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Shadowrun Returns Defeat Jessica Watts in the Bug Shaman Final Quest

Updated on August 11, 2013

Shadowrun Returns the Hunt Begins

In Shadowrun returns, the hero embarks on the final quest of the series. He is finally armed with the Aegis weapon and will strive to take down the immortal corporeal form of the bugs. The hero is now teamed with Harlequin, and can choose his other two shadow runner team members from Mr Delilah.

It is advised that the mage hero takes on two of his former acquaintances -

  • Coyote, who can deliver large amounts of damage.
  • The combat rigger, who can command two drones and add to the firepower of the team.

Remember to equip the team with the appropriate number and type of med-kits, armor, spells, drone repair kits and weapons. Commodities of a healing and repair will be in hot demand (and in short supply) towards the end of the bug dungeon crawl.

Descend to the lower levels of the Universal Brotherhood and prepare to face the acolytes. These are dressed in white and deal quite a lot of damage. Move the heroes around cover and use long range weapons such as spells and rifles to take them all out. Then use the exit and descend lower into the hives.

Shadowrun Returns Use Aegis Weapons

Shadowrun Returns Use Aegis Weapons to Destroy the Bugs
Shadowrun Returns Use Aegis Weapons to Destroy the Bugs

In the lower levels, the white jacket acolytes will run towards the back of the chambers. Give chase and then take cover when the hero reaches the large room. Two bugs will move in and join the fight. From behind cover, use Coyote and the two drones from the combat rigger to take out the acolytes first. Use the mage hero and rifle weapon to eliminate the flesh forms of the bugs. Then close in on the immortal or soul forms of the bug and put them down from close range with the Aegis weapons. Remember that only the hero and Harlequin possess the Aegis weapons. It is crucial for the hero and Harlequin to remain alive, as it often takes two or three combined shots from the Aegis weapons to destroy the 'souls' of the bugs.

Once the heroes have tested the Aegis weapons on the bugs, proceed through the door to the next section. The shadowrunners will be besieged by three bugs and acolytes. Defeat them and then go down into the lower levels.

Shadowrun Returns Into the Depths

Shadowrun Returns the bugs will emerge from walls. The key is to send in the drones and keep the shadowrunners at the back.
Shadowrun Returns the bugs will emerge from walls. The key is to send in the drones and keep the shadowrunners at the back.

Shadowrun Returns Into the Depths

The deeper the hero and his shadowrunners venture into the depths, the more bugs they encounter. There will be three areas where the bugs and enemies will come out and attack the hero.

  • The first will be as the shadow runners turn right into a U-shaped corridor.
  • The acolytes will attack the hero and his squad members as they enter the room.
  • Finally as the hero tries to enter the small maze before the bridge, more bugs break out of the walls to assault the hero.

The shadowrunners will use these tactics to ensure longevity and ensure they have enough healing packs and repair kits for the final battle in the final section (see below).

Make sure the hero and his shadowrunners are behind some kind of cover as they move ahead. Never use the shadow runners as the lead point of the group. Instead, use the drones from the combat rigger to trigger the bugs to emerge from behind the walls. Then, from behind cover, take down the bugs. Similarly, for the acolytes, move the drones into the room to trigger off the attacks. Then, move the drones out of the room and lure the acolytes out of the room into the shadow runners' ambush up the corridor.

Finally, use the drones to trigger the next bug ambush from the walls. This fight will show the existence of the devastating true form bombardier. This bug will release a toxic cloud that constitutes an area attack and wipe out a significant amount of the shadowrunners' health. So the key is to finish off this bug as soon as possible. Keep your squad members separate and as far from one another as possible. However, keep your weapons pointed at the bug bombardier and finish it before the other bugs come out of the room.

When the bugs are all destroyed, its time to go past the maze and the bridge towards the room before the exit. Pick up all the healing and repair kits here and then proceed to the final battle.

Shadow runner Returns Defeat Jessica Watts in the Bug Shaman Quest

Open the door to the final chamber, where Jessica Watts is trying to fuse Lynne's body with the Queen bug. Stop this from happening. The key here is take down Jessica Watts as soon as possible. The longer she stays in the chamber, the more bugs she will summon. To win this final battle, the hero and his shadowrunners must take down the all the bugs in the ritual chamber. If Jessica stays long enough in the chamber, up to five bugs of different forms will come into the chamber. The shadowrunners will become overwhelmed by the bugs.

Ignore the pillars powering Jessica's powers and just keep attacking her until her health is depleted. Try to keep the number of bugs arriving in the chamber to three. The bugs will stop arriving once Jessica runs into the back room. Then use familiar tactics to finish off the bugs.

With the bugs in the chamber all eliminated, go talk to Jessica and decide her fate. Then leave the Universal Brotherhood basement and come onto the streets to talk to various people who have helped or hindered you in the dead man's switch quest.

Congratulations! The hero has finished the main shadow runner returns quest. Till the next dlc!


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