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Shadowrun Returns the Redmond Barrens Guide

Updated on July 28, 2013

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero reaches the Redmond Barrens with Jake Armitage. This Redmond Barrens Guide will provide the hero with a list of what to do and how to do it in the Redmond Barrens. It will start with the quest to find Jake’s stash and end with going to the Seamstresses Union.

Shadowrun Returns Find Jake’s Stash

From the area around the Organ Grinder, head east and then north to a point designated by the yellow marker. Go there and use Jake’s magcard to open the box. Get Jake’s stash. This will trigger off an easy fight with some potential looters. They have no chance against Jake and the hero. Hide behind cover and use the hero mage’s powers and Jake’s pinpoint accuracy and critical damage to annihilate the enemies.

After getting Jake’s stash, the hero can devote some time to do an optional quest by speaking to the man along the streets and then going east into the marketplace. Another fight will start by having the hero talk to the bully at the marketplace and aggressively triggering off the fight. Be rewarded with some nugen after this fight. Save the money to purchase items and special items to help in the main quest.

Shadowrun Returns Defeat the Halloweener Gang

There will be a Halloweener sentry who tries to stop the hero and Jake from entering the section. This will trigger off the fight with the Halloweener Gang. The tactics used in the fight is simple. Hide behind cover and proceed in a generally southeasternly direction towards the enemies. From behind cover, use the best magical attacks or weapons to take down the enemies.

When the minions are defeated, the boss troll called John Paul will emerge. He wields a mean looking cleaver and goes for Jake. Ignore cover and just launch as much attacks on the troll as possible. Eventually, he will be defeated. The hero will have the option of destroying him, or sparing him.

Shadowrun Returns the Redmond Barrens Guide

Shadowrun Returns visit the troll merchant at the top of the picture, and then go talk to the officer at the murder site.
Shadowrun Returns visit the troll merchant at the top of the picture, and then go talk to the officer at the murder site.

When the fight is over, head over and visit the murder site.

Shadowrun Returns Visit the Murder Site

Before reaching the murder site, the hero will reach a merchant selling useful items. In addition, there will be a troll selling what looks like silly items. These items include a jelly donut and a soykat. Buy these items, and then head south (of this merchant) and visit the murder site.

When speaking to the officer blocking the entrance into the murder site, offer him the jelly donut and the soykat and he will move aside, allow the hero to enter the site. Within the site, explore the areas denoted by the magnifying glasses and then speak pick up the coat and blankets. Also get the bar tab receipt.

After visiting the murder site, Jake will leave you. Head over north towards the Seamstresses Union and enter within.

Shadowrun Returns Get to the Seamstresses Union

Within the Seamstresses Union, speak to everyone with a dialogue tab on them. This includes the barmaid Cherry Bomb, her ex-boyfriend, the merchant Eric and Mr Kluwer (bouncer). Remember to purchase the thaumaturgic armor (armor 2, willpower + 1) if you are a mage. Enter deeper into the Semstresses Union and speak to more merchants, including one who will sell you spells if you are a mage, adept or shaman.

Finally, speak to Mrs Kubota and go upstairs to investigate Coyote’s room.


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