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Shark Games for Kids

Updated on April 16, 2013

Find shark games for little kids and big children

Looking for shark games for kids? We've got a great collection of fun and educational shark themed games for little children and big children. These games have been chosen by a Mom to two boys who love sharks. There are lots of games around but not all of them are suitable for young kids (to say the least!)

We've included lots of free online games that you can get started with right away. We enjoy playing these games together and my older son likes to play some of them on his own. We hope you enjoy them too.

Free Fun Shark Games for Kids - Shark arcade games

Fun shark games for kids including lots of arcade style games. We've chosen games that are child-friendly - note that Shark Bait does include some cartoon blood but nothing too graphic.

Patch Shark Attack - Board Game, Age 4-8

Patch Shark Attack
Patch Shark Attack

In this fun family board game, the motorized shark chases players round the board!


Educational Shark Games

These games use the theme of sharks to teach typing, maths and facts about marine life.

What Kind of Games Do You Want to Find?

I'll use this information to add more of the right kind of ideas to this page.

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Chomp - Age 6-8


Chomp is a fast-paced card game involving winning by playing a life form further up the food chain.

Guess where the shark comes!


Dun dun, dun dun, ...

Shark Games for Bigger Kids

Don't try these games with sensitive kids or if you don't want them to see cartoon blood. They are not graphic but some parents and kids might be uncomfortable with them and prefer to avoid until children are older. I'd recommend that you check them out when your child isn't there so you can make a decision.

We hope you enjoyed

Shark Games for Kids

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