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Shadowrun Returns Find Coyote in the Royale Apartments

Updated on July 29, 2013

In Shadowrun Returns, the next stage in solving the Dead Man’s Switch quest is to find Coyote. This will guide the hero on how to do the following –

  • find the password to get into Coyote’s computer.
  • find Coyote’s boyfriend Paco at the Pike Place Market
  • find a way upstairs in the Royale Apartments
  • find Coyote in the Royale Apartments

Shadowrun Returns Get into Coyote’s Computer

After speaking to Mrs Kubota, go upstairs and head to Coyote’s chambers. Investigate her room and the items within, including the diary and her computer. Her computer may be old fashioned, but it requires a few security questions to unlock the information within. The answers to these questions can be found by going through her diary. Essentially, it requires the following (unless you have the required decker skills) –

  • Your first childhood pet – Shadow
  • Your favourite musical act - Starfire
  • What is the name of your hometown – Chicago

It is essential that the hero reads the diary and picks up the photo about Maury’s Meat Emporium and the thing about zebra’s meat.

Now head downstairs and speak to Mrs Kubota. Then go to the Pike Place Market to find Paco, Coyote’s boyfriend.

Shadowrun Returns Find Paco in the Pike Place Market

From the starting point in the Pike Place Market, head west and then north until the hero meets Paco. Speak to Paco and tell him about Coyote’s gig for Delilah. Paco will point out the Royale Apartments as the place for the gig. Coyote has gone there to steal something from Stevie J. Paco and the hero will head to the Royale Apartments. The Royale Apartments is to the east of the meeting place with Paco.

Along the way to the Royal Apartments, the hero will pass by the Maury’s Meat Emporium. Purchase some zebra meat before entering the Royale Apartments.This is an optional quest, but the zebra meat will be very useful within the Royale Apartments.

Also, the hero needs to go to another murder site (Pike Place murder site) here and question Dresden about what is going on. This is another optional quest.

Shadowrun Returns Find Coyote in the Royale Apartments

After entering the Royale Apartments, the hero will find that the way upstairs is blocked. There are two ways to go upstairs.

  • Speak to the old man to the left of the entrance. He will be very elusive about a secret entrance to the left of his room. Go explore his room and move some things out of the way to unlock a hole which will allow the hero to see a hidden stairway. Go back to the old man and find a way to allow the hero to head upstairs using the hidden stairway. One of the ways involves the hero having a charisma of 4.
  • The other way is to head west and bargain with Ryker, who operates the BLT business here in the Royale Apartments. If you have a elven mage character and enough intelligence (3), then you can cut a deal with Ryker and get a passcode to the elevator at the back of the first floor of the Royale Apartments. If you are feeling kind-hearted, go speak to Symp. His son is a BLT junkie and is somewhere within Ryker’s facility. Go back to speak to Ryker and he will run away after opening a door. Speak to the man inside and defeat him. Load the appropriate BLT recording into the BLT network computer. Then get Symp to come and rescue his son from his BLT addiction. Use the elevator at the far end of the corridor to go upstairs.

Shadowrun Returns Find Coyote in the Royale Apartments

Shadowrun Returns the zebra meat will distract the hell hounds when trying to find Coyote in the Royale Apartments
Shadowrun Returns the zebra meat will distract the hell hounds when trying to find Coyote in the Royale Apartments

Shadowrun Returns the Penthouse Suite

When the hero is upstairs in the Royale Apartments, the first step is to find the gate and the futuristic hell hounds guarding Coyote. Throw them the zebra meat and then defeat Coyote’s guard in the cell and rescue her. Then take come out and take out Stevie J and his men.

Whilst Paco is escorting the injured Coyote back to the Seamstresses Union, explore the penthouse suite and get the gems. Then return to the Seamstresses Union.


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