack the hero. This will guide the hero in defeating the ghosts, finding the symbols and the vault within the old block and then placing the correct combination of keystones to open the Illuminati Vault.

The Secret World Talk to the Survivors at Innsmouth Academy

The hero must head to the Innsmouth Academy to talk to the survivors. From the marked house, head down Solomon Road and then Illumination Way. The hero should avoid zombies along the way if he wants a speedy trip to find the vault. This means running carefully down the boulevard towards the academy because zombies will zoom in and out onto the main lane of the boulevard. Enter the innsmouth academy and then turn left into a room. A woman with a scottish accent will be in the room, with her student in clothes covered with blood. The student will point the way to the old block which contains the Illuminati Vault.

The Secret World Find the Keystones Within the Old Block

The hero must head to the old block. Be careful though. The area between the old block and the Innsmouth Academy is packed with monsters. Navigate the dangers in this area and enter the old block.

The hero must now find the symbols within the old block. The symbols required to open the vault are based on a riddle in the book (Order of Great Works) found in the building. The riddle states - "All things placed in their place under stars, the stone lodges erected, to the watchful eye, upon the bones of opposers, and their symbols buried".

This means the hero need to pick up the star, the masonic symbol, the eye, the skull and the templar talisman. Here are the approximate locations of the symbols in the area.

  • From the entrance, turn left and find the pyramid within one of the rooms.
  • Turn right from the entrance to find the masonic symbol and the templar talisman.
  • Go upstairs and turn left to find the yin yang and the eye symbol.
  • Go upstairs and turn right to find the star and the phoenix within the rooms.

When the hero picks up each symbol, a ghostly apparition will arise to attack the hero. If the hero is not quite skilled enough, then prepare to die numerous times, and for your items to be broken fast. The hero will respawn at the entrance, and can continue searching for the items.

With the appropriate symbols in the bag, go back to the entrance, and when facing the stairs, turn left and go straight through to a room where the hero can tap at the floor. Do so and the floor will open to reveal the entrance to the Illuminati vault.

It's time to open the illuminati vault using the correct combination of keystones - the star followed by the masonic symbol, then the eye, then the skull and finally the templar talisman.

Move on into the vault.


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