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Meet The Serta Counting Sheep

Updated on September 14, 2014

Who Are The Serta Sheep? Why Do People Collect Them?

Serta is an American company that makes mattresses and has been doing so since 1931. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest mattress brand in the United States. The company, however, is not only famous for its mattresses. It is also famous for its Counting Sheep.

On this page join us as we unwind some of the yarn surrounding the Serta Counting Sheep. We'll discover who they are, what they do and why they are so popular. Once we've done that you will understand completely why people are THRILLED to be not just counting but also collecting Serta Sheep.

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How Did The Serta Sheep Come To Be?

The resulted from a baa-d night's sleep.

An advertising executive had a baa-d night. Whilst trying to sleep, he wished that he had a Serta mattress. He tossed and turned and finally, decided to count sheep. As he reached number 71, he thought that those dear old counting sheep would never be counted again! He took his sheep idea to Serta "We'll make 'em stars!" he said, "We just gotta find the right sheep for the job!" Thus began the search for the perfect sheep. Sheep with personality! And once they found number 1, they soon had a cast of characters that would become stars. That was in 2001 and there's been no looking baa-ck for these guys!

Who Are The Serta Counting Sheep?

Don't be baa-shful. Step right up and meet the sheep!

These cute little sheep are the representatives of the Serta Sheep mattress company. There are nine rich biographies available at the Serta website with plenty of information about the baa-ckground of each member of the flock including sheep number one.It's pretty obvious that #1 is going to be Leader of the Flock. It goes without saying that he's the big baa-d boss. You'll laugh at his official biography because not only is this one sheep you don't want to butt heads with but because he also has some unusual interests like typing 65 words per minute with his snout, the love of being shorn and being afraid of thunder.

The Serta Counting Sheep in "Mattress Heist"

Plus five other fun commercials

They are extremely successful actors, the Serta Sheep. They have appeared in numerous television commercials including but not limited to the five shown here on this page. My favorite, personally, is the video with the closeup image of the sad-looking sheep with pink lips, who are heartbroken because Brenda, which just happens to be my name, won't count them anymore...

Where To Buy Serta Sheep?

Whether you are after a plush Serta sheep, a pair of Serta sheep slippers or a Serta sheep coffee mug, there are a few resources available. You can try your local Serta dealer although I myself have never seen a Serta sheep at a retail outlet although, to be truthful, I have never looked but it would be baa-ad to overlook the obvious. . You never know what they might have in stock but if that doesn't work out for you or you would rather shop from home, you can try online retailers like eBay and Amazon.

Serta Sheep Herd

Serta Sheep Herd Collection
Serta Sheep Herd Collection | Source

More Serta Sheep Plush and Other Collectibles

If you aren't after the entire collection, eBay sellers offer up a number of Serta Sheep but, judging by the number of listings with bids, some of these sheep are indeed hot so you will have to act quickly if you want to bid on one. It would be baa-d if you lost out on the cutest of all sheep because you were slow to place your bid, LOL.

Serta Sheep Cupcakes
Serta Sheep Cupcakes

More Serta Sheep Reading Online

Serta Sheep Cupcakes

You just never know when you're going to need a bunch of sheep to count and these look like sheep we'd all like to count.

Serta Canada Sheep Wallpaper

YES! You can have a collection of Serta Sheep online, too. This link takes you to the official Serta Canada webpage, where you can download Serta Sheep wallpaper.

Serta Canada Sheep Biographies

YES! You can learn all about those infamous Serta Sheep. Near as I can tell there are NINE biographies available on the website, though those cute little sheep are NOT numbered one through nine but rather have numbers like 1, 2, 9, 1/2, 1/16th and more.

Serta Canada Television Spots

You can watch one of two Serta Sheep television spots, Delivery Man and Room 9, which stars Donald Trump. ENJOY!

Disney's Vault
Disney's Vault

Another Brilliant Marketing Scheme

This one from Disney

What is Disney's Vault?

Disney pulled off a brilliant and long-lasting marketing scheme when they created The Vault. If you are curious about The Vault or what movies Disney is releasing from The Vault this year, this link will prove helpful.

Aren't the Serta Sheep the cutest sheep ever? And they are a brilliant marketing scheme, too.

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    • profile image

      Joan4 4 years ago

      The Serta Sheep are adorable!!!!!!!!!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      We had a Serta sheep - before the fire. I'm not even going to check how valuable he might be if he were still with us. Love those little guys!