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Tips for Selling Your Old Game Console.

Updated on September 27, 2011

video game systems

video game systems
video game systems

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So, you are kind of strapped for cash, and you want to buy a new game or a new game system.

Well, would selling your old game system really be worth it? Let's think about this for a second. You have this game system that you can keep and just hold on to for a little while because you never know when you might want to fire it up and keep on playing!

But, if you are completely sure you do not want this system anymore then let's look at a few things you should do right before signing that paper to sell the game console.Before you sell your game system,

make sure it's clean.

Look it over for a while. Maybe there is some dust that you need to clean out or some old stains from liquids that have fallen on it.

The over all presentation of the game system indicates how you have taken care of it, and a good presentation will not set off any warning signs to the buyer that maybe something is wrong with it. You want to make sure all the components are working fine and nothing needs repair. If something does need repair, you might want to invest a little money to fix it. If you try to sell a broken game system to a retailer, you will get the short end of the deal It's worth it to just dish out the few bucks to fix the problem. The profit you make will out-weigh the investment.

Shop around.

Don't just settle for the first place that will buy the system from you. There are a ton of stores like game-stop that will buy any game or console from you; however, they tend to not buy games or game systems that are considered dead. That means, any game console that developers are not producing games for anymore.

Game-stop now considers the original Xbox a dead system, and most won't buy the system or its games from you. It's the same thing with the Game-Boy advance.

I would never recommend you to sell your system in a garage sale. Everyone at garage sales are looking for killer deals, and they would never pay the full value of what something is worth. It's a good way to get rid of your system but a bad way to pocket a profit.

You could try selling on Ebay but remember that you have to deal with the shipping costs. It is a good way to get the value's worth, but you will probably still sell the game system for slightly less than what it's worth. People that buy with eBay are also looking for deals. It's a great site to sell something rare and auction it off. I'm just assuming the item you want to sell is not rare or valuable by the public's standards.


You could look for friends that want to buy the game system from you. Of course, you will probably still want to sell it a little under what they'd pay for at a store. Unless, of course, they don't mind paying the same price.

Keep these things in mind when you are looking to sell your game system, and I am sure you will get the best value for it.


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    • aksana777 profile image

      aksana777 7 years ago

      it's like selling your old computer. I don't like to sell, and I gave all my previous computures to my parents and friends.