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The Ultimate Secrets of DoTA REVEALED

Updated on April 29, 2011

DoTA Ultimate Secrets!

Compilation of Secrets You Wish You Knew EARLIER

Ingame secrets that will help:

i) Diffusal’s Purge can be used to destroy Gyrocopter’s Homing Missile.

ii) Ghost Scepter, if activated after getting hit by Venomancer’s Poison Nova, removes it completely. If the Scepter was activated before getting hit by Poison Nova, the damage gets amplified.

iii) Ghost Form can avoid Techies’ land mines and suicide damage.

iv) Nortrom can steal enemy intelligence even when his opponent’s INT falls to zero.

v) Rylai’s aura stops working when she is invisible.

vi) You can use items while in Omnislash. Yes you can slash while clicking bottle/dagon/etc

vii) Enigma’s Black Hole can stop the enemy fountain.

viii) Nevermore souls do not add for killing enemy with his ulti.

ix) Manually casting orb spells have greater range than auto-casting them.

Pro With The Invoker

Invoker Full Skill List

Skill and Item Build

There are Many forms of Invoker build out there in the DoTA world. However having different item builds does MEAN different play style and ultimately, the skill level of how you play your invoker.

Ice Wind Build

For most people who are familiar with draft games or captain mode. The most overrated way of Invoker Build is getting Wex and Quas to a decent level. With that the skill combination most often/ if not all that is used would be Tornado and followed by EMP. What is magnificent about this skill build is that tornado is a quick cooldown and Eul's your enemy for a period (depending on your Quas level) which is excellent to be used in engaging and retreating. With the Eul effect, your allies can engage and time their spells more efficiently and so do you. Did i mention the SUPER LONG range Tornado has when Wex is in higher levels?

Usually after casting Tornado, most people would follow up by casting EMP which is a 700 AOE spell that takes 2-4 seconds to explode. Once it explodes, it deals up to 300 dmg and drains up to 400 Mana! This is very annoying especially if in early or even later levels for heroes with low mana pool. This skill can effectively shut down and spells incoming from your enemy heroes.

Burning Ice with Fire

HOWEVER today i would like to introduce a more killing based build that suits up to captain mode standard. Yes this is like your credit card as you will be getting many kills. This may be obvious and general among invoker but it is the style and item play that matters. Firstly let me introduce you the core items in sequence needed and how it affects later on.

Core Items:

i) Phase Boots - Amazing damage boost combined with full Exort. Gives up to 70+ dmg even if your hero is only level 6-7. Who's the real Nevermore now?

ii) Eul Scepter - Apart from the extra tornado skill, this item blesses you with sufficient mana regen to camp in your lane for a LONG LONG TIME. And the 20 Movement speed boost used together with Phase boots gives you more escaping and chasing ability.

iii)Aghanim Scepter - The most important part in playing Invoker is to be able to maximize all your spells in the shortest time possible in battle. With max invoke and this item, it gives you a speedy 2 sec cooldown. BLAST THEM ALL :)

Optional Item: Once this 3 items is finished, its optional to go for items like:

i) Guinsoo - A 3.5 sec Hex will always come in handy.

ii) Blink Dagger - Excellent in chasing up after invoking your skills, and placing skills such as Icewall.

Invoking Your Way to Victory

Okay to start off, it is important to play smartly with your skills. Putting Exort as a main priority and Quas second. Try keeping a balance between both till they are around level 5-6. Wex can be leveled up in later levels as you are not using skills from this build. Here are several advantages that comes with this skill build. I will list down the skills necessary and how to use them here:

Sun Strike: As an Invoker player it is ALWAYS advisable to solo a lane. This gives you quick levels and farm at the same time. With maximum emphasis on Exort, Sun Strike provides lethal damage if used accurately. This skill provides superior GLOBAL assisting and killing opportunities. So its advisable to stay alert by viewing other lanes as well. For example, seeing a Vengeful Spirit cast stun on an opponent. You could quickly land your Sun Strike over the enemy for assisting. In instance where enemy blinks or flees. You can land this skill too, trying to kill them. All of that and you don't even have to move from your lane, giving you a quick farm.

Eul + Chaos Meteor + Defeaning Blast : Okay so this is how the combo gonna work. Firstly you cast Eul on an enemy hero. Eul last for 2.5 seconds while your meteor take roughly around 1 second to land after casting. So what you do is cast Eul, wait for 1-1.5 second, cast Meteor and as the Meteor and Eul is about to land, you cast your Defeaning Blast, pushing your enemy further away for more damage from Meteor. If timed correctly, this will leave no space for even blinking heroes to escape. And if done correctly, can be used as a quick kill or to severely damage your enemy which you can then finish off with Sun Strike. In a finance term, your Sun Strike is like a hedge fund making it your most valuable property :).


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