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Series 31 NFL McFarlane Sports Picks

Updated on June 13, 2013

RGIII headlines series 31 of NFL McFarlane Sports Picks.

Series 31 NFL McFarlane SportsPicks are headlined by Washington Redskins rookie quarterback RGIII. Series 31 will also feature a collectors level Tim Tebow which will be short printed to under 100 and include his autograph!

Series 31 NFL SportsPick Base Collection

The NFL SportsPicks series 31 lineup includes 7 base series units with three of them being SportsPicks debuts. These three include Robert Griffen III, Victor Cruz and DeMarco Murray. All three are very popular among fans and have became players to collect in the sports memorabilia industry. Along with the three debuts series 31 includes 2011 rookie of the year Cam Newton, Tim Tebow making his Jets debut, LeSean McCoy and Drew Brees.

Lineup includes:

Robert Griffin III - SportsPick Debut

DeMarco Murray - SportsPick Debut

Victor Cruz - SportsPick Debut

Drew Brees - 4th SportsPick (NFL)

Cam Newton - 2nd SportsPick (NFL)

Tim Tebow - 2nd SportsPick (NFL)

LeSean McCoy - 2nd SportsPick (NFL)

All of these young superstars have Collector Level SportsPicks as well in Series 31. The collector series are a different version of the normal McFarlane. The collector series are numbered and make the units more valuable as they come numbered from as little as 50 upwards of 3000. Each of these collector version are numbered on the base.

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NFL Series 31 McFarlane Sports Pick

Tim Tebow leads series 31 NFL SportsPicks Collector Level!

The famous line of McFarlane SportsPicks has a collector program that gives each collector an opportunity to collect variations of the players in that series and sometimes not in the series. These variations may include modifications to the figure, change of the color of jersey/pants the player is wearing and even some with autograph bases that make the units in high demand based on what that figure is numbered to.

Series 31 is no different as they give you seven different collector level figures to collect with Tim Tebow being a Premier Level with his being numbered between 50-100 made with his autograph on the base. These units have been done in the past with players such as Rob Gronkowski in the NFL and Sidney Crosby in NHL. The Gronkowski figure sells between $300 and $500 online while the Crosby figure has reached upwards of $800. Only time will tell how high Tebows will get.

NFL Series 31 Collector Level SportsPicks

Premier: Tim Tebow - Autographed Base (50-100)

Silver: Robert Griffin III - White Jersey (500-1000)

Silver: Cam Newton - White Jersey (500-1000)

Bronze: DeMarco Murray - Blue Jersey (1000-2000)

Bronze: LeSean McCoy - White Jersey (1000-2000)

Bronze: Victor Cruze - White Jersey (1000-2000)

Chase: Drew Brees - Black Jersey (2000 plus)

Each of these units may be numbered different for example RGIII could be to 750 while Cam is out of 1000. The number made will change the value of the unit.

Tim Tebow, RGIII collector levels selling for big money!

Series 31 of McFarlane SportsPicks delivered not one but two collector level versions that have created a buzz and a chance to make money for collectors who landed them. Now for collectors the price are high for the Robert Griffin III white jersey version and the autographed base version of Tim Tebow.

These are must have for any collector of either of these two guys. RGIII sales are in the range of $150 on EBay while Tim Tebow's autographed versions are going upwards of $750 on EBay.

What McFarlane Sportspick is your favorite?

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    • justpjteb profile image

      justpjteb 4 years ago

      @sportsjp: I agree I love them too and love the new sportspicks even more with the more detailed features. Thanks for the comment!

    • profile image

      sportsjp 4 years ago

      I loved the Starting Lineup figures and have a ton of them around. This is awesome!