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Shenmue 3: Why a 3rd Game Is Needed

Updated on March 17, 2015

Is the Shenmue Saga going to explode onto current gen consoles?

Unfortunately at this time the answer is simply no. Shenmue has been taunting us for years of an upcoming release, but don't lose hope as it will come when the time is right. Speaking about time, the console it was originally released on was way ahead of its time. The Sega Dreamcast has sold way more units than the Wii U in its lifespan. If you look at the release date and correspond it with the Nintendo Wii U's corresponding years. As the Wii U is currently the only console to make a profit, Nintendo is the only company of the 8th generation to be in the "green".

Shenmue 3 hint?

Yu Suzuki's gamelab presentation has a slide with a '3' on it. Shenmue Font.
Yu Suzuki's gamelab presentation has a slide with a '3' on it. Shenmue Font. | Source

The Side Quests!

The fun in the side quests was the thing that kept me coming back to the classic Shenmue. Nothing better to do when i was younger than collect all the Sonic figurines and even win myself that illusive games console to play on when i don't want to play through the story. Using the daily allowance on the side before you leave i used to like a kid with pocket money, run towards the shop just to find the ones i have not got.

the luck on the game is not really luck though, its more random and predictive at times.

Sonic Capsules

What started this Epic Saga?

The year was 1986; the place, Japan. In Yamanose, a tiny village nestled deep in the low mountains and thick forests of Yokosuka. Ryo Hazuki, an 18-year-old boy,Well-known and liked in the neighbourhood, he was also the son of a respected martial arts master who was attacked in his own dojo and brutally murdered for a Chinese mirror depicting a dragon. This leads to Ryo waking the next day and embarking on an adventure to find the guy who killed his father and to reclaim justice and respect for his father.

The first thing he remembers is the black car and sets out to ask about the appearance it made on that stormy evening. After finding out a few details about the car and helping to choose what the injured kitten gets to eat, Ryo starts to encounter various thugs and finding new techniques that he must learn in order to overcome the powerful adversary. Which he never did because Shenmue 3 never happened. We gamers need this closure no matter at what cost to the companies. We can't go another 15 years without a finished saga to finally complete. Considering they want to make a High Definition version of the first 2 first, and that the 3rd would cost over $98 million to make.

Ryo Hazuki wanting to continue on with his legacy.
Ryo Hazuki wanting to continue on with his legacy.

What Could they bring to Shenmue 3?

They could bring a new fighting system as the old one was a bit clunky. They could also bring:

  • New collectables from the new sega games.
  • New short mini games like levels from classics suck as sonic 3.
  • New online Player setup, so you can roam the streets with your friends.
  • New dlc: Expand the gameplay after you have concluded the saga.
  • New Rivalry system; Say the wrong thing to the NPC and get a friend or foe.

These are just a few things that they may include with the right budget and backing.

Lets get together and unite.

Do you want shenmue 3 to be released on pc, xbox one and ps4?

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Shenmue Dojo

Shenmue Dojo is an online community of things all Shenmue. You may want to check it out to hear all the latest news, gossip and rumours. There are even a lot of fan pictures on there which are pretty good.

How can we help bring it to life?

Yu Suzuki has hinted that he has done some research into trying to crowdfund the game on kickstarter. Now crowdfunding is great when you think that a whole community has the power to make things happen, but for what price?

This price may be a signed copy of the game or maybe a poster or the complete collection of shenmue remastered. has al the details and some nifty crowdfunding projects going on at the moment. Check it out.


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